April 30, 2013

Crystal Faye Review and Giveaway

Have you ever shopped with Crystal Faye? She has some of the cutest stuff and of course, since it’s monogrammed, it just doesn’t get any better than that. I am in love with the Clover Collection Lucite Tray. I’ve been eyeing one of these acrylic trays for MONTHS, thinking it was just what I needed for my ottoman in the living room. Crystal was kind enough to send me one for my birthday.. it even showed up like a birthday present! I immediately took it out of the box and laid it on the ottoman.

 photo CFTray_1_zpsa878d31d.jpg


Only to come in the next morning to this:

 photo CFTray_zpsfa6889db.jpg


No. That’s just NOT gonna fly. Plus… my ottoman is huge, so it really wasn’t doing the tray justice. (Just keeping it real, folks. This is what my ottoman ALWAYS looks like in some form or fashion.)

 photo CFTray_2_zps474a38e7.jpg

So, I made the wise decision to move it in to my closet with my jewelry.

 photo CFTray_3_zps1e78fcff.jpg


A much better place for it, don’t you think? I already had a tray here, but I just swapped them out.  photo CFTray_4_zpsac8624e2.jpg

I love how much deeper the sides are on this tray than what I had here originally. It helps keep my bracelets stacked nicely. (Yes. That’s a pearl tiara. Doesn’t everyone have one? No? Just me?)

 photo CFTray_5_zps6f8efa28.jpg

This tray is so versatile.. it could really just go anywhere.

I think this tray is a much better option here on the ottoman. Although, I still think it needs some work.. I’m just not sure what! I’m not good with the details of decorating.

 photo CFTray_6_zpsfed71c1d.jpg

To help celebrate my birthday, Crystal Faye is going to give away one of these fabulous trays to one of you lucky ladies!!

Be sure to follow Crystal Faye on all of her social media platforms, she is always posting cute stuff to Twitter and Facebook!

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  1. Love the pool/Moss combo!

  2. Such a cute tray! I would probably want blue, green, and yellow to match the colors in my bedroom!!

  3. I have the PERFECT place to put this adorable tray!!!

  4. I’m loving the navy!!!

  5. I always have the hardest time picking colors for things like this. I swear it took me a week to pick for my iPhone and iPad cases. I like the navy and pink combo and haven’t used those colors so maybe that. . . or yellow and blue. . . I just don’t know. Haha!

  6. I’m digging the grey chevron, but have no idea about the other colors! such a cute site.

  7. I’m wanting pool, I think.

  8. I would do pool and black or pink :)

  9. So cute – I’d choose a navy tray w/ a circle monogram in blossom. LOVE

  10. Black and white and red – I neeeeeed this for my closet!!

  11. CUTE!! I LOVE the Blossom!


  13. I LOVE these trays!

  14. I’d love pink and orange!

  15. Love all the color schemes — but slightly partial to “blossom.”

  16. Love the blossom! Love them all!

  17. I like the blossom/papaya!

  18. I love these! I’m a closet lurker around these parts so hi! :)
    I love the navy!!!

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