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Santa Woes.

Yesterday while at work (let’s keep in mind that I work retail and it’s the week before Christmas), my brother in law calls me (which he never calls, he texts) and asks me “Uhh.. what is Santa bringing the girls?”. My mind goes blank. “A bunch of crap.” He starts telling me that he called the girls to ask what they wanted from him for Christmas, and A tells him that she was so sneaky, and snuck into my office closet (that’s locked) and found “the jackpot”. She names two movies that are in there. The thing is.. everything from us is wrapped and under the tree. Everything she found was from Santa. Of course she couldn’t keep it a secret from her little sister.

I realize that in the giant scheme of things, this isn’t a big deal, but on top of the craptastic week I already had, this was just too much. Combine that with the general attitude and meanness coming from her, I really want to give her a lump of coal and that be it. I think Mom is going to switch one of her presents with what we had here, so they will basically get one present from Santa.

I think part of the reason I am so upset, is that all the grandparents got them the things they really wanted, so I was already feeling inferior with what Santa was bringing. And now that all the Santa has been found, I’m just at a loss. Sure I could run to Target and exchange it all, but part of me thinks A should be taught a lesson for snooping. But maybe the lesson is disappointment with no Christmas surprises? She’s stolen the joy from me of watching her open her presents and see what Santa brought her on Christmas morning.

I, myself, have learned a lesson on shipping woes for Christmas, as all of what I’ve ordered for J isn’t here and probably won’t be here before Christmas. As well as smaller things for grandparents.

I can fully relate with Clark Griswold this year…

7 Responses to Santa Woes.

  • Malorie says:

    OH NO! I would be heartbroken also! Thankfully, we have a storage building we take all their Christmas presents to and anything we order online is shipped to my parents house.

    I hope your day gets better. And Merry Christmas!

  • Oh no, Rachel! You have had a terrible week :( I am so sorry! Not sure what to tell you on that one. If they get the presents, they’ll know about Santa…so young :( I say just give them some of what the grandparents are getting if they are willing to switch. So sorry!

  • I’m sorry Rachel. That stinks. I wish I knew anything to tell you, but it sounds like you’ve thought out any option. I hate that she told Claire too, because now you have to figure it out for both of them. I’m so sorry.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Oh man! I would be absolutely heartbroken too! What a little turkey, peeking at the gifts then telling her sister.

  • Meredith says:

    Bless your heart, I still to this day remember finding all of Santa’s stuff, along with my middle sister in my father’s closet {mind you they were using our favorite “movie” blanket to cover the presents in the top of his closet} anyways, we found them all my older sister (8 yrs) older than me told me and my sis to go upstairs so she could “clean it up” and that’s how we discovered there was no Santa!!! That stinks so bad and I hate she told her sister. I’m so sorry girl!!!

  • Luci says:

    Oh NO :( I am so sorry!! That is so tough…

  • I remember finding our Christmas presents in my parents closest when we were playing hide an go seek. I wasn’t actively looking for them and was so heartbroken, I was 9. My eldest knows there is no santa and have warned him not to go looking for stuff or there won’t be any stuff to open for him. He’s been really good about it and I can totally see where you’re coming from.

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