These Boots Were Made For… Shorts.

I’ve been wanting a pair of cowboy boots for a while. I almost bit the bullet last fall, but chickened out. Everyone always looks so cute in them and I honestly wondered how I could pull them off. Country Outfitters was so awesome to offer me a pair to try out, and I’m honestly a little sad that I have waited this long to become a cowboy boot convert. I think they are the perfect addition to a pair of cut off shorts… A much more fun option than a pair of flips, which is my go to for summer.  CountyOutfitters_0020

These boots are honestly the most comfortable pair of boots I own.. they are wide enough through my toe box and offer some cushion in the heel that I was NOT expecting. I would have ZERO trouble wearing them for several hours. I love their height too!  CountyOutfitters_0018

I think there is something so classic about a white tank and denim shorts.  CountyOutfitters_0019

I get so many compliments on my Alabama state necklace… I wear it all the time.  CountyOutfitters_0024


Do you own a pair of cowboy boots? If so, do you ever wear them with shorts??


**I was sent a pair of boots courtesy of Country Outfitters.. All opinions are my own!**

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  1. Love this on you! The boots look perfect with how you’ve styled it! Believe it or not, I don’t own a pair of cowboy boots, either. Bad Texan.

  2. LOVE your lipstick! I Wish I could rock that color.

  3. Totally diggin’ those boots lady!

  4. Love boots and shorts or dresses. :)

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