January 21, 2013

Ginger Flippers

As y’all may know, my little Addy is a gymnast. Our competition season is in full swing and we have had zero home meets. We travel for our entire season.

We headed to Atlanta for Addy’s meet last Thursday night (Yes. the night after Claires birthday and the same week as I got back from Miami. Oof.)

We started out with an awesome breakfast at the Hilton Inn by Gwinett Arena.


McKenna went and cheer Addy on.. where she informed me that I was McKenna’s grandma. Seriously?


Addy and her team were ready to start stretching…



Addy competed against 13 girls in her Age Group.. normally it’s just 2 or 3. There were also 97 girls who competed on her level.

During my down time, I spent 30 minutes brushing McKenna’s hair. I wish I had a dollar for every McKenna doll I saw at the gymnastics meet. I could have bought a new McKenna doll!


At this point, I can’t remember what she placed in. I know she got a 6th place, a 4th place and a 3rd place. She didn’t place in Vault. And she got 4th overall in her age group.


Supe proud of my little ginger flipper… it was the best competition that we have seen her do. She stayed focused through the whole thing and was by far her best beam routine. She has improved so much since last season.


Did I mention that she got her medals handed to her by a 3 time World Champion and Gold Medal gymnast? Yep. Svetlana Boginskaya.. a Russian gymnast from the 1996 team.

I think she loves gymnastics even more this year, if that is possible. And I love watching her do something that she loves!


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  1. I love that she brought McKenna! :) I still have my American Girl dolls.

  2. Good for Addy!!!! She looks absolutely adorable! I’m jealous she met Svetlana!

  3. This is so, so cool! Good job, Addy!!

  4. Awe so sweet! She reminds me of me and my sisters….we were always at gymnastics meets and we most definitely always had our American girl dolls with us too! I love it, way to go Addy!

  5. I just had to say that you should look up Vitaly Scherbo if you ever get a chance. He’s the most medaled gymnast in the history of the sport. Also Russian and from the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, but If Addy is interested in collecting autographs, I’m his office manager so just send what you want autographed with a self addressed postage paid envelope and I’ll get him to sign it. Business address is on the website. So, you didn’t say then is Addy a level 4 now? I’m just assuming. Regardless congrats!

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