September 1, 2014

Hood to Coast–Day 2 in Seattle

We woke up bright and early for a morning shake out run around Seattle.. it was so fun to get to run with the others and chit chat and see some great sights! Plus… there were many a selfies taken. You know I know a good selfie.

Me, Susie, and HylaIMG_3892.JPG

We took some group shots at the fountain, which was our halfway point…


Lauren, Sophia, and myselfIMG_3896.JPG


IMG_3905.JPGDon’t they look like a fun group??IMG_3895.JPG

After some delicious Top Pot Donuts (which I am sad to say, that I am missing almost as much as my teammates), and a QUICK!! (I didn’t even curl my hair, ya’ll) shower, we hit up Brooks Running HQ, which they just moved to Seattle… so amazing to get to hear about how they find their target market, and how far ahead in production that they are. They also showed us some upcoming releases for Spring and lemme tell ya, I want them all.


These are terrible views atop Brooks HQ…. I mean, really. Who wants to look at this everyday?IMG_3912.JPG

After Brooks, Nuun was gracious enough to take us to Pyramid Brewing for a delicious lunch and of course, lots of beer. You want to know why this group are my people?? They love some craft beer… and also? Everyone that I asked let me taste whatever they were drinking. Keepers, I tell ya.

I highly enjoyed photobombing George’s pictures, FYI. I stole this one from him.


After lunch, I found out that I have the best roomie in Melissa… I had made a comment about going into hairspray withdrawals, and girlfriend bought me a travel size of hairspray. She’s a keeper too. IMG_3923.JPG

The group headed back to Pike Place after lunch and walked around. IMG_3916.JPG

I somehow convinced Sean to go exploring and find Escala with me… for those that don’t know, Escala is a real place where the fictional character Christian Grey lives (we all know about 50 Shades of Grey, don’t lie). I realize what a weirdo this makes me, but he only made fun of me the first time I mentioned it. IMG_3921.JPG

We headed over the NUUN HQ for some Chipotle and van decorating… and it was a complete pinch me moment to be IN Nuun HQ… I actually FaceTimed the girls and Addy was beyond ecstatic. IMG_3933.JPG

IMG_3935.JPGTeam Wild Berry Van Deuce….IMG_3934.JPG




We somehow ended up at Jimmy’s (the hotel bar) again, but luckily didn’t shut the place down again. I had to grab a picture with my bed buddy, Susie. Fun fact! Susie is from England and I basically never wanted her to shut up. We actually had a van conversation about all the cute phrases she said.IMG_3945.JPG

Next up… the actual Hood to Coast race….

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  1. Your head in the photobomb picture looks like it’s not attached to anything! Kinda spooky! :)

    I love reading about your trip!

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