A Fashion Post– White jeans

We’re friends, right? I have a confession. I am 110% completele obsessed with white jeans. I am practically living in them. Someone will stage an intervention by the end of summer, I feel certain. They are just so crisp and clean and scream warmer weather.

 photo April_0002_zps2fb472a0.jpg

 photo April_0003_zps59c8fce4.jpg

I’m sort of in love with this peplum top from Forever 21 found here. White jeans are from Target found here.

 photo April_0004_zps52613793.jpg

My beloved TOMS wedges.. found here or here.

 photo April_0005_zps9d73072e.jpg

Jewelry courtesy of Molly Suzannes… love her jewelry!

Tell me.. are you as obsessed with white skinnies as I am?

P.S. I use affliate links.

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  1. I wish I could wear white jeans :) You look SO pretty here – LOVE the top!

  2. Ahh! I need this top. Love it!!

  3. Yes, Yes I am obsessed with white jeans!

  4. Love it! Looks great on you! I am so scared to wear white jeans but now I think I want to.

  5. I love this outfit. I’ve been fighting the urge to purchase some Tom’s wedges…I might have to give in!

  6. I love white jeans too. Unfortunately here in MA you “can’t” wear them until after Memorial Day! I have already bought several tops that will only go w/ white jeans so I can’t wait. I think after wearing dark jeans all winter it is so nice to wear something bright. I love peplum too. I bought my first one this winter and need to get a spring one. Love your outfit.

  7. I do love white skinnies, but I don’t own any. I fear I can’t pull them off quite as well as you, my friend!

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