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Carnival Conquest

2013 Year in Review

  • Run/swim/bike a combined total of 1500 miles. Didn’t happen. I was right at 1,000 miles.. pretty far off. 
  • Run 3 half marathons this Spring. DONE. 
  • Complete 3 tri’s this summer. Only did 2.. stupid injury. 
  • Don’t die during the Ragnar Relay. DONE. 
  • Run a sub 2:15 half marathon. DONE. 
  • Cook dinner every night for an entire week. Totally forgot I set this as a goal..
  • Grow an herb garden and use it! Nope. I have a feeling I will never do this.
  • Balance between my goals, John’s goals, and what’s good for the girls. Reaching goals take sacrifice for all parties, and it’s very easy to become selfish with what you want, and not what’s best for the family. I’d like to think I did this! 
  • Take the girls on a weekend trip.. somewhere fun but within driving distance. DONE. The cruise counts, right??
  • Be able to do the splits. This is laughable that I set it as a goal..
  • Continue with cross training and weight training. DONE… Err… still a work in progress! 
  • Clean up my eating… being more mindful of what I am putting into my body. Still a work in progress…
  • Go to a Pro Football Game. Another one that’s probably not going to happen. 

I haven’t set my goals for 2014 yet.. I’m a little disappointed that I missed so many. Oh well! Let’s take a look back at how EPIC 2013 was.

We started off the year with C turning 4…

 photo 701b7cf2-9315-40d6-a569-ae82f25b1b34_zps67242594.jpg


And then I ran Ragnar Relay FLK… I still can’t believe I did that.

 photo Ragnar_81-1024x681_zps4bd645d7.jpg


We went to the National Title game… and I was photobombed by my brother in law.

 photo OrangeBowl_zpsef45fdba.jpg

We had a snow day…
 photo Snow-Day_1-681x1024_zps690f49af.jpg

I ran Mercedes.. and officially crushed my sub 2:15 goal.

 photo Mercedes_zps770de647.jpg


And then 2 weeks later, I ran Tuscaloosa and PR’d again..

 photo TuscaloosaHalf_zps156dcf48.jpg


I went to Texas for the final BlissDom…

 photo blissdomgaylord0313_7DN0079_zpsb86aaa00.jpg


C discovered her love of a knee pop..

 photo CKneePop_zps51819267.jpg


I went up to DC and ran Nike Women’s with Molly… No PR for me, but still was one of my favorite races.

 photo C68668CE-0641-4C8F-B854-99048F6678AF-835-0000002C431BF83B_zpsc63c3411.jpg


I did another Tri.. this one with J and I placed in my Age Group again.

 photo GreatEscape_37_zps11315132.jpg


We went on a cruise… and had a fabulous time.

 photo Cruise_56_zpsab2c59e2.jpg
 photo 84C1BC14-06A1-46E1-8AF4-612905C684C0-12055-000004890FDDAEF4_zps6288bb6e.jpg
 photo 3EE593EE-9593-439F-B552-78FF0A1ACC30-12055-00000489AB01B27B_zpsb63745d2.jpg

On the cruise, I got this super sweet bruise from an EPIC Dodge Ball game.
 photo 56D03108-7DBE-4ED6-9771-22D592A2E1A1-12055-0000048CB95E2EF1_zpsfa3ca11a.jpg

Tried some Energy Bits… loved them so much I became an ambassador. (Use RUNINHIGHHEELS for 15% off!)
 photo EB_zpsd75a915f.jpg

We went to the lake and Addy drove a Sea-Doo…
 photo Addyseadoo_zps87a2e831.jpg


I raced twice in one day.. Triathlon in the morning and a 5K at night.

 photo RetroRun_zpsd78abad3.jpg

C found out just how dangerous treadmills can be…
 photo photo1-1_zps27961a3f.jpg

We had our yearly girls trip to the lake…
 photo photo1_zps2d42bbe0.jpg

And I got injured… not at the lake. Just injured in general.
 photo photo2-1_zpsc1055f9f.jpg

We went to the Georgia Dome and hung out with some Hokies… Hubs photobombed pictures with “number 1″.
 photo no1_zps8b12df10.jpg

We took the girls on the Carnival Conquest…. and had a fantastic time.
 photo KewWest_2_zpsa9daf89c.jpg

We went to a few more football games….
 photo photo4-1_zps431c498f.jpg

and The Lumineers in concert.. photobombed once again by my brother in law.
 photo 453E606D-AD59-4D40-89E2-9163BC1CC8D2-4256-0000019A75406D5C_zpse3740924.jpg

Mom and I took Addy to the American Girl Store in Atlanta.

 photo AGStore_1_zps7bcf3bb6.jpg

I got out of my comfort zone and ran with groups of unknown people… sometimes seeing these gorgeous sunrises over Birmingham.
 photo B33B5F23-2AD8-43DC-8689-8508DE2DA0F4-2057-000000E82727811B_zps8b8beb8d.jpg

I ran a comeback 10K.. and PR’d it.
 photo FC183920-39E0-40CF-BC30-301DD1D68E10-8337-00000428B0538DF6_zps76587c21.jpg

Photobombed once again by the number 1…
 photo 8E3D39DD-5742-4DB5-A4F7-F222F3CF1993-19557-0000098D4B14C32D_zps4fce67ca.jpg

And I ran Magic City again.. cursed it until the end and crossed the finish line with C.
 photo 635217421050634018_zps1baacf8d.jpg

All in all.. 2013 was EPIC.
 photo 047AE79B-7671-4624-9CA5-7B951A53A1B7_zps8oqr3gwj.jpg

2014 has some big shoes to fill… Hope it can live up the expectations.

Are you sad to see 2013 go??


Cruising with the Reds… Part 2

Have I mentioned how much fun we had on the Carnival Conquest?? Well, I’m saying it again…

It was all you can eat ice cream… although, C and I got a little sad when the strawberry would run out, the vanilla always made us feel better about it.

 photo photo1-5_zpsa0244082.jpg


You know else made me happy? They had Bud Light Lime in the aluminum bottles… hard to find and they taste SO much better.

 photo photo4-2_zps9135f21b.jpg


I really cannot say enough about our room steward. He was simply amazing. He came and introduced himself within 15 minutes of us being in our room. He was ALWAYS in the hallway and asked about our days and gave the girls hugs and high fives. He told us he had two children back home and I think the girls brightened his day a little bit. I got a little teary eyed when it was time to leave because he looked at me and said, “I’m going to miss you, Miss Rachel.” I’m definitely going to miss you too, Artuwan!!

 photo photo5_zps5d930c5e.jpg


Seriously. How precious is this picture? We stumbled across this acoustic duo in the lobby pretty early in our trip and from then on out, the girls wanted to go and listen to them play live music and dance. They were honestly, the belles of the ball. They played everything from Umbrella to Pretty Woman and I loved every minute of it.

 photo photo4-3_zps6b8cee41.jpg


While I will say, our dinners weren’t over the top, the food was delicious! We ate the first night at  The Pointe restaurant and OH MY WORD. It was one of the best meals that I have ever had. They were amazing with the girls and I think they highly enjoyed the fancy food.

I love how caught off guard we are by the flash here…

 photo photo2-4_zpsa2e1d3ac.jpg


The girls loved playing on the balcony… I honestly felt sorry for our neighbors. They would go out there all the time, and sing at the top of their lungs, thinking no one could hear them. Especially when they first woke up. Have I mentioned that my kids wake up early? Like, sleeping until 6:45 is considered sleeping late.

 photo photo2-5_zps5e1318c2.jpg


Gigi was nice enough to send us some treats on the ship.. She sent J and I chocolate covered strawberries and the girls candy. Oh, the excitement was too much from them!! Gigi wanted me to inform how easy it was to order and have this sent to us, even after we had set sail… she just got online and found our ship and typed in our names and voila! Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

 photo photo1-4_zpsf86bd255.jpg

 photo photo3-3_zpsf4c891db.jpg

I really can’t say enough about how awesome this vacation was… the girls are still talking about it and want to go on another ship next year!


*My family and I were given a complimentary cruise. All opinions are my own!* 


Cruising with the Reds Part 1.

Some have asked what there is to do on a cruise with small children… my answer is LOTS!!

We hung out in the EA Sports Bar a lot so Hubs could get his football fix.. Who doesn’t enjoy Jesse Palmer chowing on a sandwich?

 photo Conquest_9_zpsc16fa81c.jpg

We did a little evening swimming… I think she enjoyed being the only one in the pool and not having to worry with splashing.

 photo Conquest_2_zps23cfee25.jpg


They even had some pool side live music.. which apprently, my kids LOVE live music, who knew?

 photo Conquest_zps183cf98e.jpg


I just love this picture… A’s face combined with J photobombing? Priceless.

 photo Conquest_8_zps1c571cea.jpg


More swimming, of course! (In matching bathing suits, no less!)

 photo Conquest_5_zps3925388d.jpg


Hello Kitty goggles are a MUST HAVE.

 photo Conquest_6_zps50e07bfe.jpg


Unless you’re C… and like to wrap up in a towel and play your iPad in the shade… just like her Daddy.

 photo Conquest_7_zps802e4144.jpg


A little Senor Frogs in Freeport?? Yes, please!

 photo Conquest_4_zps3224bc63.jpg


They loved the mini-golf too!!
 photo minigolf_zpsa72f6588.jpg

The girls had so much fun and there was so much to do on the ship!


**My family and I received a complimentary cruise courtesy of Carnival. All opinions are my own**


The Reds Take Key West


Our first Carnival Conquest stop was Key West. I told the fam that all I wanted was beignets and Key West and they better give it to me. I thought nothing of the walk from the ship down to the Southernmost Point, but we made it about halfway when everyone was complaining. So, J made the wise gametime decision to rent on of those electric cars. Best $90 he’s ever spent! We were able to breeze through the things I wanted to do in a couple of hours vs it taking all day for us to hoof it.

 photo KewWest_1_zps7c371364.jpg
 photo KewWest_2_zpsa9daf89c.jpg

Shortly after these pictures, I thought Claire had erased my memory card and I almost cried. Turns out she just created a new album on the CF card. I had no clue that was even possible. I’m really glad I checked before I just chunked her in the ocean or something.

How can you go to Key West without having a slice of delicious Key Lime Pie? And after two stops, we finally found a piece.
 photo KewWest_7_zpsa662dcc6.jpg

A stroll down Duval Street found us inside the Flying Monkey with a drink of some sort. Y’all would not believe how the kids thought that bar hopping was “the most boring thing ever!!” Let’s just keep it that way, reds.

J and his Flying Monkey… and a drink.
 photo KewWest_8_zps2dc3feba.jpg
 photo KewWest_9_zps9f7224b5.jpg


No one else thought this was cool. Haters. I live with a bunch of haters.

 photo RMile0_zpsebec0f73.jpg
 photo JMile0_zps810cf3ed.jpg

I’m such a sucker for a souvenir glass and a Tervis Tumbler. Why not combine the two?! Genius, I tell you. Pure genius.
 photo Tervis_zpscc1407b6.jpg

We made it back on the boat in time for it to start raining… an excellent way to take a nap, if I must say so myself!!


*My family and I were given a complimentary Carnival cruise in exchange for my honest opinion. All thoughts are mine.*


Bahama Lazy

We are certainly enjoying ourselves in the Bahamas today…doing a bunch of nothing. We didn’t even get off the ship, just enjoying the morning with the pool basically to ourselves. Of course we are equipped with enough sunscreen for an entire pirate fleet and let’s just say that any sunscreen that can A) take off the finish of a Tervis Tumbler and B) Eat off your nail polish (no I’m not kidding) is good enough to keep the Reds from burning in the Caribbean sun.


Of course no lazy day is not complete without a good book (An Echo in the Bone– the 7th book in the Outlander Series) and a Miami Vice, which is a combination of a pina colada and a strawberry daiquiri.

I also taught Addy some sweet stunting moves in the pool. Not sure when those will come in handy, but now she knows. The pools here are salt water and it is always some good entertainment to watch people when they find that out for the first time.


Of course Guy’s Burger Joint is RIGHT by the pool and I can tell you that I have had one of these every day.. the fries are worth every calorie. IMG_8835


We opted not to go to the dining room tonight for dinner and instead ate at Guy’s and watched us sail away from Nassau and sadly, The Atlantis.


So far so good… everyone seems to be enjoying themselves and we haven’t turned on each other yet, although, I think that come Saturday, we may lose J to the EA Sports Bar for football.

The Reds Take New Orleans

We got to New Orleans on Sunday with two things on the agenda: Cafe Du Monde and to get on the boat!

A stop in Jackson Square along the way? Why, of course!

 photo NewOrleans_2_zps8c7e04a7.jpg

There was a wait and it was a little hot outside and the girls were in full misery mode… I was just praying the rest of our trip wouldn’t be like that!! At least we had time to snap a few pictures.

 photo NewOrleans_7_zps7d654bc0.jpg

Hubs and the girls…
 photo NewOrleans_8_zpsc6c06ee6.jpg

Love them.
 photo NewOrleans_14_zps17970345.jpg

I’ll be honest, the girls were not into Cafe Du Monde. At. All. It was hot and muggy and they were ready to get on the boat… until the Beignets came!!

This was their first time ever having them and man, were they good!! They both agreed that they were well worth the wait. We even let them play in all the extra powdered sugar.
 photo NewOrleans_20_zpsa3852ef9.jpg
 photo NewOrleans_22_zpse4aeee65.jpg

A stop back through Jackson Square for one more pic!
 photo NewOrleans_23_zps7807ea14.jpg


And then it was on to the Conquest!

She loved playing with this phone.. she thought she was big stuff.



Next up?? Key West!!!


My family was given a complimentary Carnival cruise in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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