July 28, 2014

Running Friends

Lately, my runs don’t feel that amazing. Not that I’m running too fast or too far, but the humidity and heat will get a gal down. I’m longing for those crisp Fall mornings where you could run forever. The thick air and temperatures in the 70’s before the sun comes up, makes running almost feel like a chore. If I had to run by myself, I would surely quit. But knowing my friends are waiting on me at dark thirty, helps me get out of bed.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of days that I send out a text at 4:15 saying I won’t make it…and I usually get mad at myself, but I try to make lemonade out of lemons and look at it as a challenge to get to run at a different time of the day. Running shows you some cool things, though. I literally have watched a house be built during one training cycle. I would try to guess what they would have done as I rounded the corners or imagine the layout in my head. Were they going to do stone or brick? The possibilities are endless.. and I actually wondered about their house so much, I wanted to go up and introduce myself and buy them a house warming gift, but I think that would be a tad weird, right?

It’s so easy for me to get caught up and stressed over a number. I know a half marathon time shouldn’t define who I am, but in a way, it does. A sub 2 hasn’t come easy… it has for some, but not me. Fear of pushing outside of my comfort zone and “getting comfortable with being uncomfortable” just isn’t happening. Bottom line, I will not push myself to do any of those things solo. I need a group. Much like, raising children requires a village, so does becoming a stronger runner.

I have been asked a couple of times if Resolute Running pays me to promote them or if they coach me for free for press. The answer is simply, Nope. I actually pay them to be my friends, much like a sorority or fraternity. Let me tell you… those guys are NO JOKE. I can only hope to be the runner that some of these people are. But they are nice enough to let me tag along.

GW, Tanya, and myself running the trails



A gorgeous sunrise after running the trails at St. Bernard sunrise


Becca’s send off party… These are some amazing and wicked fast runners here… and almost all of them are mothers too!   POffice


Even wicked fast dudes will actually volunteer to run a super hard race with you! Seriously, Joey volunteered to pace me for Peavine Falls, which is hands down, one of the toughest races I have ever run in my life. Literally up a mountain and then down the mountain…with a nice little trail run at the end, just for good measure.  JoeyL

Running isn’t just about the miles. It’s about the friendships made during the training. The conversations about quinoa, and the length of shorts. The rants about family life and vacations. Someone there to push you when you aren’t feeling the run. Someone to tell you to snap out of your running funk. Someone to tell you to stop eating crap and get all your runs in and maybe you’d lose that 10 lbs you’ve been complaining about. But most importantly, it’s an encouraging word, the belief that you can and will meet a goal, and that post race text of congratulations when you finally do.

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