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cuteness overload

That Time of the Year Again…

Time for another school year.

To be fair, Claire started her pre-school at the beginning of the month.. 


Big Sis Addy patiently waited her turn.. until yesterday.

She is going to a private Christian school, and it requires a uniform. Which makes getting ready for school a breeze!

Oh geez. Be still, my heart. 

We made it with minimal crying on my part.. I was a brave girl! Addy did fantastic informing me that “It was better than Alabama Football.”

When I asked about her day she said, “I was very good. I kicked Emily in the chin and I said I was sorry.” Umm… alright then.

Claire wants new friends because hers, “Talk too much.” Distracting, that socializing.

Crafty Mama– Christmas Pillows

Every once in a while, I will get a crafty surge and I have to succumb to it. Yesterday’s was Christmas pillows. SaSa came over and I was setting up Christmas decorations and telling her how I thought I might make some Christmas pillows to match the tree skirt and she spotted my table runner and matching cloth napkins I had yet to put in their home. She told me to make that into a pillow.. I had two- I could make a pillow! I told her that if I used a different fabric for the back that I could make two! I also had the perfect cream to match the stripe. When I went to my fabric tote, I found a bunch of fabric that I could use in my pillow making. I decided to try to do and put together what I could so I could wait on going to Hobby Lobby just in case there was something else I ran across needing.


Excuse the Christmas tree box in the floor…
This was the cloth napkin!
back of it. 
This is my tree skirt. I wanted the pillows to match.
I made the back out of some red corduroy that I used for Addison’s Christmas pants last year.. I obviously bought entirely too much! The light green was left over from the iPhone pillows I made a few months ago. The dark green was felt. The red dots were felt. It would have been easier to use felt for all 
the stripes but I had that fabric, so I used it.
This was an after thought pillow.. I had left over red fabric and I thought I would make one to match the stockings.
These are our stockings..
This one was REALLY an after thought. I had left over poly fill, so I decided to use scraps of fabric to make another pillow.
Want to know what these SIX pillows cost me? $20!!! Since I had the red felt, and all the fabric all I needed was green thread, dark green felt, and poly fill. Which I did poly fill instead of pillow inserts since it was cheaper and actually easier to work with. 
I’d say that’s a Christmas deal!

Birthday Wish List…

So, my birthday is this month. The 20th to be exact. I am turning 26… one more year closer to 30. YIKES! So, I always feel it’s easier to do a blog birthday wish list for all to see! 
Let’s start with this adorable Tervis Tumbler… can be used for hot or cold drinks
Let’s move on to some running gear…
The Thorlo Running Sock..
The awesomeness that is the Nike Airborne Sports Bra
Or the Nike Dry Fit shirt… I only have one and it’s love, people.
What about something to make me smell nice after sweating?
Lacoste love of pink perfume…
Now onto those gift cards that people love to gift… A Forever 21 gift card is always welcome!
As well as Sephora
or iTunes!
How about that 30 Day Shred I keep hearing about?
Onto my love of photography.. since I just got a new camera, don’t I need an awesome strap from Phat Straps? I think so…
Or what about the crown jewel? The Jill E camera bag… I love you. Like, a lot.
How cute are these shoes??? Bettye Mueller Espadrilles… 

So, hopefully, that will help you out in your shopping delemmas. I am not that hard to shop for.. just ask what I want!


We woke up this morning to some snow on the ground… it honestly scared me a little. I wasn’t expecting it. When Addison woke up, she immediately said she wan’t to go play in it. It was only 6:30… Anyway.. I was able to drag it out until almost 7:30. We went out and played for a little while and she threw some snow balls at me. I was able to talk her into coming back inside and drinking some hot chocolate so I could get Claire down for her nap and then we could go outside and build a snowman. Luckily, John left his gloves at home, and I was able to put them on her, because her poor little hands were cold!

Two seconds before she threw a snow ball at me…

Our snow man… she named him Daddy. When I tried to put his carrot nose on, the whole blob of a head fell off…and birds have already eaten his raisin eyeballs.

I was able to talk her out of kicking him over.

Trying out the snow… she likes the taste!

Maybe a future as a plumber? Not sure…

Addison cuteness

Lately, I am starting to get a glimpse of what the next 15 years are going to be like with Addison. She is all attitude! She is really into knowing what the names of songs are and who sings them. She has been cracking me up with some of her quotes lately and I feel I should share with you.
I was vacuuming the other day and she said, “Mama, you’re being too loud, I can’t check my e-mail.”

She told John the other day, “That’s not the truth!”

Yesterday morning, we were having another drama filled morning and I told her that she needed to stop arguing and talking back to me and she replied, “…but… it’s sooo hard to not to.”

Tonight she exclaimed, “We did it, dawg!”

I will leave with a somewhat long video of her singing some of her favorite songs, which include, “Hey, Soul Sister”, “Party in the USA”, “Sweet Escape”, and “Fifteen”.

If you don’t like cute kids singing and talking, then you won’t like this.

Ribbon Topiary

This is the cutest thing I have ever seen and I totally made it! I somehow found it on someone’s blog and have no idea where it was now, but I googled it and BAM, I found the directions! It is so easy to do!
You start with some sort of a bucket or pot to put it in. A Styrofoam ball( whatever size you want), a wooden dowel, push pins, whatever color ribbon you want. I went with four different colors. You also need the foam for your pot to hold the topiary in place.

First, I cut all of my ribbon in 4-4.5 inch strips. ( Side note: It took about 4 15 ft spools of ribbon for one topiary.)

Put the dowel about half way through the styrofoam ball and make sure that it is in the center and not wonky looking.

Make a loop with the ribbon, making sure the ends overlap, and push a pin through it and into the styrofoam ball.

I had no rhyme or reason to how I was putting the ribbon in, I just eyeballed it.

I painted my dowel white, but you could glue some ribbon around it and it would be super cute!

The finished product!
You need to glue some grass or shredded paper in the pot to cover up the foam, but I used some glittery beads.
I am super proud of this! It didn’t take long and it was so easy. I am going to make another one and they are going on my dining room table for Christmas decorations. I’ll take a picture of the finished product, but I ran out of ribbon for the other topiary.
Hope you enjoyed my little craft!

An Obsession with Dragons…

Not really sure how you can go from saying the “Pledge of Allegiance” to talking about scary dragons, but Addison seems to know how. I tried to translate as much as I could, but the cutest thing is the fact she says, “I pledge allegiance to THAT flag”. And the scare-scare dragon part is because of Sleeping Beauty, where Prince Phillip kills Maleficent with the sword. She is obsessed with dragons now. I found her “Little People” dragon in my linen closet the other day. It’s so cute. I swear, I just could eat her up with a spoon.

Other Random Thoughts by Addison Marie:

- She wants a Strawberry Cupcake party. I’m not sure if she is related to Strawberry Shortcake, but that is what she is getting.

-She has started telling me she loves me to the moon.

-She informed me tonight that I am her favorite person to play with at school.

-She loves for me to sing “twinkle twinkle little lump, go to sleep don’t be a grump.”

-She calls Claire “Sweet Pea”.

I swear, if Claire is half as cute as Addison is, then we have it made.

It could be a cuteness overload…

I tried to do multiple videos on here, but my blog didn’t want to cooperate. The girls just started taking a bath together this week and they both seem to enjoy it. There is lots of screaming and crying on both of their parts when they have to get out. Claire pretty much only laughs if she is in the water for some reason. Addison is doing great with the sharing. I cannot believe she offered Ariel to Claire to play with. She also tells her to crawl to me. She is so good with her!

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