We got snow in Alabama.. so obviously the entire state had to shut down. The girls got out of school and both mine and J’s works closed. It was a nice impromtu day snowed in… until our power went out.

It was out for over an hour, but I was sort of freaking out… We weren’t prepared to be without power.

What’s the only logical thing to do when the power is out and you are snowed in?

Snowball fight, of course!

We don’t really keep snow gear on hand down here, so I was thankful for the hats and  gloves the girls got for Christmas. I layered them in with leggings and fleece pants and rain boots and we went outside.

Addy was obsessed with eating snow.. Eeeww.

While Claire just had a blast running around.. and I was so happy to get some really good shots of her real smile.. it’s hard to capture. 

We had so much fun running around and having a snow ball fight.. I’m sure the neighbors thought we were being attacked we were screaming and laughing so much.

Claire said.. “Mommy! Get your camera and  chase me around!” Let me tell you… running around in the snow in rain boots is a work out!

Sadly, the interstates were shut down here and people were trapped trying to get home… Some were there for 10 hours, finally abandoning their cars and getting a hotel.

We just are not prepared for snow here, as sad as it is.

While we were playing outside, I noticed that our neighbors outside lights were on, so I gathered the girls up and scooted them inside to the warmth and bribed them with some hot chocolate.

We woke up to another no school day on Friday.. Luckily I was already off work!

Did y’all get any snow? If so, did you play in it?


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  1. Oh my- I LOVE snow! And snowball fights are my favorite! You never really outgrow them, and if you do- you are a grump!
    My mom would never allow us to eat snow growing up, because she thought it was dirty. For all the times I disobeyed her, that was one of the rules I actually did obey…..crazy!

  2. Hi there! I love your little blog! I just was able to find it through another blogger’s feed roll. Thankfully, I am from Alabama, too! Wasnt the snow the absolute best? Looks like yall had much more than us! Cant wait to continue to follow along! :)

  3. Such cute photos – what fun memories! Love how excited the girls look!

    We’ve had snow here pretty much very week since Christmas – VERY unusual. But just a light dusting so not much to play in and no need to closings. Yet. It will happen – like you said, we just aren’t prepared for snow round here!

  4. We had snow, but sadly, it was gone by the end of the day! McK only had two hours off of school! I hope we get a bigger snow later this year!

    You took some GREAT pictures of the girls!

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