September 24, 2012

Spur of the Moment Races

4 years ago, I never would have thought I could be the type of person who could randomly sign up for a race and be prepared enough to run it. Let’s face it, I am a planner and generally don’t “fly by the seat of my pants”.

Friday night, J and I went out to eat and ended up running into Donnie and Shannon and they were asking if I was running the 5K at Wallace State on Sunday. I said I didn’t know anything about it. He said “Oh but it’s for the kids in Africa.” Fine.. guilt tripped. I said I’d have to see how Sunday went. I wasn’t sure of J’s schedule or when exactly the girls were coming home. So, at 2:00 Sunday afternoon, a mere ONE HOUR before the start of the race, I made a judgement call to run. I signed up for the race 30 minutes before the gun went off. Donnie wasn’t feeling too great and I jokingly told him he needed to get me to a sub 30 5K, since I hadn’t ever done it in a race before. Sure on a treadmill, but that’s not the same. Can I just say that a 3 pm start time for a race in September means it’s HOT outside?! Geez. We started out too fast, clocking the first mile in 8:30 and that was with 2 hills. Whoops. Around mile 2, Donnie looked at me and said if you can keep this pace by yourself, you’ll get a sub 27. I said I couldn’t and I didn’t need that, just something under 30. Donnie pulled back right at the 3 mile mark and told me to go on, that I was going to make it.

I crossed the finish in 29:48.

I debated on puking, but thought better of it.

I honestly felt like crap too much to be ecstatic. I ran it hard and was dehydrated. There was zero shade.

Donnie is a firm believer in staying around for door prizes, so we hung out for that.

And I was quite surprised when my name was called for a 1st place Age Group Award. When I told the girl it was also a PR for me, she replied with, “But you don’t have on your tall socks!” Ha. Guess I’m known for that around here… 

J took me out for a celebratory dinner of sushi and fried rice. Yum.

So, I think it’s pretty crazy that I was able to be prepared for a race enough to sign up 30 minutes before the start and walk away with a PR and a 1st place Age Group finish.

Have you ever done something like that?

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  1. Congrats!! Totally random, but you look fabulous in that race outfit! The shirt is great!!

  2. How cute are you in your pink, all smiley? You earned it! Hard work got you here – congratulations!!!

  3. Great job on the PR! :)

  4. You look great for saying you didn’t feel good. Way to go on a PR and age group win!!

  5. congratulations on the PR and placing in your age group! That’s super awesome! And super cute race outfit!! :)

  6. Go girl! That’s pretty intense!

  7. Ahhh, that’s awesome!!! Get it! Also, <3 the pink Lululemon top. :)

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