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2014.. The year of the 30 Before 30.

Since this is the year of the 30 Before 30 List completion, I thought I’d give an update on it. A lot of things aren’t going to get done, and my 2014 Goals reflect a lot on this list being completed.


Here’s the mission: Complete these 30 tasks before I turn 30.

Start date: February 4th,2010
End Date: April 20th, 2014
italics-in progress


1. finish a 1/2 marathon, without walking, an entire 1/2 marathon
3. finish a sprint triathlon
4.learn how to swim properly
5. reach a goal weight

Family Life:

6. decide if we are finished having children <—-still unsure
7. have a somewhat successful photography business
8. have a date night once a week for an entire month with hubs
9. be in a bigger house <—Not going to happen
10.learn how to make homemake cupcakes and decorate them
11. finish the girls baby books
12. organize my desk and keep it organized for one month
13. grow an herb garden and hopefully use it
14. Live on a budget for two months
15. Donate my hair to locks of love <—-Having second thoughts on this one…
16. take Addison to an Alabama gymnastics meet
17. Adopt a child from an Angel Tree at Christmas
18. Cook dinner every night for an entire week (0/7)


19.Take both girls to Disney World
20. go to Chicago
21. wine tasting in Napa Valley
22. go to a Pro football game <— Not going to happen.
23. See every SEC Stadium (4/12) <— Not going to happen. 
24. go to Vegas


25. meet a bloogy friend
26. do a complete blog makeover on my own
27. go to a Blog conference


28. Sky Dive
29. Make John homemade Tiramisu
30. Take a Girl’s Only trip


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