July 31, 2012

Tri Do’s and Don’ts

My first Tri was quite the experience… very few times have I felt completely out of my element, but that was certainly one of them.

Some things I realized along the way would have been super helpful to practice or do beforehand. I will share them with you now!

First thing you should do is check your bike before you rack it up. Check your tire pressure, your seat, your brakes. I didn’t do any of this. My seat had fallen and I needed more air in my tires. It makes for not a fun ride.

Second, you should practice putting on wet socks. Do not dry off, either! Seriously, it may seem stupid, but also practice your transitions. The times really add up.

Third, practice getting your water bottles in and out of their cages.. it’s important to hydrate on your bike portion and that’s hard to do if you can’t get your water bottles out!

The number one thing to practice is being comfortable on the road with your bike. Knowing your gears and how to change. Getting the most out of your pedaling is so important and you are only going to learn that on the road.

Something else I would highly recommend if you are doing an open water swim tri is to get out in the water type. Lake water is NOT pool water and it’s so disorienting to look down and and not be able to see anything. You, at the very least ,should get in the water the morning of so you are comfortable with that water temperature.

Practicing brick workouts is a must too!! Practice swimming then biking. Or cycling then running (this one is the most important!!). You cannot understand how hard it is to transition from on the bike to running. Your legs literally do not want to work. It took a good half a mile before it wasn’t a conscious effort to do left, right, left, right.

Those are all of the things that I thought of…

So let’s move on to my race pictures, shall we? I picked the ones that I looked good in to show you.. the rest were not. Notice that I’m running in all of them. I’ve got running and smiling and cameras down to a science.

Let’s talk about me having to clip my dang ipod to my shirt since my shorts were soaking wet and it kept falling off? Rude.

Cool right foot tilt due to my ankle injury.. (I’m not still bitter 7 years later about that wreck.. nope…) 

And last but not least, here is my playlist for the run. Just in case you wanted to judge me on my music tastes. 

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  1. GREAT playlist!!!

    I never really thought about the socks thing ….. that IS important!!

    Transitions killed me …. especially bike to run … I was exhausted and wanted to wave the white flag!

    BTW – You take great pictures even while running …. I was a hot mess and didn’t upload ANY of them after my race. There were body parts and fat waving around! Ha ha!

  2. Great pictures! Not that I’m going to do a tri or know anything about it, but they sound like good tips ;)

  3. Ok… I think you are my idol. LOL. You have a fab blog, you work, you are raising two gorgeous girls, you have date nights with your husband, and you find time to train for triathalons… Did I miss anyhting? Oh yea, and you document it all! It’s amazing!

  4. 1. Happy belated anniversary!!
    2. Sweet Child of Mine is the song my Daddy & I danced to at my wedding. ;)

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