February 26, 2013

Triple Tangent Tuesday

I don’t have much to say today that is of any consequence, so I thought I do a word vomit post. You can thank me later.

1. Parenting is STUPID hard. Trying to turn little demons into respectable, well mannered beings is crazy hard. I’m much rather run half marathons. Those are way easier.

2. I am running the Tuscaloosa Half Marathon on Saturday.. yes. I am crazy pants. And I really want some new Lululemon to wear…

Like this: 

with this:

and this too: 

Clearly, I have been deprived of spending money on clothes for too long, because I am in BUY ALL THE THINGS mode. Side note: I realized last night that my running wardrobe is FAR more expensive than my everyday clothing. I will straight up spend some money on running clothes.

3. I’ve been running in these Saucony Virrata’s this week. I love their color. They are crazy light weight. But I have been having some ankle problems (since Mercedes. Old injury.) So, I switched back to my Brooks last night since I will be racing in those on Saturday anyway. I don’t want to speak out of turn, but I really dig these shoes.


Aren’t they pretty?!

What randomness do you have going on today?

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  1. LOVE the lulu outfit. I need to get to a Lulu. or maybe not, my wallet will thank me. Randomness includes trying to figure out training for my April half marathon on the treadmill thanks to this horrid midwest weather!

  2. Love the green colors of the lulu… makes me think that Spring is almost here! I really need to update my running clothes.

  3. It’s always much easier to say yes to a child, than to listen to them whine or throw a fit. The natural inclination is to try to make them happy, but that’s not always the best for character building. Many years ago, I was the go-to babysitter for affluent families in town. One boy would do, not do, & try everything he wasn’t/shouldn’t do! He had no respect for anyone or anything. My role was to not give him everything he wanted, but to give him what he really needed. There would be a time later in his life when I could be his friend. This boy slowly became a respectful man & later became a well-respected Episcopal priest & theology professor. I would like to think I had something to do with that…well me & God!

  4. Ohh I like the green and those shoes! Good luck with your race!

    I must have deprived myself as well, because I’ve been on a little spending spree lately. That and a new fashion blog I found as well as Molly’s jewelry! hehe

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