November 2, 2012

Paleo Update

Okay. Paleo is hard, people. Like, really hard. I am entirely too used to eating bread and pastas. I don’t feel fulfilled with it. But I think it has to do with not being prepared for meals. You can’t do this on the fly. Everything needs to be planned out. Here’s what happened. I did it for about a week. Then, I fell off the wagon. I ran 11 miles and got RUNGRY, y’all. I started eating everything in sight. I think I actually scared Philly with the amount of food I was consuming. He questioned if I was pregnant I was eating so much. (Duh! He knows my first sign is lightheadedness and extreme sleepiness.) So, I went back to eating normal.. AKA complete crap. And guess what? Operation EAT ALL THE THINGS persisted into Halloween candy and I have successfully put on 5 lbs in the past 2 weeks. FIVE POUNDS.

So, I am currently on the MyFitnessPal app again, watching my calorie intake. But again.. I am facing the decision of pushing on with Paleo or just trying to decrease the amount of pastas, grains, and breads and trying to choose better options for food and snacks. The good news is, the new job will be better as far as prepping my lunch. I will have actual time to do it and I will only get 30 minutes, so running out to eat isn’t really an option. Plus, I’m on my feet all day and not snacking at my desk– something I was doing at my previous job.

I found this beauty on Pinterest…

My other problem is, I am not the biggest meat eater. In fact, I don’t care for it. I can handle eggs sometimes, but chicken? Turkey? No, thank you! Sure. I can handle to occasional steak. I also love fish.
But you can’t eat fish every day.
I want to change my eating, but I guess I just don’t know where to start!
Help me, peoples! What am I supposed to eat?!

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  1. I have recently been trying to change my diet to a more plant based diet and yes it is so hard to make dietary changes, so hard! One thing that really helped me was reading LOTS of books and blogs. I read several books on the subject before I finally started making changes. I also started following bloggers who post vegan/vegetarian recipes. Then if I see a recipe that I like I have a folder on my computer that I copy and paste it into. It helps to have a running list of go-to recipes so when you feel stuck you can think quicker on your feet. I also find that it helps me if I pick only 1 or 2 things a week to eat, for example I’ll make the same salad each day for a week so that it’s easy and I have everything on hand. Then the next week I switch and make a different salad or take a bean chili every day for lunch, doing the same thing REALLY helps me.
    Hang in there – it’s hard but keep trying and it may not be perfect but you are making good changes!

  2. I love using Sparkpeople! You just put in what you eat (everything is already loaded in there), and you keep within a certain amount of calories every day based on the weight you want to stay at or be.

  3. I have a few favorites that I get recipes from. Having a “prep day” really helps. Some strict Paleo followers say Quinoa isn’t paleo but we still use it. I cook a bunch and add it to vegetables for a “bowl” of sorts. I also do a lot of shredded meat in the crock pot and add it to lettuce wraps.

  4. What a helpful Pinterest find!! I’ve been thinking about adding some Paleo recipes to my menu. Hope it goes well :)

  5. I have to hand it to you, you are braver than I am to even try Paleo in the first place, let alone stick with it!
    Making healthy changes is tough, but it is always worth it. For me, I’ve found that one of the best ways to stick to the healthy foods I want to eat is to find creative ways to eat the same foods. I love Pinterest because it can turn boring old lettuce into something amazing. :)

  6. Emeals has a paleo plan. I could never do it. I’m a carb addict.

  7. The cookbook ‘Everyday Paleo’ is a big help! Even has some snacks for the kiddos that my picky eater will chow down on!

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