December 27, 2013

Christmas Shenanigans

Christmas Eve is always all kinds of crazy around here. We start out with brunch at Mom’s… and a yearly Christmas family pic.¬†   Me, Mom, and my sis.. all with our new Frye boots. I love presents from my Mama.   There’s been a lot going on this Fall/Winter season and I am proud […]

December 21, 2013

Santa Woes.

Yesterday while at work (let’s keep in mind that I work retail and it’s the week before Christmas), my brother in law calls me (which he never calls, he texts) and asks me “Uhh.. what is Santa bringing the girls?”. My mind goes blank. “A bunch of crap.” He starts telling me that he called […]

December 18, 2013

7 Days til Christmas!

Becca from Becoming Adorrable tagged me in this fun little Christmas post… and I LOVE Christmas, y’all! 1. What do you love the most about Christmas time? I love the togetherness of family.. the traditions and memories made. Christmas is so magical and special when you have kids! 2. Do you celebrate the holiday in […]

December 17, 2013

December Happenings

With Christmas just around the corner, we’ve had a busy week around here with more to come… you should probably expect a few iPhone photo dumps. We went to A’s school Christmas play… I wore this warm little outfit. She was adorable.. singing the loudest and of course, had the biggest hair bow. We went […]

December 27, 2012

Christmas Craziness

Was your Christmas as crazy as mine? I’m sure it was! We started off with Addy’s school Christmas party… Umm.. hello twinsies. We had Claire’s Christmas party on Friday… And Christmas with Dad and Karen.. I swear he’s not holding me hostage.. the picture was my idea! Dad and Karen did great.. a Princess crown […]

December 12, 2012

Present Wrapping Tutorial

¬†This tutorial is full of LOTS of pictures. For real. First and foremost. I like the lined wrapping paper. It helps make sure everything is lined up correctly. I leave enough room in the edges of the paper so that if you fold the paper up onto the box, it is about halfway up the […]

November 13, 2012

Christmas Wish List

You know I always do a Christmas Wish List every year. Just in case you wanted to get me something. I am trying to ask for stuff I would never buy myself. So, here it goes: I am kind of obsessed with these lenses for iphones and I am not sure why. Can be found […]

December 30, 2011

Belated Merry Christmas!

Here is our Christmas card.. yes I took a picture of the actual card. I’m ghetto like that. I meant to share it before Christmas.. but, I apparently didn’t time manage enough time for actually blogging. I also have a Christmas wrapping tutorial that is set to do no one any good since it’s after […]

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