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Easter Happenings

I happened to be with my mom when I found my Easter dress this year and I was in love with it… she also bought one too, but that’s okay..

I don’t wear too much green, but I am starting to add it to my closet.

 photo Easter_0100_zps230d3262.jpg
I didn’t figure out until later that it had pockets!

 photo Easter_0102_zps721c08f7.jpg
 photo Easter_0103_zpsbde020ee.jpg

A little redhead wanted in the picture
 photo Easter_0104_zps7187cc0c.jpg

I love a good family picture.. but I hate you noon sun! You make terrible shadows!
 photo Easter_0059_zps0ed94252.jpg

Me, my mom, and my sister… See how Mom and I are color coordinated? That’s what happens when I pick out her Easter dress.
 photo Easter_zps6ca7c191.jpg

I love this one with Mom and all the grandchildren.. mainly because of Claire. That kid has come out of her shell as far as pictures are concerned!
 photo Easter_0050_zpsb4742abe.jpg

Time for the egg hunt!
 photo 8014BB2A-08D5-436C-9591-0CE2EB1062E0_zpsazpil6ix.jpg


Now if someone, besides myself, would come eat all this Easter candy!

How was your Easter?

Thursday Threads– Easter Edition

Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter!! I plan on posting about ours as soon as I can get my head above my To Do List.. one of the things I’ve been wanting to bring back is my Thursday Threads… I miss my outfit posts. Hopefully you do too! If not.. you might want to look away.

Interestingly enough, this outfit post has prompted a photography post in the making… Lucky y’all!

 photo c726bd49-752a-4fd0-9da6-ae28d5b6400a_zps80d6ef0b.jpg

Anyway… here was my Easter outfit.. Yes. I wore panty hose. I live in the South, y’all! You should just be glad I didn’t wear a matching hat.

 photo 7adee050-8547-49a9-84c9-f72353fd3bf9_zps69767886.jpg

 Blazer, Dress, (Similar) , Nude Heels

My outfit was sort of a hodge podge. I thought the dress came with a belt, it didn’t… luckily I had a hot pink one though. My earrings came from Claire’s and my bracelet was H&M. I am glad I wore hose, because my dress was a tad short for church. Eek.But longer than last years, so I consider it a win.

Is it a tradition for you to get a brand new outfit for Easter?

Easter 2012.

Wow. I totally meant to schedule this post for last week… but whatevs.

We took some impromptu family pictures for Easter.. I mean, of course I wanted one of our family being all color coordinated, but we had some time to kill before lunch, so I took everyone outside.

Look how cute these girls are… they love their daddy!


Such sweeties! And.. what’s that? Both girls smiling AND looking at the camera… it’s a miracle!

Addy has perfected her NEW gymnastics salute.. as opposed to the old one…

Claire has hers down pat too… 

John said he looks like an insurance salesmen… 

Addy took this.. be still my heart. The rule of thirds AND negative space. I love it. 

She took this one as well… our poor chins are working with the height disadvantage of a 5 year old. 

This one took some work.. I should show you the outtake of the family picture.. it’s classic! 

I want to do a photo wall with these pictures… Can’t decide how to lay it out though.. What are your thoughts?

Are these good enough to constitute their own wall?

Also.. I should announce a winner for the Estrea Giveaway…

Maybe that will help make your day, since your kiddos have been sick! Email me at runningbackwardsinhighheels@gmail(dot)com with your address and I will get the info to Estrea!

Thursday Threads- Easter Edition.

Hello Lovelies!

I wanted to share with you my Easter dress… it took a trip to Huntsville and a trip to Birmingham shopping.

But, ultimately, I borrowed it from Brooke’s closet.

Such a good friend!!

John doesn’t dig having to be my fashion photographer, but I think he is starting to hide it well! 

The dress is from Express–last year. They have a similar one online, but the store didn’t have my size.

I was informed later that my dress was too short. WHOOPS! Better than wearing pants to Easter Sunday, AmIRight?!

Shoes are from DSW’s Miss America line.

They were also my Easter shoes from last year.

(Jesus loves some bling.– Best quote ever from my friend, Becca.)

How is your Thursday, lovelies?!

Celebrate with Hershey’s

While at BlissDom, I wandered (ok. Stalked.) to the area where the Easter Bunny was giving out Twizzlers. What can I say? I’m a sucker for cherry flavored rope.

They were starting a campaign to Celebrate With Hershey’s, where you can share your favorite Easter memories, stories, and tips. 

Personally, I love Easter. It means Springtime is here. (ok. That’s not REALLY what it means.)

Forget the plastic grass, and the Easter egg hunts, and the deviled eggs and potato salad.

Easter meant shiny new outfits, complete with hats, and family gatherings.

We all know I’m a sucker for a new outfit and always have been. But there is just something about a pastel pink dress, with lace socks, white patent leather shoes, and gloves that really gets my inner Southern Belle flowing.

Yes that was an actual outfit of mine growing up.

I want to bring back hats this year for my girls on Easter… not sure if I will be able to find them that little.

Easter is about traditions for me.

Hiding the Easter basket so the girls have to find them.

Leaving bunny prints on the hard wood. New dresses. Deviled eggs and potato salad.

Church. Family.

Do you have any Easter traditions? Hop on over and Celebrate with Hershey’s!

Easter 2011

We had an awesome Easter this year… perfect kite flying weather, especially since the the girls got kites…
Addison wasn’t the best kite flyer.. and tried to sprinkle “pixie dust” on her kite since it wouldn’t fly. 

 So, she enjoyed the bubbles instead. Although, Claire was the master kite flyer!

Easter isn’t complete with an Easter egg hunt with a prize egg *Ahem* That my daughter found *Ahem*
James won the prize for the most eggs found and Claire? Well.. she won the prize for the most eggs found with a purse on her arm. 
Quite possibly my favorite picture ever. 

I love my girls. 

Easter 2010

I have been so consumed in the misery that has been the cleanse that I haven’t blogged about Easter. Thursday was Addison’s Easter Party at school, and the all those 2 and 3 year olds running for Easter eggs was probably the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while. Addison and her best friend Claire from school.. they are adorable together. 
The entire 2/3 year old class… this is actually 2 separate classes.
She was so excited about the eggs.
We were going to go the church Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, but it rained it out, so we didn’t go. Sunday morning, though, the Easter Bunny was in such a hurry, he left a trail of candy and paw prints to the baskets.
Claire enjoyed the trail too!
She also opened an egg full of M&M’s and ate as many as she could cram in her mouth before we could stop her.
We went to church and as we were walking up, Addison exclaimed, “Look at all these people here to see Jesus!” It made my heart super happy. 
Everyone eating Easter lunch at Mom’s.
Sarah playing with Carson
John and Addison hunting Easter Eggs
She was mad b/c I took away her “tazoo” a..k.a a kazoo to take this picture and she punished me.
She was ready to go hunt some eggs
Uncle Bill, Kala, and Carson. (My parents are adding onto their house, which is why there is a bunch of construction going on in the background.)
All the kids that hunted eggs… it was so awesome to have this many kids at Mom’s. It was Easter was supposed to be about… We had such a great time. It’s been a while since a family gathering didn’t feel like “forced family fun.”
I love this man with all my heart. Thanks for being so awesome!
After Mom’s, we went to MeMac and Poppy’s, but my CF card was full, so I don’t have any pictures. :(  

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