June 2, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

Yeah.. I know I’m a little late with this one.. Oops. Last week was sort of crazy.

Friday night, we enjoyed a little Dave Matthews Band… it was part of my birthday present and it’s becoming a tradition for Hubs to get me DMB concert tickets.

 photo 18D4970E-7AC2-468B-857B-0CBC197EA286_zpszpgtqjet.jpg

He did an acoustic set with Tim Reynolds which, could have been better, in my opinion. Still amazing to get to see both of them live together.
 photo C9EE447D-E22F-41AD-BEC4-AA5C0CEC86FA_zpss4t6p1oz.jpg

Saturday was pretty lazy.. but Sunday I had to go to work the Cotton Row Expo for Ragnar, which was so fun and then I came home and made strawberry pretzel salad… Yummy.
 photo A8E1F04F-D9A8-41D5-8237-142ACC13735D_zpsgveyvwgy.jpg

Sunday we grilled out at moms and swam in the pool. We had such a fun time!
 photo 56931DD4-B33B-413D-B7C8-99174611973E_zpsl6eo8p6j.jpg

Selfie with the Reds.
 photo 39918A9F-96D7-40B7-988C-BFCA9EF5DA40_zps8xru0gpv.jpg

So, my nephew has this really expensive hammock. I thought it would be funny to climb inside and scare him… except after 20 mins in it, I realized he wasn’t coming back anytime soon. Plan thwarted.
 photo C500429E-8763-465D-80FC-1787D575A133_zpszmw5xoj9.jpg

These two are peas in a pod… My niece, EMH, who we call Mems, has cochlear implants and Clara Bell just loves her to death… If you know my children in real life, then you know how tiny they are… and Mems is a year older than Clara Bell..
 photo E7B06BAC-96C5-4BEE-A0CE-3528DE0CD18A_zpsvmldyejc.jpg

I hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!


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  1. Love weekends that involve grills and pool time! We hit the beach MDW weekend – it was beautiful :)
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  2. hahaha that’s funny, 20 minutes of peace and quiet though, right? ;) love your swimsuit!!

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