Birmingham Fashion Week

Last week, I won VIP tickets to Birmingham Fashion Week through a Lululemon contest. I invited one of my best friends, Brooke to go with me.

We ate dinner at Five (a restaurant, not a time) and it was delicious.. I hadn’t eaten there before, and I definitely will go back!

 photo 129DD84A-CB89-4E63-91C3-58717458B921_zpsrym94s9j.jpg

Front row.. No Big Deal.
 photo 2AF7E0DC-C791-4C6B-90A7-A5DC30ED41C8_zpsnckhoeci.jpg

This is our “We are sitting front row, NBD” face.
 photo 9BAA48A2-4479-4624-92F6-74B5655E9792_zpse0dkgkia.jpg

It was Lifestyle Night and I loved it.. Pure Barre and Lululemon put on a great show!
 photo F84B4233-AD7F-433E-A3E1-81AEB320F74F_zps91asr3js.jpg

Handstands on the runway aren’t the norm?
 photo 56190F06-9261-4F5C-8A95-DCEAC44B85C6_zpsk2zihvwr.jpg

And look! It’s Coach Alex rockin’ the runway!!
 photo 74B490F1-5925-4EA2-B013-25EFA44A0028_zpstigqhapp.jpg
 photo 3041A331-BBD3-4E92-8734-DD6EC487BAD0_zpss60sgxo6.jpg

Can’t everyone do this?
 photo 6CEB9587-1FF3-49AE-B6E1-B101881E3971_zpsbibhxenl.jpg
 photo D59534FA-9E45-4076-A480-71E9E4EE5DE4_zpss7yr8kwp.jpg


It was a fun night and I had a great time with Brooke. Who doesn’t love getting dressed up for fancy events?!

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  1. So fun and front row seats, that’s awesome :)

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