January 29, 2013

Ragnar Part 2

So, when we last left off on Ragnar Part 1, we were settling in at our first exchange.

We ate dinner at the exchange, and I got heckled by a 13 year old boy over my Beat Notre Dame button.. let’s be real. I put him in his place.

The alarm went off around 1:30 am, for Mary’s leg to start. I think she ended up starting around 3 am.


While she ran, We decorated the inside of the van…


I had yet another twilight run, this time a 4 mile run across the bridge into Marathon Key. Most people would be all, “Oh how awesome!” But you know who lives around bridges? Birds. You know who has a gigantic fear of birds? THIS GIRL.

The exchange fell on some gravel rocks and sand, so I had to be super careful coming in. But, we still did our handoff…


Getting back in the van, everyone was all, “Oh Rachel! Did you see the beautiful peacocks on the side on the bridge? They were gorgeous! They had these beautiful feathers!” No. Rachel did NOT see the beautiful peacocks on the bridge. Rachel got the beautiful scenery of the used condom on the bridge and the crap that someone took and tried to cover up like a cat with toilet paper. Yep. You read that right… someone dropped a deuce on the bridge and LEFT IT. Who does that?!

But I did see this gorgeous sunrise after.. so that kind of makes up for it, right?


After everyone finished their legs, we headed to eat breakfast at a Cuban place.. it was delicious. Then we headed to our final major exchange.

It was another high school, even though people were asleep in the gym like a refugee camp.


I, myself, rolled out a yoga mat in the grass. And my van mates took pictures.. rude.

Wanna see the inside of a van that 7 people have been living in for 30 hours? 

Mary and I planned some stellar matching outfits for our final legs…

Major props to Lululemon for these amazing skirts.


After what had to be the hardest 2 mile run in my running history, I was done with my Ragnar legs!



Since Glenn was bringing in the final leg to Key West, we raced to the hotel to drop off the van and get to the finish line so we could all cross together.

Everyone was digging on Coach’s shirt….

Mary and I at the finish… awesome lady who talked me into this crazy adventure! 

The only females on the trip.. Me, Mary, and Emily. 

Van 2 representin’! 

Celebration Champagne at sunset… yes, please!

Beautiful sunset!! 

The group that made it down…

After eating a delicious dinner, Mary and Prateek said I had to experience a bar crawl on Duval Street since I had never been to Key West…

We started out… somewhere. I can’t even remember. That’s sad.

But second, we went to Hogs Breath. We didn’t stay long.. their band was taking a break.

We went to Sloppy Joe’s next, where apparently, I found a lucky penny? Who knows. It was apparently a big enough deal to necessitate a picture.


Mary and I did the Cupid Shuffle and the Wobble.. which has apparently, not made it’s way into Key West because we got accused of making up the dance before coming into the bar.. Nope. I don’t make them up, just rock them.

We headed next to Irish Kevin’s.. where I showed the awesome signs of knowing how to rock a cowbell and got called up on stage to showcase said talents during Blister in the Sun.. I wish I had the video of me telling him to dig into his little bag for something for me to bang my stick on. I’m sure it’d make my parents proud….

Surprisingly, I woke up feeling good the next morning. Mary and I went in search of a hot tub, but we didn’t have one, so I settled for a hot bath.

We met the group for breakfast, where I had some delicious french toast.


I had a friend try to disrupt my meal.. but Clint was nice enough to shoo him away.


I also made a new friend….do not be jealous, I saw him first!!


You don’t want to miss the back end, y’all!


We visited the Southernmost Point…


On our way back to Miami, we relived our Ragnar adventures and stopped to try to find Glenn’s lost hat at my final exchange.. I am not sure how I missed that it was an adult store, but after all of my “That’s what she said” jokes, the van agreed that it was a fitting choice for my 3rd leg.


All in all, Ragnar cannot be put in appropriate words. Yes, these people may have been strangers in the beginning, but we now share a team bond. It was an AMAZING experience and I would do another in a heartbeat.. in fact… anyone want to run Ragnar Napa Valley?!


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  1. Run Napa? No. Visit Napa and spend all day drinking wine? in a heartbeat.

  2. This post was really funny. Such great little gems thrown in there. It sounds like y’all had a ball. And it sounds like the used condom and the crap may have been left by the same person? No shame. And the man in the bathing suit, was he serious? I am so so glad that you got a picture of that. I will do a Ragnar with you! They seem like so much fun!

  3. I am SO SO happy that you were able to come be a part of the team!! It wouldn’t have been the same without you– and PS I am totally down for Napa :) :)

  4. Ummmm yucky about the bridge, but the rest sounds awesome! Woohoo! Love!

  5. SO jealous of your new friend. You think we could have him in shifts??

  6. WOW!! What an adventure. That dude is HOT! bahaha. Great shots and sounds like fun, too bad I hate running.

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