August 10, 2012

Addy Talks…. Winning.

With Addy doing competition gymnastics, I have always stressed the importance of doing your best and having fun. It’s not always about winning. (We have a problem with competitiveness with our little red head.) Since my half marathons always give medals at the finish line, it was a legitimate question for her to ask if […]

March 15, 2012

Gymnastics… It’s a commitment.

Gymnastics.. what can I say about it? It’s been two practices a week totally 4.5 hours every week. It’s been entertaining myself as well as a 3 year old during those practice times. It’s been early morning Saturday meets, in sometimes, far away places. It’s been hundreds upon hundreds of dollars spent. It’s been trying […]

December 20, 2011

This needs to be addressed.

It has been brought to my attention that several people think that this little girl look like Addison.  Pin It Maggie Elizabeth Jones. The little girl in that new Matt Damon movie, “We bought a Zoo”. I totally see it. But, I’m going to be honest… I can’t be a fan of someone who looks […]

December 8, 2011

My Little Addy…

This child is so full of life, spunk and sass. She is infuriating and precious. And so sweet and thoughtful. Pin It Pin It She is hilarious. I wanted to share some of the funnies she has said in the past couple of months… She was telling me about eating a corndog.. “I ate a […]

October 19, 2011

An Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party

We did Addison’s birthday party Sunday and it was Alice in Wonderland themed.  I honestly poured my emotions into the decorations for this thing. My sister made this sign.. she is so crafty with her scrapbooking supplies. It’s almost a little scary. Her Mad Hatter cake.. Yummy. I had a Mommy surprise in that the […]

October 18, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday, Addison.

How can it be?  How are you FIVE already? I knew this day would be hard for me, last year when you turned 4. And I promised myself I would treasure every day for the next year. You’re officially a big girl now.  You dress yourself. You can get in and out of the car […]

July 22, 2011

Getting my Olympic Outfit Ready

This post is a total brag fest on my 4 year old.  My little A-A has been invited to join a competition gymnastics squad. Yep. She is the youngest on the team, by the looks of it. Kristy talked to me last week about it a little, and then when we went in on Tuesday, […]

July 15, 2011

The Girls.. In Video

I found a video of Addy the other day when she was Claire’s age. You could only understand about every 4th word she said, but I started crying. I don’t have a ton of my girls on video. Pictures? Of course. Oodles. But video of their sweet voices? Nope. I vowed to change that.Starting with […]

June 30, 2011

Say Whaatt?!

I’ve been throwing around starting a “say whhaatt?” segment here on the ‘ol bloggity blog strictly based on things that the girls say. Addy has some hilarious things come out of her mouth and I really want to document it. I have been known to say some stupid things in my life and so I […]

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