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christmas list

All I want for Christmas….

…is pretty much everything.

But seriously.. besides the normal running items like Nuun, Huma gel, etc. etc, it’s hard to come up with gifts for adults. Most things I want, I buy.

Sometimes, I’m totally impractical and can’t stop looking at these Hunter rain boots… Why must you be so pretty??


Hunter rain boots…. HERE

I do need a gym bag.. this VS Sport Hobo comes in a pink and I think I’d like it! Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 7.34.53 PM Victoria’s Secret Hobo Gym bag found HERE


I love Thorlo Experia socks… can’t ever have enough of those bad boys! thorlo-electric-pink-experia-socks-product-2-4517760-123829242_medium_card Found HERE


Athleta released a Shimmer series, y’all. This hoodie calls my name… so do the sparkly leg warmers and the shimmer tank…  Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 8.56.16 AM

Athleta Shimmer Hoodie… HERE



I love this robe from Target too… Found HERE

I need some new throw pillows for the bedroom, but I haven’t even looked at anything to know what I want. Everything I want is running related.. I feel like people get tired of buying that for me. I wish I could ask for race entries for Christmas.

Help me out, y’all! What do you want for Christmas??


Christmas Wish List

You know I always do a Christmas Wish List every year. Just in case you wanted to get me something.

I am trying to ask for stuff I would never buy myself. So, here it goes:

I am kind of obsessed with these lenses for iphones and I am not sure why. Can be found HERE. 

I love me some workout gear… This site has the best stuff! 

I need a medal hanger. I like this that can be found HERE

or these letters are just as fun and can be found at Hobby Lobby.

I really have been eyeing these Silhouette Cameo’s… I think I would never leave it’s side.  

I am still looking for this Epiphanie Camera bag… I just love it. Too bad they don’t make this turquoise anymore. :(

I can always use some Hope in a Jar moisturizer… 

I need a bike computer. I like this one from Amazon.. mainly because it comes in pink. Found HERE

I also need a Bike Trainer.. HERE I am not sure which one or what I want.. I just need someone to tell me. 

The usual suspects are always welcome.. Sephora gift cards, Lululemon gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, etc.

What’s on YOUR Christmas Wish List?






Christmas Wish List.

Just in case you wanted to send me some Christmas presents, I have compiled a list for you. Or ya know, if you want to steal some ideas, go right on ahead! Maybe they’ll have some Black Friday deals. :) Does Sephora do Black Friday? Who knows…

I got this tinted moisturizer as a gift from Sephora for spending so much money. How nice of them to fuel my addiction. The color Nude. 


I had a list compiled of all the Philosophy products I wanted and then they went and came out with this for the Holidays. It’s like they know me. 


I need a new blush and I hear this one is good. In the color Orgasm.. get your mind out of the gutter. 


These are my very favorite eye liner pencils.. my color of Mildew is almost out. (Who names these colors anyway? Mildew? Orgasm?)


I’m not sure if this will be beneficial, but it sounds like a good idea for all that treadmill running. The foot pod that goes with my Garmin watch. 

Garmin Foot Pod

I need something to display all my Race Bling. They do custom ones too.. Dominate could be a good idea. 

Medal Display Hanger

I need some dish storage containers. I like this one! 

The Container Store

This one could work too.. I need one set for Christmas China and another for my Fine China.

I need something like this for my bathroom drawers… I can’t decide between acrylic or bamboo though.. Do you have any? What’s your favorite?

The Container Store

I love my Brooks Ravennas 2. Size 8.

You know I love a good Running Skirt!

I wouldn’t turn down this Running Skirt either.. Size 3. Or that sweet black one they have.

Of course, iTunes Gift cards are always welcome for purchases or books, music, tv shows and movies. :) Subscriptions to Runners World and Women’s Health are always good ideas too.













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