October 4, 2012

Triple Tangent Thursday

Hey y’all. It’s Thursday.. so that means almost the weekend!

Three things:

1. I’m getting my hair cut and colored today… I can’t decide if I want to keep it the same or change it up. Although, I have zero ideas on what to do if I change it. This is my hair normally.. yes I curl it like that most days. And I do it with a flat iron.. most people never believe me.


2. I am doing a Warrior Dash on Saturday.. with Philly. Do we remember that Philly doesn’t run? I am suspecting lots of yelling at each other.. me at him on the run, and him at me during the obstacles. Should prove to be interesting. I’m pretty pumped– I’ve always wanted him to run a race with me, and now I’ve got my chance. I guess if i want it to happen again, I should keep my nagging to a minimum during the race, huh? My biggest thing is figuring out what to wear… I’m going to get wet and muddy and don’t want my clothing to get too heavy. I found some yoga type shorts at TJ Maxx, and they are fitted, but then I fake ran in the mirror when I got home (don’t judge me!) and it wasn’t pretty in the bootay area, so they are a definite NO! Should I just throw on an old pair of tempos that are too big and call it a day? Y’all KNOW I freak out about not being properly dressed for an occasion. I’m also debating on sports bra only vs. tank. I don’t want to get scratched up, but I hate to ruin a shirt for no reason.

3. Someone please tell me where these skanks on Pinterest are finding all of these fabulous Essie polish colors?! I went to TWO stores looking for Power Clutch and Cocktail Bling and wasn’t able to find either. Is these a secret Essie nail polish store that I don’t know about?! Please let me in on the secret!!! 

So, I’m obviously going to need some help to make it through 31 days of blogging, so let me know what you want to hear more (or less!) about. A Q&A post? A Hubs Q & A post? Tell me! Now is the time to ask!

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  1. Ohhh the Power Clutch polish is pretty! And how fun that y’all are doing a race together :)

  2. I just did Warrior Dash (for the first time) last Saturday! I have two blog posts on it if you want to looksie. I am a runner, and let me just say, it is not just a 5K! Trail running is so different and some of the obstacles are really high up (15′ or more) and I have a little fear of heights and crawling across open spaces that high up! Lol! But, I was so proud I finished! You’ll have a blast!! We didn’t get too muddy till the very end when we had to swim under barb wire, the mud was like quick sand underneath (the mud kept sinking, couldn’t feel a bottom) so swimming was the best choice! I just wore all my BLACK running gear!

  3. I just did the warrior dash last weekend too! I would recommend wearing a shirt – there is a lot of climbing and stuff and you don’t want to get rope burn or something on your stomach. They have good hose off stations (manned by firefighters at the one I was at!) so it didn’t ruin my black capri’s but I had a throw away tshirt I used. I just posted my recap with pictures of all the obstacles today!

  4. omg- I just love that you called them skanks :) The only place I can get Essie without having to order online is Target. Do you have Recessionista? I just bought it, it may be the only color I wear all fall- so pretty…

  5. I get my Essie’s at Target, CVS or Ulta. Ulta usually has the BEST selection without ordering online! I’ve bought both of those colors there. Sephora only carries the “Sephora by OPI” line (so don’t waste your time). :)

  6. I did the Tough Mudder a couple of years ago with The Marine, and I strongly suggest you don’t wear anything loose. You want fitted- because as soon as your get muddy and wet everything is going to hang and drag, and likely fall down (off) if you started off too loose. have fun though, Mud Runs are a blast!

    PS- LOVE the Hard Knocks color.

  7. I agree with Becca – go fitted! Also, just wear everything that is old and toss it at the end. I couldn’t believe how many shoes were just thrown out!

  8. Just started reading your blog. I had to comment because I just picked up Power Clutch yesterday at Marshalls of all places. Maybe it is last year’s Fall color?

    I have only done one race like a Warrior Dash and I agree with the recommendations above about wearing tight fitted clothes. I just went to TJMax and bought a dryfit tank for like $7.99. Also, I didn’t do this, but a lot of people duct taped their shoes to their ankles. The reason for this is when you run through some of the mud pits sometimes your shoes decided they want to stay in the mud pit and when you pull your foot out, you are shoeless. Just passing this tip along!

  9. Good luck on your mud run. It sounds like fun. I’m doing one at the beginning of November and am kind of excited but a little hesitant about it. They contacted a bunch of Tampa bloggers to do it and blog about it, so I didn’t have to pay. I can’t wait to hear about your experience and thoughts. And not that it’s much of a help, but those are last year’s fall colors, so they may have moved them into the larger selection of colors instead of having their own special display. I know I saw power clutch in the main essie display at my Target instead of on its own.

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