June 6, 2014

Single Parenting is for the Birds

These past few weeks have found me in uncharted territory… single parenting. Hubs has changed jobs and with it came some training in Atlanta. Meaning… he was basically gone for two and a half weeks. Now, for some, this may not be out of the norm, but for the past (almost) 9 years of marriage, the man has taken lunch at 11 and gotten home by 5:30. I knew going into it that it was going to take some adjusting, but I just wasn’t prepared for how much.

For those of you that are single parents 24/7/365.. KUDOS. I don’t know how you do it and keep your sanity. Seriously, being a mom is the hardest job I have ever imagined. How y’all are both mom and dad, is an amazing feat that deserves many medals and “you go girl’s!”. Or at least copious amounts of cupcakes.. and wine. Most definitely wine. Both of which should be hidden and consumed after bedtime, when the entire house is silent.

I knew one of the first things I would have to give up was my running. No amount of early bird running will allow to leave your child unattended in their beds. I am pretty sure that DHR frowns on that. When I am able to fit a run in, it basically turns out to be something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I am not acclimated to the humidity or heat and the fact that I am not consistently running is reminded to me on each and every step.

When J comes home from work, it helps break up the day. I can pass the torch, so to say. But if he doesn’t come home.. it’s just me. Which leads me to my next point, I have to make any and all food decisions. I’m used to Hubs making them for me. He likes to eat like it’s his last meal… therefore, I go basically mute when it’s up to me to come up with dining solutions. For the first week of him being gone, we ate out. Which doesn’t bode well with the not being able to run part. I’ve gained a total of 10 lbs over these past couple of months. How is that even possible with all the running I do?

There is no alone time. EVER. Thought you were going to shower or go to the bathroom solo? FORGET IT. It’s not happening. Chances are, you will find yourself refereeing a fight with shampoo in your hair. Which is another valid point. You are the only referee in town. When a fight breaks out that’s worse than the battle at the O.K. Corral, you’re the only sheriff in town, and you better hope that your badge is all shined up, because you’ve got zero back up coming to your aide.

Maybe after the long day of refereeing, chauffeuring, and being asked what “fun” thing they can do next is, you’d like some adult conversation, with possibly a glass of wine? I’m sorry to burst that bubble, but that’s just not happening. Some nights, I’ve been too tired to text how tired I am to J. There is no adult conversation and I go to bed exhausted, only to wake up exhausted… possibly because my oldest insists on waking up at 5:30 and there isn’t someone to hit and say “Your turn to get up with them”. Speaking of, can I exchange my kid for one of those that sleeps late and is impossible to wake up? Because we’ve started this new and creepy trend of me being woken up because someone is standing over me watching me sleep. No thank you.

He brought presents when he came home… He’s taken, ladies!

 photo FE709400-FFBA-463C-890A-AD34DA38D73D_zpswsew6wou.jpg
It’s safe to say that I am glad J is home and we can get back to our new normal, because one or two days of travel, I can handle. But weeks at a time? That is for the birds.

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  1. Tea and headphones are perfect for alone time! How sweet! :)

  2. omg, I think the same thing every time my husband goes out of town. The last time he was away, I don’t think I got my kids to bed before 10pm a single time. And that was in MY bed. :) Sweet hubby for bringing home gifts! I need to accidentally leave my laptop on this page so mine can see it. :)

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