October 16, 2012

Paleo.. Day 1.

Well.. I survived day 1 of Paleo.. It wasn’t that bad. I generally felt good all day.. didn’t have any blood sugar roller coaster rides. Which is really why I wanted to do this. I need more energy and to not get so hangry.

Here is my Monday outfit.. I really love this skirt. I feel like it is very flattering to my body type. Plus, I get to wear my red high heels with it…


Maybe you are wondering what I am eating on Paleo.. well, here is my breakfast.

Eggs with flax seed and Turkey Bacon.


Becca asked how the coffee was without creamer, since I am not supposed to have dairy…


I mean, really. Our conversations are hilarious.

For lunch I had a waldorf salad, without the cheese. The chicken wasn’t very good and John had chili and kept talking about how good it was. He’s lucky I didn’t stab his hand with a fork.

This afternoon I really wanted a snack, in the form of a Snickers (WTH? I never crave Snickers.) I just had to pretend my apple was a candy bar. It was sad.

I ran 4 miles after work and ate some Tilapia and broccoli for dinner. I’m going to say, while I am not hungry, I do not feel completely satisfied with eating. It’s something along the lines of me wanting to jump into a tub of candy. Preferably chocolate. I’m hoping these cravings go away…

How was your Monday?!

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  1. Yay for completing Day 1!

    There’s a split in the Paleo community about dairy. The overall view seems to be – eliminate it for at least 30 days. Then try it [whole milk, heavy cream, pastured butter, etc]. If your body has no issues, you can have those things.
    In the mean time, try replacing the cream with coconut or almond milk [unsweetened of course]. I know many people love almond milk [though I suspect they’re having sweetened versions] – but I think the SO Delicious brand unsweetened and sugar-free coconut milk is YUMMY. Tastes like melted ice cream!

    Paleo snack ideas – bacon!, beef jerky, nuts [almonds, macadamia nuts, pecans], coconut anything, plantain chips, celery with almond butter.

    You need more fat! Sounds like you’re doing well with protein and veggies, but add more far! I’m LOVING having bacon every morning! I definitely feel more full and satisfied with more fat in my diet.

  2. I love your outfit! So cute. Also? Never will you find me paleo-ing. Give me chocolate and creamer and all things sugary and good. Amen.

  3. Love your outfit, and that smokin little body! Keep it up girl!

  4. Okay, that outfit is just so cute it’s ridiculous!!
    You must have crazy self control to try Paleo! I’m too much in love with my greek yogurt and milk. Not to mention pancakes. Or maye I shouldn’t mention them?? haha

  5. Girl you are tiny. You don’t need to be dieting, but I know how it is to want to feel good about yourself. :)

  6. I use So Delicious Coconut Creamer in my coffee – it is paleo and delicious!

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