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The Girls.. In Video

I found a video of Addy the other day when she was Claire’s age. You could only understand about every 4th word she said, but I started crying. I don’t have a ton of my girls on video. Pictures? Of course. Oodles. But video of their sweet voices? Nope. I vowed to change that.
Starting with Addison’s very first joke that she learned from Nana.

Untitled from Rachel McPhillips on Vimeo.

Here is another one of Claire talking about eating hotdogs and going to the Zoo.

Untitled from Rachel McPhillips on Vimeo.

Claire turns 2…

Dear Claire,
It’s hard to believe you are 2. Officially a toddler. Two years ago, I couldn’t wait to meet you. We wondered if you would look like your sister, and you do. You were quite possibly the easiest delivery ever documented. I pushed for 2 and a half minutes. I can remember looking at you in the picture below and couldn’t believe it was you. You weren’t supposed to come out so quickly!! 
Lately, Addison has really taken the Big Sister role and you love it. You are a text book Little Sister. You follow her around and do whatever she says. 
You may not be talking a lot, but you definitely get your point across. You are quite possibly the sweetest child I have ever met. You are so girly– it makes me smile so big. 

Much like Addison, you love Mickey Mouse and Sleeping Beauty. You are an extremely thirsty child. You drink more than you eat and are quite the picky eater. No white foods. You live on hotdogs and goldfish crackers. 
You love to twirl you hair when you are going to sleep and when you are drinking something. I love to watch you so much. You like to organize things by color. 
You love your Mama. You follow me around and want me to hold you all the time. 
You love to open and close doors. 
You love to give hugs and kisses.
You love Trixie. 
You still hate to be messed with.. wiping your nose or changing your diaper. You do like to wear pretty clothes and hair bows. 
You love books too. 

Your laugh and smile are infectious. I love to listen to you and Addison just giggle away in your room at night when you think we aren’t listening. 
You are our little Linus– taking your blanket with you everywhere.
You love to sleep… preferably in your own bed. 
I love my days with you. You are such a joy to be around. Your personality is so much like your Daddy’s– laid back and loving to make people laugh. 
When you pout, it’s hilarious. You cover your eyes and run into the next room or hang your head and sneak looks to see who is watching you. 
I love you more than words could ever express, Sweet Girl.
Happy 2nd Birthday.

Claire’s 1 year pictures

I finally got around to doing her one year pictures… yes I am slacker… but I think they turned out great! My mom came over and helped wrangle her and get her dressed. It was a lot of help! I can’t tell you how much I love this little girl… she is my lap baby that I wondered if I would ever get. Unfortunately, I don’t get anything else done, because she likes to be attached to me and no one else. Sometimes I mind if I am trying to do something, but most times I don’t, because I know how quickly she will be running around and I won’t be able to pin her down.

Claire- Thanks for being my lap baby. I love you, baby girl!

Claire and the Christmas Hat

I get the question, “I bet your children love the camera, don’t they?” Truth be told, Addison runs from it, but Claire does great. Look at this smile.
Those beautiful baby blues.
Those 4 teeth.
But beware…

I’ve had this Christmas hat since Addison was a newborn. I have always thought it was adorable. Hello? It looks like a Christmas tree!!

Whatever you do… Don’t put it on Claire’s head!

“Mama? I can please take this thing off?”

“Let me get just a couple more pictures of you!”

“Please, Claire? Just a couple more, then I’ll pick you up!”
Photo session=over.
I promise I don’t torture them too badly.

Forgotten Pictures

Saturday John took Addison to the Alabama football game and I stayed home with Claire and undertook the task that was laundry( which took, literally, 8 hours to finish) and cleaning our dirty house. I also was able to go through and organize and edit some pictures that I haven’t had to the time/forgot that I had until I was going through and deleting a bunch.

SIDE NOTE: I went through and backed up my entire iPhoto library of 2009 and deleted them out of iPhoto because I needed to space on my computer and since iPhoto “talks” to Facebook, when I deleted them off of my computer, they also got deleted from FB. I WAS SO PISSED. Now, I have a bunch of albums that have NO pictures on my FB. I officially hate iPhoto now.

Anyway, I came upon some pictures that I took earlier this year and I finally got around to doing a little editing on them and I thought I would share it with you! They are not the greatest pictures in the world, but they are my girls and their expressions are totally them!

We were doing the “airplane” game,which is one of Addison’s favorites.

Claire looks petrified!

These are from our weekly Sunday morning breakfasts at the All Steak.

Why are children so MUCH more precious when they are sleeping?

This is her, “I know I did something bad and I’m really sorry, Mama” face. Adorable!

What do you think? I was totally playing around with the editing and not sure if I LOVE them, but I find it SUPER hard to delete pictures of my princesses.

{Insert Something Witty Here}

Disclaimer: This post is as random as my thought process and will probably make little sense.

I cannot believe Addison is turning 3 on Sunday. Claire just turned 9 months. It’s unbelievable. We are in the firery depths of hell of potty training, but Addison had a good day at school yesterday and stayed dry until we got home and had an accident. I don’t think I mentioned that Addison got bit at school last Monday and it was a bad bite. But she seemed to be okay. When I picked her up on Wednesday, it seemed she had gotten bit AGAIN but by a different little girl and was scratched by a little boy. Her teacher was quite distressed about it. Thankfully, nothing happened on Friday.

Claire is pulling up all over the place and crawling all over the house. She has two teeth and loves any food you put in her mouth. Don’t even think about trying to eat in front of this child. She wants whatever you are eating. She isn’t saying much, but makes some loud screeches at times. She loves to bounce. I don’t see her walking anytime soon. She is content to crawl. She notices( does not like) when you leave the room. She wants you just where she can see you.

I have been crafting like crazy and am trying to get a post together about that.

One of THOSE days

Have you ever had one of those days?

You know the ones.

The ones that start out with you trying to do something different and exciting for your children and then, by the end of the day, you want to put them in a cart at Wal-mart and turn around and run the other way?

Well, I had my second day like that since Claire has been born.

It started out innocent enough. We got up and got ready because Addison was starting gymnastics on Tuesday. I needed her to channel all of that energy somewhere where it was okay for her to run and jump and scream. She loved it. She turned flips on the bar, walked on the balance beam with ease, jumped on the trampoline and just generally got to be a kid who was able to run wild. Since I knew we were already going to be up and on that end of town, I told my sister we would stop by the Breastfeeding Support Group that she does. I got to see some moms that I hadn’t seen in a while and chit chat with other grown ups while my children played. We then, went and ate lunch with John and Poppy. John told me as I was loading the girls up in the car that Addison wasn’t going to take a nap today. I looked at him like he was crazy. She ran around all morning, for goodness sake!

I hate when he is right. She didn’t take a nap. She stayed on her bed for two hours telling me, “I had a good rest, Mama!” She also started this thing where she will NOT poo-poo in the potty. She will wait until bedtime or naptime when we put a pull up on her to poop. And she doesn’t poop once. She poops a little bit and then tells you she has poo-poo. So, you go in and change it. THEN, after you have wasted a pull up, she poops FOR REAL. So, you have to put another pull up on her. We are going through about 45 pull ups in a week. I am ready to pull my hair out, so if you have any suggestions, I am desperate to try them.

Anyway, I wouldn’t let Addison come into the living room with me until Claire woke up from her nap. And Claire was in one of her moods. The one that says, “You have messed up my day by doing something different and I am going to punish you for it.”

I knew that John and I were going to the gym when he got off of work and if I could just make it one more hour, then I could survive, so I loaded everyone up and took them to Wal-mart to get some stuff to finish up some crafts. Of course, Claire wanted a snack and Addison wouldn’t sit down in the cart and was reaching over and try to grab stuff and I was generally frazzled anyway, so by the time we got out of there, I felt like the hunchback because my neck and shoulders were in a pretzel.

I made it through the day and didn’t kill or leave my children anywhere, so I would say it is a success. And they are back to being their sweet and charming selves.

Thank the Lord.

It could be a cuteness overload…

I tried to do multiple videos on here, but my blog didn’t want to cooperate. The girls just started taking a bath together this week and they both seem to enjoy it. There is lots of screaming and crying on both of their parts when they have to get out. Claire pretty much only laughs if she is in the water for some reason. Addison is doing great with the sharing. I cannot believe she offered Ariel to Claire to play with. She also tells her to crawl to me. She is so good with her!

I want them to stay little forever

Can you believe my little baby is 5 months old today?!!? Neither can I. No wonder the baby fever is hitting me hard. I’m not ready for her to grow up. We took her her for 4 month check up last week( yes, a little late, I know, but we changed pediatricians.) and Dr. C said we could start her on some cereal and juice. I quickly told him, No thank you, I will breast feed her until she is 21 to keep her a baby forever.
John asked me if his mom could start giving Claire cereal when she kept her, and I all but bit his head off. Why is everyone forcing my baby to grow up??

*Hysterical Sobbing*

Anyway, Claire weighed 15 lb 2 oz. She is a little chunk!! At 5 months of age, Claire is rolling over very well, trying to crawl, and scooting very well and can even do it backwards. She loves to chew on her fist and loves to hold her toes. She is not sleeping well at night. Waking about every 2-3 hours to nurse. She has starting waking up around 5 am in the mornings. Naps around 10:00 for about an hour and then a longer nap in the afternoons. Bath time is around 7 pm and bed time around 7:30-8:00. She loves tummy time and for someone to hold her. She is extremely nosey and doesn’t want anything going on that she doesn’t know about. I think she might be even more nosey than Addison. She loves to watch Addison and as long as she can see her, she is cool with anything. She tends to be very happy, but can and will turn on you in a second if you aren’t doing what she wants. I don’t know where she gets that. She is starting to grow some hair and it is going to be RED! Still unsure if it will be curly, but I also think she is going to have blue eyes. They are just REALLY blue.

Happy 5 Month Birthday, Baby Claire!!

My Greatest Weakness…

In case you were wondering, my greatest weakness is my children. Or pictures of my children. Which is probably why one of the hardest things to do is to delete pictures of my children. It cannot be done… unless Philly forces me to push the delete button. Oh well…

Here are some pictures of Claire at 4 months. She is smiling, laughing, goo-ing and being the cutest baby I have seen since Addison. But, maybe I am biased. She has found her feet and is rolling over with great skill and scooting all over the place.

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