February 6, 2013

January Goals–Rewinded.

I decided to do a monthly breakdown of my goals to help me stay accountable for them.

Don’t remember my 2013 goals?

So, I didn’t die at Ragnar.. CHECK!

Sadly, I am behind on my miles already for the month of January.. I need to average around 125, and the month of January, I ran 88. It’s still about double what I normally do, so I can’t complain, but having to make that up isn’t going to be easy!

Balancing everyone’s goals and priorities is going to be an on going affair, but I think I’ve been rocking it. Getting up at 4:30 to run when needed, and not running quite so late at night.

I’m working on my splits as part of my stretching routine, but I am not convinced this is going to happen.. it’s hard, y’all! If you have any tips or witch craft to help me along with that, I’d be happy to take it.

I have my 3 Spring Half’s lined up and in one month, I will have completed 2/3’s of them.. crazy sauce.

I also think I have my 3 Tri’s picked out. :)

The plan is to also utilize FitnessGlo’s website to help with my stretching, core strengthening, and arm strength.

I’ve also been working on my game plan to clean up my eating, so if you have any suggestions there, I’m all ears!

How did January shape up for you?

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  1. Sounds like your doing pretty darn well my friend. Keep up the good work :)

  2. It looks like you are doing well so far! :)

  3. great job on your goals Rachel!
    My January was crap. But that just makes the rest of the year that much more awesome, right?? :)

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