February 4, 2013

Sparkly Soul Review and Giveaway

***Giveaway is now closed!!****

I have a person motto that goes something like this, “If it’s pink and/or sparkly, chances are, I’m going to want it.”

A sparkly headband is no exception to this rule. Truth be told, I’m glad to have found the perfect brand of sparkly headbands for running so I can wear them everyday and not feel like I’ve stolen something out my child’s closet.

I have been wearing Sparkly Soul headbands for almost a year– getting my first one for Rock N Roll DC.

They are pretty much all I wear now. I alternated for a while with some other brands, but generally like the way that they fit my head. They don’t slip and aren’t too tight. I also LOVE that the sparkle goes all the way around the band.

They have SO many colors. It’s hard to ever choose which one that I want.

Here is a blurb from their Press Release:

“Sparkly Soul non-slip headbands are available in a wide variety of colors and two widths. The thin 3/8” headband retails for $15 each, while the 5/8” wide headband retails for $17 each. One size fits all adults and, children ages 5 and up. Sparkle Soul headbands are proudly Made In the USA and professionally manufactured in New York City.”

One of the best things that I LOVE about them? They interact with you on Social Networking, building excellent client relationships. It’s nice to know if I have a question or post a picture, they are going to answer it or share it! :)

You can follow them on:



Instagram/Pinterest/Tumblr user names are SPARKLYSOULINC

And because Sparkly Soul ROCKS so much, they are going to give away a headband to one of my readers. All you have to do is leave a comment telling me which color and if you would want wide vs thin.

You can enter once a day.

If you’d like an extra entry, you can tweet about it, just be sure to tag me (@runinhighheels) and Sparkly Soul (@SPARKLYSOULINC)

I will end the contest on Sunday, February 10th at midnight… and will announce the winner that week!

Good Luck!!

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  1. Hi! I’ve seen your tweets about these. They look great in your pics! I’d love to have a wide sparkly red one! :)

  2. I would like thin silver.

  3. I’d like a thin silver headband.

  4. I LOVE sparkly soul headbands!! They are downright the best. I have thin and thick ones and love them both! I am dying for one in pink, either size, however ;-) I tweeted and follow you! (and already follow sparkly soul!)

  5. These are so pretty! I would love to try out a wide, silver band.

  6. Great giveaway!! LOVE the dark pink, wide headband!! These bands rock and they really do NOT slip!!!

  7. They are all so pretty! I would love any color in wide! :) Great review and thanks for the giveaway at both sparkly soul and Rachel!

  8. I would choose thin silver.
    (question…you said we can enter once a day…does that mean come back and comment on here again saying which one we’d choose if we win?)

  9. These headbands are so cute. How about a think purple one?

  10. I have wanted a Sparkly Soul headband for a long time now! I’ve read so many positive things about them. I have super long hair and having a pretty and very functional headband is a must have for me. I’d love to have a wide one in pink. Pink is my favorite color! I follow you both on Twitter and tweeted the contest – here’s the link: https://twitter.com/Sheryl_Bear/status/298456337623433217. Thanks for doing this!

  11. I would love one…. Silver wide……

  12. I love SS headbands and would really like a thin rainbow one!

  13. I would love a thin black one please :)

  14. I’d love a thin purple one!!

  15. I would love one in silver/thin. I wear headbands for all my races to keep my hair back! Its a necessity! :)

  16. I love the thin silver one. But I do love anything sparkly. =)

  17. Yay! Love these and I need a thin pink one! Love your new design too!

  18. I like the thin silver one!

  19. Sparkly Soul bands are THE best!!! I would love a Kaleidoscope Pink Wide Band!!! :)

  20. I love sparkly soul! I would love a thick green band!!!

  21. I am waiting for my Valentine’s Band in the mail as I type! So excited. If I won, I would like a rainbow thick band because it would match everything!

  22. Just tweeted about the giveaway (@StephCharles)

  23. Wide kaleidescope pink

  24. Green or purple for sure!

  25. I would love the wide in blue/orange stripe

  26. I’d want a thin silver one!

  27. After having been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the age of 23, it took five years of grueling, intense physical, mental and emotional labor for me to be ‘lifted’ from a life relegated to the confines of a wheelchair. This past August I celebrated my 50th birthday. I registered for the Cellcom Green Bay (1/2) Marathon which takes place 18 May 2013. I would very much enjoy, and wear with pride, a 5/8″ Chocolate Brown SPARKLY SOUL head band across the finish line. Heart & Soul

  28. I would want the wide pink!

  29. I would like the wide in the Valentine’s Day pink & red headband

  30. I’d love the rainbow or Valentine’s Day one in wide. So cute!

  31. I’d want a thick black one and a thin silver one! so cute!

  32. definitely skinny silver :)

  33. I would LOVE a wide Kaleidoscope Pink band!!! :)

  34. i’d love a wide purple band!

  35. I would like a thin pink one please!!

  36. I want either a wide pink, a wide silver, or wide black one!

  37. I’d like a thin green one, too!

  38. I like the wide silver one too!

  39. Ooooh, ooooh I’ve been wanting one of these! Pick me, pick me. :) Wide silver or mint green.

  40. I LOVE these headbands! They are awesome when working out. I’m really drooling over the new v-day pink and red in wide :)

  41. I would love a thick blue one. So pretty!

  42. I would like a thick, red band!

  43. Im entering again today i want a thin pink headband :)

  44. still love that silver one

  45. Entering again… I’d also like a thin red one! I basically want every color, lol.

  46. enter me again today!

  47. I’d pick a thin silver one :)


  48. perhaps a wide purple one for me!

  49. Back for another shot :) I’d also like a thin purple headband!

  50. love the silver thin

  51. Mom of 2 under 2 here. :) Would really appreciate a sparkly, wide blue one!

  52. Trying again :) I’d also like a thin rainbow one.

  53. Absolutely Orange (wide)!
    Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway!

  54. They’re all wonderful and sparkly! I’d like the Valentine’s Day one in thick. Pretty please. :)

  55. i would like a wide Kaleidoscope Pink one! :)

  56. I’d love to win the thin lavender purple band. Thanks for the giveaway!

  57. One last shot… I’d go for a thin gold headband, too!

  58. Looking forward to the drawing! Wide, gold sparkly would be perfect.

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