October 24, 2012

Sucker for new running gear.

A couple of weeks ago, J surprised me with a new Garmin. Mine died this summer… I think we can blame it on this race and say the cause of death was Powerade. It tried to hang on, but was never really the same.

I’ve been pleased with the simplicity of this watch. It’s super user friendly, and with a price tag of around $125, it’s pretty affordable as running watches go. 

I mean, plus it comes in pink. So you know I had to have it. My only complaints are that it takes a lot longer to find satellites for the GPS and I can’t get it to sync to Daily Mile. It syncs to Garmin Connect with no problems. So, if anyone knows whats up.. help a sister out!

Here is a video link to tell you more about the watch.. it has a run/walk feature that is pretty nifty, and everything is hard buttons.


I also purchased a new Moving Comfort sports bra last week. I am in love with these things. While they are a tad pricey (around $50), they are worth it. First off, you aren’t supposed to wash them after every wear. They are made to withstand a couple of wears before washing. You will need to be replace them after about 50 washes. They have adjustable straps and an adjustable clasp in the back… yes, please!

Plus.. doesn’t the back just look super awesome?!

What new gear can’t you live without?! Tell me!

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  1. Ohh I’ve been dying to get that watch myself!! I’m hoping Santa will bring it for Xmas this year. I’ve never had a GPS watch, but ever since I saw that Garmin made a pretty pink one I’ve wanted it!!!

  2. I haven’t bought new running anything besides shoes in ages!
    But your new watch sure is cute!!!

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