December 14, 2012

If We Weren’t All Crazy…

… We Would Go Insane…

There comes a time in your life when you realize that you are off your rocker completely. As a runner, I tend to get weird looks when I talk about races, PR’s, distances, time goals, etc. But, the looks that I am getting about this one, top them all.

Earlier this summer, a friend and I were talking about a Ragnar Relay. They were describing it’s awesomeness, and I’ll admit, it sounded like a good time. Not sure what a Ragnar Relay is? Well, the easiest way to describe it, is that a team made up of 12 runners (Or 6 if your Ultra crazy) covers 200 miles in distance while essentially leap frogging each other. Each runner takes 3 legs totaling anywhere from 12-20 miles, depending on which runner you are. Oh, and you basically live in a van without showering, sleeping in a bed, or eating real meals. Yes this sounds like my kind of fun. Is it out of my comfort zone? You betcha. You know I don’t camp or generally like the outdoors, so I know this is a stretch for me.

But when Mary put out feelers for needing a team member for the Florida Keys, I jumped at the chance… well. Actually, I thought long and hard about it. But, I felt like the universe and stars were aligning since it happened to be the weekend that we are going to Miami anyway for the National Title game. We start in Miami on Friday and run down to the Keys. On Sunday, we come back to Miami and J flys in… perfect timing, right?!

Still unsure of what a Ragnar really is? Here is a video I found… I’ve watched a LOT of them.

I think the real challenge will be trying to pack for a trip to Miami AND a 2 day race in ONE bag. Any tips for that one?!

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  1. My other Rachel just did the one from Chatt to Nashvegas. Cuh-Razy. But she loved it. She trained by running at 3 various times during the day at similar distances she would be doing for the race.

    Can’t wait to hear your thoughts when you finish.

  2. You are crazy… But it does sound fun!

  3. I vote that you pack separately! Bring your Ragnar stuff with you and sweet talk J into bringing your Miami stuff when he flies in :)

  4. Hmmm… That does sound pretty crazy! Maybe I can find some crazy people around KC to do it! ;)

  5. Key West Ragnar sounds amazing! I’m going to be running my first Ragnar this summer on Cape Cod

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