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Happy 4th Birthday Addison!

Dear Addison,
I haven’t been ready for this day. I can remember so clearly the day that I found out that I was pregnant with you. Sitting on the couch waiting for your daddy to come home so I could tell him to news. I blurted out the news as soon as he walking in the door. 
I also remember everything about the day your were born. All of that excitement. Your Aunt Sa Sa had snuck into my room and decorated it the night before I was to be admitted for induction. It was complete with Princess crowns. 
I also remember the very first time I saw you. You were so alert and wide awake. All bundled up in that blanket. 
I have loved every second of watching you grow up into a little lady. You are so beautiful, inside and out. You ask me questions every day about God. You never forget to say the blessing when we sit down to dinner and you try so hard to be patient with your little sister- even though she refuses to talk. I sometimes catch you totally acting like the big sister you were born to be. You love her so much.
You are a Daddy’s Girl, through and through. He loves you so much and you love him. You have a such a bond that at times, it has made me a little jealous. ;)  
You love bath time. You are a whiz at the iPad. You hate going to bed. You are sassy and a little bossy. 
When I look at you, I see the best qualities that I have and the best that your daddy has. You are a perfect combination of sweet and sassy. 
I love you so much, baby girl. Happy 4th Birthday.

Birthdays and Such

I guess it takes being a vacation to get me to blog about things that are a month old, but, oh well. My nephew Joseph, who just turned 14, and my sister both have birthdays during the month of May. 
Joseph’s birthday was first, but John seems to think it was second. 
No birthday party is complete without pizza.
or lipgloss.
Claire thinks she sees something outside, but it’s just a dog.
My Grandpa… he always sits in this chair at Moms, with an Alabama shirt one, which is weird, since I’ve never known him to know a score of a game. Unless it’s the Braves.
Sarah had some technical difficulties getting the candles lit.
Go Bearcats.
That Aunt Rach.. she’s a practical joker with black icing.
Bill… we don’t normally let him in pictures.
Sarah’s birthday was just a couple of weeks ago. She got overshadowed since she happened to be born on the date of the LOST series finale. 
Claire enjoyed her pizza from Sa Sa’s birthday.
The Birthday Girl is fashionably late.
James… I think he is my apprentice for photography.
You can’t let these two out anywhere together.
Addison loves to help open presents.
James charm that he picked out for his Mama.
Sarah thinks that black suede and leather are appropriate summer shoes.
She also has a good appreciation for raffia tied bows.
Oh James. I have a kindred spirit in him.

I think they had some good birthdays. As they are always filled with love and cake.

Birthday Swag

My birthday was good to me, people. Like, real good. Turning 26 might have been traumatic for me, but atleast it came with good presents!!
My mom and step-dad got me my camera bag(SCORE!) and an apple green Nike running tee. This is the Jill E Medium dark pink bag. It’s fabulous. It holds my camera body, both lenses, and has room for either another lens or a flash-which will be my next purchase. It has all kinds of pockets for EVERYTHING and even a little purse to hold fun stuff. 
Even though John wasn’t supposed to get me anything because my real birthday present was running at Disney. Plus, my new camera and two lenses, AND a new computer- I think I had enough new stuff and REALLY tried to put my foot down, but John said he couldn’t let me NOT open anything on my birthday. ( Seriously people, he is part of the reason I am so spoiled. I love him and you cannot have him!)
I love me some Life Is Good pj bottoms!
I don’t know if you are ready for all of the Nike swag. I really hope someone had some Nike stock, b/c my birthday could’ve made your house payment. 
PS My photography skills were lacking due to the fact that Desperate Housewives was coming on and I wanted to watch
Here is heaven wrapped up in a running sock. The Thorlo padded cushion socks and like clouds surrounding your feet while you run.
I got three new single running shirts( PS I’m ADD and group things together)
I am LOVING the apple green- I need the matching tempos! Dear Nike- this Hot Red color is Fabulous!
IN LOVE with this neon green and graphite!
Matching Hot Pink? Yes, please~!
JoJo and Tracie showed up with the fabulous blue and black. Me Likey.
I don’t know if you are familiar with a lot of the Nike stuff, but they have these little tabs to keep your ear bud cords from bouncing around. Fabs!
Seriously good swag… this brings me up to NINE pairs of Nike Tempo shorts. Be jealous!

My friend Jennifer who just had multiple babies got me the cutest red picture frame and a decorative “M” houndstooth towel. I love friends because I have the best ones!! My sis got me a rocking Tervis Tumbler (You know how I love those!) and some money that she specified for my new camera strap from Phat Straps. Which will be here in a couple of weeks!


My birthday was a hit! I had a blast, we ate at Ruby Tuesdays and I got so much Nike Running gear it wasn’t even funny! Seriously, when I take a picture( and I WILL take a picture) you will be floored. BUT, I may not be around much this week, because I will be busy making magic happen. This is what I did for 5 HOURS yesterday. And people, that was my 2nd day there. I want to hear you brag on me, because, day 1? It wasn’t easy! 

A-Day and Happy Birfday to MEE!!!

Saturday, we loaded up the kiddos after a rocky morning, and headed to what we like to call, “God’s Country”.. Tuscaloosa. Alabama’s A-Day game was Saturday and we don’t miss an excuse to get down there. I think he was over being mad at me for my mini-meltdown. 
Look at all the peeps!
Apparently, Aaron’s said they would dress up their race car in whatever teams colors that won the National Title game, in the infamous words of the tag we saw on the way down there… “RowTid”
Man alive, I LOVE this place.. do you think they would mind if I built my house right here?
Uncle Jay with Addison
Ladies, he is single!!!
Claire has felt this way for a few days now…
Addison loves her some Dreamland sweet tea.. “ain’t nothin’ like ‘em nowhere!”
Claire meeting PJ Fitzgerald… Alabama’s former punt returner

Seriously.. their outfits are to die for. I can’t handle it. 
MeMac wanted a picture with both granddaughters.. unfortunately, it’s this one or Addison picking her nose.
91,000 of my closet friends…
Addison always enjoys the food in the Zone… some Roll Tide Trail Mix
There isn’t an Alabama game complete with a view through MeMe’s binoculars
Seriously, kid, this face? I’ll give you whatever you want…
“Claire.. where is your tongue?”
Mama and her girls!! Thanks Daddy for remembering to snap it!
Every girl needs some houndstooth shoes, right?

In other news, today is my 26th birfday. I am seriously having a HARD time getting older. I started crying the other night thinking about it. I just can’t handle it. I still feel 16 years old sometimes. How am I responsible for 2 children? Aren’t I am irresponsible teenager still?
Sunday night we celebrated my birthday with the McPhillips b/c they are going out of town for two weeks to the beach. Yes, I am jealous. We went to Stix and I had some delicious sushi. Jay, Joseph, and Tracie thought it would HIGHlarious to embarrass me with the people singing to me in Japanese and I was thoroughly embarrassed. Especially since I was standing up talking to them and they burst out laughing. I guess I know what it’s like to have brothers now! John and Linda got some running socks and a an awesomely awesome sports bra. Thanks for looking at the list, MeMac! :)

Last thought, I am thinking about doing a blog makeover and changing the name… what do you think of Houndstooth and High Heels? Yay or Nay?

Birthday Wish List…

So, my birthday is this month. The 20th to be exact. I am turning 26… one more year closer to 30. YIKES! So, I always feel it’s easier to do a blog birthday wish list for all to see! 
Let’s start with this adorable Tervis Tumbler… can be used for hot or cold drinks
Let’s move on to some running gear…
The Thorlo Running Sock..
The awesomeness that is the Nike Airborne Sports Bra
Or the Nike Dry Fit shirt… I only have one and it’s love, people.
What about something to make me smell nice after sweating?
Lacoste love of pink perfume…
Now onto those gift cards that people love to gift… A Forever 21 gift card is always welcome!
As well as Sephora
or iTunes!
How about that 30 Day Shred I keep hearing about?
Onto my love of photography.. since I just got a new camera, don’t I need an awesome strap from Phat Straps? I think so…
Or what about the crown jewel? The Jill E camera bag… I love you. Like, a lot.
How cute are these shoes??? Bettye Mueller Espadrilles… 

So, hopefully, that will help you out in your shopping delemmas. I am not that hard to shop for.. just ask what I want!

Claire’s 1 year pictures

I finally got around to doing her one year pictures… yes I am slacker… but I think they turned out great! My mom came over and helped wrangle her and get her dressed. It was a lot of help! I can’t tell you how much I love this little girl… she is my lap baby that I wondered if I would ever get. Unfortunately, I don’t get anything else done, because she likes to be attached to me and no one else. Sometimes I mind if I am trying to do something, but most times I don’t, because I know how quickly she will be running around and I won’t be able to pin her down.

Claire- Thanks for being my lap baby. I love you, baby girl!

Happy Birthday, Addison!

Sunday was Addison’s 3rd birthday. We did a small family party for her with a “Strawberry Cupcake” A.K.A. Strawberry Shortcake theme. She loved it! I ran around on Friday getting the house cleaned and errands ran, because we left to go to Tuscaloosa for the weekend and I wanted to not have to worry about it on Sunday.

Uncle JoJo and Claire

Sarah and Jana

James has it going on!

Me and Jana

Addison and Kailey

Eating some cake

She looks so grown up!

She was so proud to have everyone there and really enjoyed opening her presents. She would exclaim,” Look everybody!”. I thought I was going to die when we gave her her pink tricycle and she said, ” I’d rather have a green motorcycle.” You see, GiGi works for Regions Bank and they had a green tricycle in the branch and on Friday GiGi let her ride around on it. So.. there ya go.

Thank you to everyone who came. Addison enjoyed seeing you!

In completely unrelated news, my photography website and my photography blog are up and running! I am super pumped about it. I have been working on this for about 6 months and am extremely pleased! Feel free to check it out!

Happy Birthday, SaSa!!

Today is a celebration of one of my favorite people. My Big Sis Sarah turns 31!! She is such an inspiration and a great mother to her two boys. We may have always had our Big Sis/Lil Sis moments, but all in all, she is the best sister I ever could have asked for. Here are some pics from over the years of the birthday girl!! We Love You, SaSa!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Random Thoughts

I don’t want you guys to be jealous but I am on my way to the beach. Right now. I am blogging from my iPhone. Man, I love technology. How did people live before the Internet?
So, yesterday was my (gasp!) 25th birthday. I have never understood the concept of people hating birthdays. What’s not to love? It’s a day entirely devoted to the celebration of you. It cannot get much better than that. But I am a bit of a narcissist. I had a girls lunch with mom, Sarah and both the girls. They were okay, all things considered. Afterwards, the girls took a nap and I packed everyone for the beach. I hope I remembered everything. I don’t like being solely responsible for packing 4 people for a week long trip. It’s a lot of pressure. It never fails, I always forget something.
Last night we went to see Dave Matthews Band. It was aweseome. I always love seeing him in concert. Jay got us our trips through the fan club and we were in the first tier row m. So, a big thank you to my wonderful brother in law, Jay. Even if he did forget it was my birthday. And of course, it wouldn’t be a proper DMB concert without the smell of marijuiana and vomit. And $9 beers.
I have pictures from the concert on my phone but I will have to figure out how to load them to blogger. I really hope that we have free Internet at the place we are staying. I really hate when you are already paying for a room and they want to charge you $20 a day for Internet. I could facebook and blog from my phone, but it’s so much better with an actual computer.

Oh well. We will have to see.

On a completely different note, baby Stellan is in surgery today, so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. If you would like to read up on the whole story, check out MckMama’s blog at

Have a wonderful Tuesday, peoples!

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