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Christmas Shenanigans

Christmas Eve is always all kinds of crazy around here. We start out with brunch at Mom’s… and a yearly Christmas family pic.  photo Christmas_0051_zpse5ce4f24.jpg


Me, Mom, and my sis.. all with our new Frye boots. I love presents from my Mama. :)

 photo Christmas_0073_zpsf45990e2.jpg


There’s been a lot going on this Fall/Winter season and I am proud to say it has brought me and Mom a lot closer. We haven’t had the best of relationships, but I think we are both in a great place with each other. This woman has given me one of my favorite qualities.. resilience. No matter what happens, put on your big girl panties and deal with it and with a smile on your face.

 photo Christmas_0077_zps87204122.jpg


C racked up… and was super excited about that Stuffie. “It has SEVEN pockets!!” photo 1815C46D-DC2E-4064-A161-08BDE11015FF_zpslgpxxl9n.jpg


Mom couldn’t resist the pull of the houndstooth bow tie for J..

 photo 2E63FBEE-F071-464D-ADE0-527698F16719_zps9azlej3n.jpg


After brunch at Mom’s, it was home fro a quick nap and then church with J’s family and Christmas with them.

I should probably apologize to my sister in law in advance for Ryleigh learning squeals from The Reds…

 photo C87E3357-69F5-4361-9E81-01A55AB8BDC8_zpsmzza2dzc.jpg


The girls got guitars from MeMac and Poppy… our dog, trixie, has taken to howling when they start playing. Coincidence? I think not… photo 1C4ED373-503B-41B7-B03F-97809F1A7246_zpsnvcveykj.jpg


Obligatory family pic in front of the tree.

 photo ChristmasEve_1_zpsd1b7a607.jpg

After all of the Santa issues, we swapped some presents with Mom and may have made a last minute purchase of scooters.. it’s safe to say that Christmas morning was spent opening tons of presents. I must say, it all worked out in the end, because Mom and Dad got all the present glory instead of Santa.

Claire loved her Doc McStuffins garb from MeMac and Poppy
 photo 2024EAB2-2B08-4F5E-9C11-AAA46344659F_zpsz3pynrt8.jpg

Easy Bake Oven? No. Not easy at all. They are liars.
 photo 8A78A28E-39E0-467D-B89C-C68525A0AA34_zps3qfw2if7.jpg

Mom came to see what the girls got and had a Christmas surprise… Honduras is very close to her heart, and she bought items for families in all of our names. It was super sweet and a nice reminder of doing things for those who are less fortunate than us.
 photo 39999440-0EDF-4531-9939-75466EE2F6B0_zpsw4lze053.jpg

When J and I got married, his grandmother (who loves Swarovski) bought us Swarovski champagne flutes to toast at our wedding. I get them out every Christmas, since something like that should be used and appreciated.
 photo 047AE79B-7671-4624-9CA5-7B951A53A1B7_zps8oqr3gwj.jpg

My loot? I can’t decide if I was good or bad, since Santa left whiskey in my stocking. But I am in love with my Albion fit gear, Nuun, and hair spray. I’m serious… this was one of my favorite Christmases with J. He’s getting pretty good with surprising me with fun little things.
 photo DB8AA030-3A0F-4B62-9FBC-E175FF12458C_zpsmhpsxl0u.jpg

I spent Christmas day opening any present the girls brought to me… with 3 sets of grandparents, the amount of toys that were brought into this house was insane. and I have no where to put them. They shouldn’t be riding these in the house, but aren’t they cute?? It’s 20 outside, so I guess I’ll let it pass.
 photo 7CA43A32-0CA8-441F-A63A-0DBE039D526E_zpsftsgmneo.jpg


How was your Christmas?? Did you get anything fun??

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