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Busy Weekends

Life has been and will continue to be ridiculously busy for me… I don’t know how I let this happen, honestly. Between gymnastics, work, running.. the time just slips away from me and the next thing I know, I won’t have a free weekend until the end of April.

Anywho, this past weekend, we drove to Tuscaloosa for A’s meet that was Sunday morning. It was the Pink Meet weekend, so Denny Chimes was lit up in pink.

 photo 8B8A3FFF-2710-41D8-8B24-CC4DB62C87FF_zpscgiutqfa.jpg


A found an interesting water bottle at Uncle Jay’s house. We told her that maybe she shouldn’t pack it for her meet.  photo 50D0DC37-85B3-4DF3-B6D9-F5385D574040_zpshf41s1ca.jpg

Speaking of Uncle Jay… his birthday was that Sunday and I know how he wanted to spend it was waking up for an 8am gymnastics meet. But at least The Reds drew him a picture!
 photo BAAF2790-D037-4018-944C-B9FBFC8FAF67_zpsibc9yet4.jpg

A got 5th overall, 5th on floor, 2nd on bars… I think. I can’t keep up. With so many meets back to back it’s hard to keep up. All I know is, we have a butt ton of medals all over the house.
 photo A3043E7D-D14F-42B4-B9C9-5C6EA8E1F77B_zpshujpill1.jpg

Their team got 3rd overall and I love this pic of her peeping over the top of the banner.
 photo 6A94D3A9-AA0D-432B-9E99-868E3FC92DD5_zpsr2igc9ib.jpg

We love the Crimson Classic!
 photo BC3D1B11-56C8-42B3-8AEC-3D26BC4AB184_zpsl6scopxp.jpg

Afterwards, we ate at T’Town Cafe and it was delicious! And you can tell that C gets her looks from the M side of the family. She loves her Uncle Jay!
 photo 280901DB-EEF9-4DB5-86BA-09F9F4333009_zpse23n0phm.jpg

After lunch, we headed back home and I had to head out for my long run..Solo. It wasn’t terrible but I would’ve liked some company. I ended up taking my phone and group texting with Becca and Molly the whole time. Even if I couldn’t respond, it was nice to know they were there!
 photo 97D4F90E-A789-453D-9194-5B3ADA1DE408_zpsbjt24kcy.jpg

I had texted my sister and told her that I was heading out for a run and if I knocked on the door, to let me in to pee or give me some water. I was about a block from her house, but not planning on stopping, when I felt something cold and wet hit the back of my leg. I completely panicked, thinking, “This is why you don’t wear skirts or shorts! Things touch you!” I turned around and saw my nephew’s dog wanting to play. HOLY CRAP. That dog scared the crap out of me. So, I ran the dog home, only to not be let into my sisters house. No one would answer the door! After a several minutes, I just looked at the dog and said “Stay!” and went on my merry way.

I’ve got one more long run before Mercedes in a couple of weeks.. my thoughts on that will be coming up soon. :)

Happy Friday, y’all!


Ragnar Part 1…

Have you been waiting to hear about the EPICNESS of Ragnar?!

Because I have a LOT to say.

I headed out Thursday afternoon on my second flight EVER by myself and my first solo time changing planes… I was nervous, especially since they kept delaying my flight. But I made it with no problems.


Mary, Prateek, Bob, and Emily picked me up at the airport and we headed to the hotel to meet the rest of the team. I knew our Captain, Matt, was super organized, but the man owns his own laminator. And for this girl who can’t find her way out of a paper sack, I was so happy to get laminated directions of each of my legs.


I branched out, once again (I did that A LOT on this trip!) and ate some Cuban food at Versailles.. it was delish!


We headed back to the hotel to prepare for the next day and get some shut eye… and I didn’t sleep very well. I woke up about 2:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep until almost 4, and my alarm was set for 6 am.. since I was apparently the high maintenance one of the group, I had to get up first and get my shower.


We ate breakfast at the hotel.. our last real meal for 30 hours and headed to Publix for necessities like water, gatorade, peanut butter, and apparently stuffed potato balls (AMAZING. Have you tried these?!)


We headed to the start line to decorate the vans. We had an inside joke about R.O.U.S.’s (Rodents of Unusual Size) since something called an Gambian Pouched Rat had invaded part of The Keys. The are about the size of a large house cat.


The boxes to check off our completed legs.. and a spot for our “Baptisms” or Kills for some of you. (A kill is when you pass someone. You keep a tally of it and it makes you feel awesome.)


Team Saints and Sinners at the start line…


The only girls… PS Miami does NOTHING for my hair.


Van 1 set off and we had several hours to kill…. so we ate lunch and just hung out at the major exchange.

Mary was ready to Clowney her first leg!


I got the awesome task of being the first of our Van to wear night gear… awesome, right? No. Not awesome.


Octavian and I came up with our handoff… it’s awesome.


First leg was 7.6 miles and basically a slow incline the entire way. It was tough and HOT and HUMID and HOT… and did I mention it was HOT? It started cooling off once the sun started going down and it felt pretty good. But I must say, the first half of it, was HELL. But I had 5 kills.. not bad. 3 of them I passed at a traffic light, but whatevs.


After Glenn handed off to Matt at Homestead Speedway, we headed to the next exchange to eat and get some shut eye…


Yes. This is how people sleep during a Ragnar. On a sleeping bag. In the grass. Unless you are me. I kicked the boys off the back bench and snuggled in for some of the best 3 hours of sleep I’ve ever had….

If you want to read Mary’s part 1… here it is!

Lucky or Crazy?

Some time last week, my friend Ashley and I were discussing our next races on the Twitter. I told her I was sort of, maybe, kinda interested in the Ruben Studdard Run, but I didn’t want to pay the entry fee of $70. It falls on a Sunday, after an Alabama home game that we weren’t tailgating for. Sometime during the night, a nice man tweeted me and said that Fleet Feet Sports in Birmingham had been doing giveaway entry fee contests for the race. He informed me in the morning that they were doing one right then so I should enter. It was a Twitter contest.. if anyone knows Twitter, it’s this gal, so I tweeted my “RUN RUBEN” to Fleet Feet and low and behold, I won TWO race bib entries for the race. SWEET!! So, I was getting my wish of running it for free. I offered the other bib to Ashley. So here it is, I will running my 4th (FOURTH? How did THAT happen?!) 15 days after my 3rd that was in Savannah.

I’ve been taking it easy since Savannah, running, but just recovery runs. Nothing major. It takes one day per mile that you raced for your body to recover, so I should be good today. My calves have been feeling a little on the tight side. Not sore or anything, just tight feeling. I took a couple of days off and have been trying to stretch good.

I would like to say that I have no time goals for this race, that I just want to finish. But it’s me. So, I do have a time goal. I want to finish in 2:40 or under. Nothing fancy, just somewhat close to what I did in Savannah. Although, I won’t have my buddies Kelsie or Lindsey with me for moral support.

It’s been pretty cold in the mornings this week, so I am a little lost for what to wear… Of course a skirt, but long sleeve shirt? Short sleeve with gloves? It doesn’t look like it is a corral start, so I am thinking I can just walk up and join the start line whenever it’s time to start. I have a feeling I’m going to be alone in my thoughts on the roads of downtown Birmingham.

This race will also secure my membership to the Half Fanatics. I realize that this might make me a crazy person to most people. Running two half marathons in two weeks is just not normal. But it’s something I want to do and am pretty pumped about attempting it. Don’t think I won’t put a sign on my shirt that says “Second Half Marathon in Two Weeks” Because I am.

Now, what should I wear?? I have a hot pink running skirt, that is a must to wear.

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway.. Today is the LAST Day!

Oh and in case you weren’t a TRUE stalker, I’ve been at my sisters this week, helping her out. She’s got some sort of Big News. Read about it HERE!

My Style Monday and Gameday!

My Style Monday
It’s another edition of Game Day My Style Monday!
I wore the strapless dress most of the day but the white cardigan when I got cold.

The dress that Hubs got me for our anniversary from “What a girl wants”
Cardigan is from F21
Boots: target
Necklace: Target
Earrings: Etc by Nikki

We got down to Tuscaloosa on Friday, to set up the tailgate.. and *gasp* someone had stolen our spot. Now, we may not own this spot, but it’s been our for a while. 
 So, what did we do? We got as close as we could to the other tents. We are mature like that. 
They ended up moving their tents back.
 Late night Target shopping brought us upon this.. 
It’s fun.. in da-middle. I am not sure why this was so funny to us. 
 I spied Big AL… and I had to get my pic with him.. even if he did mess up my hair. 
 I got some red sparkly nail polish at Sephora.. it’s called “What’s your Poison?” Get it.. like a poison apple??
I forgot to take pictures from once people actually showed up at the tailgate.. but it was a good time had by all, with lots of laughs that wouldn’t be funny to you, since you weren’t there. But.. you are invited!! 
I took this picture for Becca.. I realize the game was a nobody, but there was no sense in the woman next to me falling asleep. I mean, you could only cat nap with the 2 boys that got up at least 10 times a piece before halftime. 
 This picture got a little out of order.. whoops. 
One of the many reasons I love sitting in the zone.. besides real chairs, a locker, air conditioning, and all the Cherry Coke I can drink.. is the red velvet cupcakes. 
Also.. I have a complaint. The student section should NOT be this empty at halftime. It’s not cool with me. 

Oh yeah… one more reason I love the one.. Cup holders.

There’s only one way to celebrate a victory in my book. And it’s doing the Cupid Shuffle in your tailgating neighbors tent. 
Now.. onto my running lately.
The plan was for me to get up Saturday morning before we left for the tailgate and go run my long run of 6 miles.. I mapped out my run only to be told my way in and out of Jay’s weren’t the best running ideas that I had. So, I decided to go with my safety over my run. The run went through a bad part of town and a busy section with no sidewalks, on top of the fact I forgot my Garmin.. so I decided to a) not get stabbed b) not get hit by a car and c) not get lost. 
I said, “Oh, I’ll just do 8 on Sunday instead.” So.. I set out to hit the treadmill. Sunday was one of those days where nothing went right. I took my iPad to the gym so I could watch Gossip Girl and found this beauty and thought my luck had turned around!
A PINK treadmill!! I knew my day was sure to pick up! But.. alas, technology hated me and I couldn’t figure out how to get the Gossip Girl to play full episodes on the iPad. 
Also.. it was brought to my attention that my treadmill running has been so easy since I don’t do an incline, therefore my road races kick my booty because the road is harder to run on then the treadmill. So, I decided to start running on a 1 incline.. which, is taking some getting used to and makes me feel like I am the most out of shape person ever. Which really does a number on my mental toughness. I am extremely stressed right now, and I let all of the other things that I needed to be doing come crashing down on top on my run and I started to feel like I was drowning. I did something I have never done before. I quit. Yep. I stopped running and got off the treadmill. The whole time I was disgusted with myself but I knew what was coming. A mental breakdown. I could feel it coming last week. Being gone on vacation, running a business, 5 weekends in row being out of town-2 of which are out of state, gymnastics, school, laundry, cleaning the house, training, Ladies of the Houndstooth, photography assignments and projects, social networking… it’s all so much. Because everything needs something from me. Right. NOW. I guess a good description of me right now is overwhelmed. Or over booked. Or not enough hours in a day.. Take your pick. 
So, instead of throwing a fit and crying and taking it all out on John, I decided to sit down and write out a list. And I delegated certain tasks for John and am trying to look at what is the most important for my mental health to get finished this week. I feel like a mature adult, acting like that! 
I will try to be around the Internets this week.. but I can’t make any promises, as I need to drop a ball or two that I am currently juggling. 
See you on the Flip Side. 

Ahh.. Saturday.

Saturday. A day for relaxing. Right? Well, what was going to be a fun day for Princesses, quickly turned to crap. A stop at Duchess Doughnuts, first thing, earned Addison the beating of her life because she ran out into the road after I told her to stay right by me. 
Yes, I beat the crap out of her in the middle of the road. Right after I had my heart attack.
She continued to not listen, which had me wondering if she is just now starting to get jealous of Claire? Is that even possible? 
I must show you my new snack. Toast, Nutella, and banana. YUMMY. 
Also thought I would share my new favorite summer dish. It’s called Summer Pasta. I used penne, because we had it at the house, but you can use any kind.
Mix 1 cup EVOO, Mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese, 4 Roma tomatoes, garlic, salt and pepper together and let it get to room temperature.
The keep to this, is letting the pasta cool off some. I noticed the last time that the cheese melted immediately, and caused for clumpy cheese, but I let it cool a little this time and it didn’t.
I mixed faster this time also.
Mmmm… yummy. If you like pasta, garlic, and tomatoes.. it’s delish.
But then.. I had this to do.. (Which didn’t get done.)
I blew up a pool and a bouncy ball and let the girls fight over them. Seriously.
The sat in the pool and watched Pinocchio.
And I looked like this at the end of the day. Crazy hair. Crazy eyes. Nutella on the face.

The moral of this story? Don’t let your husband go out of town for 3 days. Especially when your children are daddys girls.

A New "Family Trip"

In approximately 12 days, I will be boarding a plane headed for Jamaica. We are going to Sandals. I am so excited, because we have never done anything like this. We always go on cruises, and after the last one, I put my foot down. I said, NO MORE, until you take me somewhere else. You see, the last time we went on a cruise, Addison was Claire’s age. John didn’t want to take her, he said it wasn’t a good idea. But this trip was labeled a “family trip” which now included her. So, I said, either she goes or I don’t.

John’s parents rented the MAC DADDY room on the Liberty of the Seas, which was Royal Caribbeans newest ship at the time. The Presidential Suite was all ours. It was HUGE. 4 bedrooms and baths, plus a living room with a balcony which covered the entire back of the boat with an outdoor bar and a hot tub. This place was awesome.

The first night, Addison threw up a little. But I figured it was just from sea sickness. She didn’t have anymore problems. The third morning on the boat, which was our first port- John woke up not feeling well. Since this was during John’s anxiety times, we ended up in the Infirmary. Where they confirmed that John was indeed sick with the Noro Virus. In case, you haven’t ever heard of it, it’s the sickness they warn you about on cruises. It’s highly contagious and an airborne pathogen. We were now quarantined to our room for 36 hours. John was the first victim. I fell not 4 hours later. We are talking, you would take death over this virus. It’s vomiting and diarrhea. Sometimes simultaneously. For 24 hours. I seriously contemplated having them helicopter me out of there and back onto American soil where I could die in peace. They came in changed all the sheets everyday. Cleaned the bathrooms, everyday. The only upside to it was everything had to be delivered to the room and it was comped. We paid for NOTHING while we quarantined. Poppy’s beer? Free. Water? Free. They brought us anything we asked for. And we paid nothing for it. Once the vomited and diarrhea ceased, you feel like you have been hit with a baseball bat for a good 4-5 days. No appetite. Weak. It took a good 2 weeks to feel normal again.

Joseph was the third victim, followed closely by Jay and MeMac. Poppy was the last. Tracie never got it and while Addison never showed signs of it, we found out that she was the carrier for it, and since everyone had to take care of her while we were sick, they got it. Tracie had been on antibiotics the week before, so we figured that’s why she didn’t get it.

We missed one of our ports, but we were able to get off at Cozumel. We came home with a story, that’s for sure. That expensive fabulous room became somewhere we never wanted to see again.

This was also the week before Christmas, so once we got back, through all the get togethers and dinners, Addison ended up passing it to My aunts, uncles, cousins, Dad, Karen, Mom and Bill. Even my Grandmother, who had to go the hospital with it and passed it around her nursing home. They were ALL sick on Christmas that year. MeMe didn’t get it, b/c by that time, we knew what had happened, thanks to Google, and didn’t allow her around Addison.

So, this is the story that takes my guilt away for a “family trip” without my children. I don’t care what anyone says- that was hell. Pure and utter, Hell.

Very First Vlog

Okay, I’m really worried that I sound like a redneck. Also, I can’t seem to stop playing with my hair.

So, if Nick Pappageorgio comes to look at your house, don’t let him in!! :) I’m off to try to hang on to my sanity!

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