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I’m alive.. I swears.

Oh.. Heeeeyyyy!!

I’m alive. Yes, I took a much needed break.

I honestly had too much going on and had to drop a few things, like blogging and running. And life has been SUPER busy, but I’ll give you a quick run-down…

I had my 10 year high school reunion.

I’d love to say it went off without a hitch, but of course, we had some drama.

You hear me talk about this lady all the time, but have you actually seen her?! It’s Becca!! 

This is my oldest group of friends– starting from the left– Jana, Brooke, Mallory, Shannon, myself, Laura, and Becca. 

This one lost her first tooth.. on the eve of her very first spend the night party… yep. I totally cried. How is she this big?!?!

The tooth fairy brought her 2 gold coins. She was pumped.


Oh. And this has happened.

A leak. in my kitchen.

A word of advice… don’t build on a concrete slab.


The copper pipe was completely corroded. The plumbers were shocked!! Anyway.. I’m getting a new tile floor out of the deal. So that’s nice. Hopefully, it’ll go in next week. But until then.. my house is a disaster.


And Santa Claus was my plumber. Awesome.


Oh.. and I’ve gotten a little tied up in 50 Shades of Grey… (get it? get it?)
I don’t suggest my MIL or any parental figure reading it… and if you do.. please don’t tell me.

Here is my Christian Grey… dang, Ian. Why are you such a HOTTIE?!

Anyway.. I’m putting my big toe back in the waters of blogging and exercising again…

I am so behind on reading y’alls blogs, it’s not even funny.

But I have missed you and I hope the feeling is mutual!

Laters, Baby.

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