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Christmas Aftermath…

Remember when I was all, “Where are all these toys going to go??” Yeah well….  photo 6C9A87E5-0E56-4796-B093-DDAEEC3F7E39_zpsr6hqiylb.jpg

So, we had to clean some stuff out… you know, on top of the two garbage bags I did before Christmas. And I decided to include the girls… I won’t give you the rundown on the drama, but I am sure you can imagine.
 photo F7051DCE-AC8E-4BED-BB74-1EBBFC590CA8_zps15q7cwzi.jpg

One of the girls presents from my mom was a tv, and the only way I agreed to it was that it would go in the play room. But somehow, during yesterdays discussion on where it would go, I was overruled and the tv went in the girls bedroom. Which meant, I had to rearrange their bedroom.
 photo BED7E89E-EA49-49F1-880B-E9586A302A94_zpsn1jtiopf.jpg

I can honestly say, I’m not very excited about this. But, seeing as I wanted to give their room a facelift, I’m trying to see the silver lining in it…. I want new bedding for the girls.. something with a lot of color, and I don’t want to have to repaint the bedroom. Any suggestions? I’m also thinking shelves for pictures and a medal hanger for A’s gymnastics medals.
 photo 8E7C5C9A-7244-4A5A-B5CA-6AE092992DF4_zpsag61bkel.jpg

We had our annual girls Christmas dinner… good times are always had, as these ladies are some of my oldest friends.

 photo C613961E-5BB9-4AE1-A829-31D99EEA7348_zpsp9fkgqpe.jpg

We made the world’s smallest cookies with the Easy Bake Oven… it only took an hour. But this girl was ecstatic.
 photo A31ADF01-2759-42AF-AD8B-8A69DF963279_zpsb96w0yqt.jpg

I’ve been what feels like laziness, but it’s really just what normal people do.. sleeping until 7:30-8, and not rushing around trying to complete a million tasks. It’s been a nice change of pace!


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