November 12, 2012

Weekend Rewind

We headed to Tuscaloosa Friday night, since Alabama was playing Texas A&M.

We ended up going to watch the Tide opener in basketball. While I don’t care for basketball, I took one for the team and went so all the boys could go. I spent most of my evening people watching the fans that would go up to Trent Richardson in the stands and get his autograph.


Hubs and I watching some Hoops.


We got up at 5:00 to go set up the tailgate. I normally go run at this point, but decided not to, since I have the sickies. I haven’t ran all week and it just ticked me off.

We stopped at Panera where I saw they have poser blue cups.


B Lee has come back into our lives after a hiatus… he enjoyed a Starbucks muffin at the tailgate.


We have priorities…



Yep. Priorities with Kirk Herbstreit.


I was trying to get my vitamin C in to help my sickies.


Hanging with all my friends….


Just kidding. More people actually showed up.

Philly and myself at the game…


One of my favorite parts of the Pre-game is our video sequence.


We did a Veterans Day Half Time performance..


Can I just say that I was against inviting Texas A&M and Missouri into our conference? And obviously with good reason. Going into this weekend, I had no clue who “Johnny Football” was. And I wish I still didn’t. That kid is elusive and a Houdini in some situations. He left me completely dumbfounded. We had our chances to win that game and kept making stupid mistakes. At least we still have the SEC Championship to look forward to, as long as we beat Auburn.

I am here to tell you, that breaking down a tailgate AFTER a loss is terrible.

I felt deflated.. like the tent.


B Lee is hanging with the satellite dish


We have the sads.


We ended up driving back Saturday night. I had a photo session with the sweetest family and then worked at the store.

How was your weekend?

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  1. I was watching the game at work Saturday night and my first thought was “K-STATE IS #1″ and my second thought was “Rachel is going to be sooo bummed!!” :)
    I had mixed feelings watching them loose. I’m a ‘Bama fan, so watching them loose was sad, but my heart and soul, oh, I mean, football team (haha!!) is K-State and so now……….yeah.

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