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bad blogger

Life Lately.. Why I’ve Been MIA

Ever have those days never go right and it just seems like one disaster after another? Yeah, well. That’s been my summer.

A couple of weeks ago, C had a treadmill accident at my moms. My nephew and A were playing on it and well, Emily Margaret pushed her onto it. Were you aware that treadmills will take off a good layer of skin and make you look like a burn victim? Well. They will! Just one more reason to hate the treadmill, I guess. Anyway, we got her checked out at the doctor and she was fine, just extremely scraped up. I must say, Sylvadine cream must be made from Angel tears, because after 2 weeks, she’s almost healed.

 photo photo1-1_zps27961a3f.jpg

We had our annual girls trip to the lake and it was MUCH needed!!
 photo photo1_zps2d42bbe0.jpg

Not a bad view, eh?
 photo photo2_zps5d144356.jpg

I love these girls more than my luggage… but they demanded that I must love them more than Lululemon and I agreed that I did. :)
 photo 568fbc6f-cf31-4642-bd7c-91a9630b6f61_zps6f7bd5c7.jpg

We went to the girls open house at school.. A is starting 1st grade and C is starting Pre-K at her school and hasn’t been too thrilled about the idea.
 photo photo2-1_zps3e1e037c.jpg

I finally found a local group to run with.. It’s been fantastic!!!
 photo photo3-1_zpsaba0fdc1.jpg

The girls started school yesterday… How is A in 1st grade???
 photo photo1-2_zps99b4500f.jpg

 photo photo2-2_zpse0bf2bcb.jpg

I let them out at the door and A reached out to hold C’s hand, and C looked like she was on top of the world walking in with her big sister, and I made eye contact with the principal and promptly lost it. It was too much for me to handle and I felt like I was walking around with my heart outside of my body all day.

So, that’s what we’ve been up to… what about you??


I’m alive.. I swears.

Oh.. Heeeeyyyy!!

I’m alive. Yes, I took a much needed break.

I honestly had too much going on and had to drop a few things, like blogging and running. And life has been SUPER busy, but I’ll give you a quick run-down…

I had my 10 year high school reunion.

I’d love to say it went off without a hitch, but of course, we had some drama.

You hear me talk about this lady all the time, but have you actually seen her?! It’s Becca!! 

This is my oldest group of friends– starting from the left– Jana, Brooke, Mallory, Shannon, myself, Laura, and Becca. 

This one lost her first tooth.. on the eve of her very first spend the night party… yep. I totally cried. How is she this big?!?!

The tooth fairy brought her 2 gold coins. She was pumped.


Oh. And this has happened.

A leak. in my kitchen.

A word of advice… don’t build on a concrete slab.


The copper pipe was completely corroded. The plumbers were shocked!! Anyway.. I’m getting a new tile floor out of the deal. So that’s nice. Hopefully, it’ll go in next week. But until then.. my house is a disaster.


And Santa Claus was my plumber. Awesome.


Oh.. and I’ve gotten a little tied up in 50 Shades of Grey… (get it? get it?)
I don’t suggest my MIL or any parental figure reading it… and if you do.. please don’t tell me.

Here is my Christian Grey… dang, Ian. Why are you such a HOTTIE?!

Anyway.. I’m putting my big toe back in the waters of blogging and exercising again…

I am so behind on reading y’alls blogs, it’s not even funny.

But I have missed you and I hope the feeling is mutual!

Laters, Baby.

Yikes! Terrible Blogger…

Y’all.. I am not trying to be a terrible blogger, I swear! Life just got a little on the cray cray side. My sis and family came home Friday (YAY!!), then Addy’s first real gymnastics meet was Saturday morning.. that deserves a post ALL on it’s on. Competition gymnastics could have it’s own tv show like Toddlers and Tiaras. I’m not even kidding. Then, my nephew James’ birthday party was Saturday evening and we got to meet EMH!! She is a doll and fit right in with the girls. I see the making of best friends forever!

Girlfriend loves some technology! She was flipping through my iPhone and LOVES having her picture taken!

Then Sunday, I had a mild mental breakdown (we all knew it was coming, right?!). Too much stress, Addy is constantly arguing with me, and back talking. Nothing is working. So, if you have any advice about that, please drop it in the comments. She would argue with me that the sky was blue. And Monday, she argued with her gymnastics teacher in front of me! Yikes!

Anyway, I ran Monday. It felt wonderful. 2 miles in 19 minutes. I also did some arm exercises. I need to start adding weights to my workouts, so if you have any quick tips, I’m all about it. :)

Tuesday, we spend the morning with EMH and the girls played so well! Addy had a cavity filled that morning and has completely chewed up her lip from it being numb. It looks awful. :( All swollen. It looks like she’s been in the wrong end of a bar fight, but I assure you, she hasn’t. :)

Hopefully, things can settle down and I can get back to my regular blog stalking now that I am not running errands for people out of the country. :)

I’m Still Alive..

Hey y’all! I am still alive! This past week kind of took over my life and I am not very good with balance, apparently. With my family out of the country, I am taking care of tons of things for them, plus blogging for my sister on her adoption blog. I guess I’ve put all of my blogging efforts into hers. Moving on…

No one emailed me to claim their prize in the giveaway, so I picked another winner. 

Michelle, if you would e-mail me at runningbackwardsinhighheels[at] Please and Thank you! :)

Since I have major problems with balancing all the aspects of my life, if you have any tips they are greatly appreciated. How can I balanace running, mom, wife, photographer, small business owner, blogger, social media addict?? I dropped runner and blogger this week in lieu of cleaning my house. It felt wonderful. Plus… decorating my tree became the most stressful event ever. I blame Pinterest to fuel my perfectionist self to decorate the perfect tree. And then Hobby Lobby decided to be out of everything I fell in love with. Why, Hobby Lobby, WHY?!

Anyway, our Elf on the Shelf, Buddy showed up this week.. What’s he been up to?!

On top of normal craziness, Addy had a practice gymnastics meet this past weekend (pictures and video to come) and her first real meet is this weekend. Which means, they added an extra gymnastics practice to each week. As if, two days of 2 hours practices wasn’t enough. ;)

Awesome news ALERT.

I have been chosen to be a FitFluential Ambassador. I am super pumped. Complete with my very own page on their site.  You might see some other familiar faces in there. The company just started in April and is growing leaps and bounds. I cannot tell you how excited I am for what is coming in 2012! :) If you are interested, you can apply to be a FitFluential Ambassador HERE. Be sure to tell them who sent you! Even if you don’t blog, you can apply to be a FitFluential Enthusiast.

I also remembered I used to like to run this week and decided to hop back on that treadmill. It was nice. And it hurt. I have also starting planking every day and trying to do some push-ups… my lack of upper body strength is scary.

What have YOU been up to??



*Bad Blogger Alert!!!*

I have been MIA for close to a week, I know all of you have been worried. Okay, you’re right, my sister said, “You need to step it up, sista!” Granted, it’s partly her fault that I have been so busy. I did my first photo session with her boys and the three cousins.

I barely survived to tell the tale. That was Thursday afternoon, and then we had the Fish Fry at church and Addison ran around the tables screaming with her squeaky shoes. She ran up to random people(Thank God it was church!) and crawled into their laps and I’m sure talked their heads off and they had no idea what she was saying. But she certainly got Mrs. Harding’s attention when Addison started picking her nose and attempted to wipe it on Mrs. Harding and she had to do a quick head bob to keep from getting slim-ed.

I have never been more proud. I mean, really, what mom doesn’t jump for joy when her eldest daughter tries to wipe boogers on a fellow church member?

Anyway, and then Friday, I realized(great mom alert, right here) that Claire hadn’t pooped in 3 days. So,I felt I might want to call the doctor about that. They wanted me to try to take her temperature rectally and if that didn’t work in a couple of hours to give her 1/2 of a glycerin suppository. Guess where McMommy was at 11:30, Friday night? In Wal-mart purchasing suppositories for my youngest daughter and in case you were wondering, the smallest container that I could find was 100 suppositories. So, if anyone needs one, come to me first. I have plenty to spare. Anyway, it worked. She pooped. A LOT.

Jana ended up coming a visiting us Friday afternoon, and we had a good time catching up. I love getting to spend time with my girlfriends. We went out to dinner with Joseph and Tracie for John’s birthday in Birmingham Friday night. We went to Sumo and it was awesome! John ordered some of the best sushi!

Saturday was John’s birthday and it was an all day affair. We ate lunch with one of John’s college room mates, Murray and his fiance Callie and then everyone took a nap. Except for me. but I am not bitter about it. I would never be bitter about the fact that I had to clean the house up while every one else got to take a family nap together. Nope. Not Me. We went to dinner at Connor’s in Huntsville for John’s birthday dinner with his family. My mom graciously offered to watch the girls so we didn’t have to take them. It was so nice! We went back and had birthday cake at our house after dinner, and it was so good!

Then Sunday was, of course, Easter Sunday and we ran from Grandparents house to Grandparents house to visit and hunt Easter eggs. BoomPa and GiGi stopped by that evening to give the girls their Easter presents. Addison loves spending time with them!

Monday, I went to the new gym and enjoyed a nice workout! It felt so good to get back on the elliptical machine. I forgot what a good friend it was. I am hoping to shed the last 10 pregnancy pounds and maybe a few extra! Ha! I worked on editing the Hinson pics yesterday and today and I think I finally got them done. Yay! So, anyway, hopefully, I am back. I hate to leave you guys wondering if you should send out a search party since I haven’t been around.

Horrible Blogger Alert!!!

I have been a horrible blogger!!! Sorry, I DID just have a baby!! Not much has been going on here except just adjusting to life with two children!! We have planned our first family beach trip for the middle of April. John and I have never taken Addison or Claire for that matter to beach without some other family member being there, so this is a true test!! We are very excited. We are taking to girls to some new place in Ft. Walton that is supposed to be very kid friendly! We will let you know! 

We have also gotten two tickets to go see Elton John and Billy Joel together in concert in Nashville. This will be my 3rd time seeing them and John’s 4th or 5th. When John and I first started dating, I was warned that he LOVED Billy Joel and would make you listen to it. I did not like Billy Joel. I am not sure if John didn’t figure that out until after he bought my Christmas present or he thought he could change my mind, either way, he bought me Elton John and Billy Joel tickets for Christmas. I was not looking forward to it. At ALL!! So, my mom bought me Billy Joel’s Greatest Hits Vol. 1,2,and 3 as part of my Christmas,  and by the time the concert rolled around in Feb., he was one of my favorites!! We always try to go see them when they come close. 
We went over to some friends house for the Superbowl on Sunday. Brock and Amanda have two daughters Carter, who will be 3 in April and Campbell who was born 5 days after Claire. She looks just like her mother!!! Adorable! Anyway, there was another toddler there, Brooks, who was the only boy. The 3 two-year olds got into a little bit of trouble. They were found to be putting Carter’s tea set, among other things, in the toilet and then trying to fish them out. HA!! I have also realized, that I think Addison is a little bit of a bully and DOES NOT share well. I am going to have to work on that.  On Tuesday, I took the girls out to the breastfeeding support group that my sister does. Addison, of course, was found to be taking toys out of a little girls hand who was only 8 months old and hiding them so the little girl couldn’t play with them. When I found out about it, I told her to share and that she couldn’t be mean to people. She proceeded to throw herself into the floor and almost kicked the little girl in the face. Then she started kicking the toy box and screaming. So, I told her we had to leave and that she couldn’t act like that. It wasn’t long ago that I was quite embarrassed by her just laying out in the floor of a store. I am starting to realize that ALL children go through this and it is NOT a reflection of their parents!! I just wish she would move out of this stage. It’s becoming a little difficult to go out in public with the two of them b/c I am not sure if I can handle her by myself with a little baby. Anyway, I am going to try to do better with my posting! 

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