December 30, 2012

Admitting Defeat.

So, I think I need to address something. My 2012 Goals defeated me. In a bad way. In my defense… a LOT changed in 2012. I went back to work full time.

Here were my goals for 2012:

  • Run a sub 2:15 half marathon. (Did not complete, but came close!) 
  • get ripped. Meaning.. workout with weights. (I did work out with weights.. still working on this one though!) 
  • be able to hold a handstand for 30 seconds.. possibly do a handstand push up. (CHECK!)
  • Run 1,000 for the year. Yep. I said it! Roughly about 21 miles a week. (Failed miserably. For real.)
  • make J tiramisu (DONE! And it was GOOD!)
  • grow an herb garden and possibly a small garden for veggies. (Nope.) 
  • become a superstar at time management! (I think I managed this one quite well, for the most part!)
  • I have several photography projects– a project 365 in Instagram, continuing on my Project 52, and a 10 on 10 project. (Nope. We’ll chalk that one up to going back to work, MmmKay?)
  • Pay off our remaining credit card bill– it’ll be tough, but it’s nice to have goals, right? (Nope. But we DID put a dent in it.)
  • I want us to live on a serious budget for two months.. that’ll be a hard one too! (Nope. But not my fault. Ahem.) 
  • I also want to either run a Sprint Tri or a Warrior Dash/Muddy Buddy type event. It’ll be gross, for sure! (DONE. AND DONE. I did both!)
  • To push myself.. I tend to be lazy and quit when the going gets tough. I need to learn to push through the pain… Right Jana?? (I would consider this one a success! Still a learning process though.) 
  • We need to learn to do things JUST for the girls. Not when it’s convenient for us. (Yes and No. We did much better, but I think this should be a never ending goal.) 
Now I just need to think of what to put on 2013 goal list. And I may try to do a re-cap every month, to keep myself accountable. 
Did you set goals? And how did you do? What are your goals for 2013?

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  1. I think you did a great job with your list! Looking forward to seeing your next one :)

  2. You knocked out an impressive chunk off this list!
    I’m still trying to find my grounding in Abu Dhabi and as a new mommy, but I’ve got to get a small list going.

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