October 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, Addy.

Dear my sweet and sassy Addy,

You are 6 today. SIX. Where did the time go?!

You are well on your way to being a little lady.

I can still remember when it was just you, and you would wake up around 5 am and we would watch The Wiggles and Mickey Mouse Club House…

You are and have always been, curious. You question everything. I love that about you, and yet, it’s also maddening at times. 

You are just girly enough.. You love a good dress and an awesome lip gloss, but forget a hair bow or a purse.

You are an amazing athlete… no matter what it is that you do, you are flexible, graceful, and poised. 

The mischievous sparkle in your eye makes my heart stop. It makes you constantly push your limits and test your boundaries.

I know we do and we will continue, to butt heads. You are too much like me for us not too. Which works, since you are a Daddy’s Girl and he listens to what I say. ;)

At 6, I can tell you are an extremely passionate person… some would call it dramatic, though.

Addy, I want so much for you out of life. Your personality alone, demands that the world be at your finger tips and I want that for you.

I have no doubt in my mind that if you can dream it up, you will make it happen for yourself.

I look at you, and see so much of myself at that age. Your initial shyness in new situations, your inability to express yourself with words when upset, and just your general gigglyness.

But sometimes, you just need to curl up with your Mama and that’s okay too.

You’re in Kindergarten now.. I am not sure where the time has gone, but I am ready to sit on you to make you stop growing.

I wish I could freeze time. I know every year I say that… but it’s true. You are no longer a toddler, you are a little lady. 

One, with a fire and spirit that is untouchable. If I can leave you with one quote that I want you to remember always, it’s “Don’t let anyone ever dull your Sparkle.”

Addy wee, you sparkle and shine. I want that for you always.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl! I hope being SIX rocks your face off.



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  1. Happy Birthday Addy!!! She is so pretty! Her eyes are gorgeous!

  2. Does she have curly hair or is it getting straighter as she gets older? My daughter (and I) have naturally curly hair, just why I ask! Love the photos, hope she has a wonderful bday!

  3. I can’t believe it’s been 6 years since BoomPa & I were driving to the hospital for Girly Girl’s birth. We were so excited & could barely sleep the night before. Shortly after, a new crib went up in our bedroom so that I could stand over her & watch her sleep…six years & a sister later, I still sneak into their room at night & watch them sleep. I guess that’s just what GiGi’s do. Happy Birthday Girly Girl!

  4. Our girls are growing up so fast.. too fast. I hope Addy had an amazing birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday, Addy!! Love the pictures!

  6. What a beautiful young lady. Her smile melts my heart. Will be 52 tomorrow, 25 July, wanted all my life a daughter. To love and spoil but this was one deep wish and dream but never became reality. Married a lady from Thailand who was here in USA on vacation. Kept her and we just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on the 2nd. Right now she is in Thailand to bring her daughter to America. She just finished her studies at her university in Bangkok and will further her education here in Florida. So finally I have a daughter now but sad I missed all the time from birth until age 24. I will never forget the first time she called me. Was working on an ambulance. The phone rang and I answered and she said the most treasured words I have ever heard, she said ”hello dad”. That 2 word statement impacted me more than anything ever in my life. Those words and wishing one day it will be my turn. Holidays have been sad and empty for those 52 years because I always see my friends playing and enjoying their kids and I was always empty handed. That will all change in the next 18 days. Oh, I almost forgot. Those magical words ”hello dad” that morning changed me from the tough paramedic to a crying baby. It was a wonderful cry, it was a long cry, but I enjoyed it. Enjoyed every second. Instantly all of the no child stress, the 52 year saved up sadness and stress melted away.

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