Memorial Day…

I realize that this is a couple of weeks late.. forgive me, y’all. It’s been busy around here!!

We spent a glorious Memorial Day at Becca’s parents lake house. Every time I am there, it feels like a second home and I never want to leave to cocoon!

The kids played and swam, while the grown ups chatted.

We enjoyed some delicious fruit… Oh dear. Just thinking about that watermelon and those blueberries makes my mouth water!

Claire and Avery got along like only little sister know how to do…

Seriously?! How cute is this kid? Becca and Robbie are going to have a time with her!

We went out on the lake for some tubing.. It’s been a while, but I think I held my own! Apparently, when I fell off they screamed and cried until I got back in the boat. Which led Addison to scream and cry the entire time that John was out there… fun times!

I am looking forward to a weekend retreat to the lake soon enough!

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  1. Sounds like y’all had a fun time! I’m headed to the lake tomorrow for the week! :)

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