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5 Things Friday

 Happy Friday, Folks! Hope your week has been fantastic.

I’ve got some random thoughts and tidbits to share.

1. Claire hates change. Summertime has brought us a new gymnastics class with new teachers. She’s not a fan. I hoped that if I went out there with her, it would help her be more comfortable. WRONG. She was pissed. And refused to participate in the class. Awesome use of financial resources!  photo Cgmynastics_zps8619f27c.jpg

2. My new Erin Condren planner came.. I love it. They always modify it a little bit every year and it’s awesome. I really wanted the paisley one, but it had a black/grey background and I wanted white… turns out, after 3 years of ordering these things, I just found out that you can request color combinations. Of course, mine had shipped at that point. FAIL.

 photo ECPlanner_zpsadd063a1.jpg

3. I bought this Benefit Primping for the Stars kit at Sephora this weekend. I love the lip stain, it’s my very favorite, but thought it was ridiculous to buy one tube of stain for $32 when I could buy this kit for $30. I opened it up on Wednesday and saw I am missing a component out of said kit. So, I guess I need to call them.

 photo primping_zps8a9c9386.jpg

4. This mascara was in it… it’s the best mascara! My lashes were crazy long. Now if only they could make some cellulite reducing cream or something.  photo mascara_zps599caaa6.jpg

5. I didn’t want to run outside last night. Against my better judgement, I ran in the 90 degree heat. In the 3 miles that I ran, I got honked at SIX TIMES. WTH is wrong with people that they think it’s funny to honk at runners?! That’s a 2:1 ratio of honks per mile ran. That’s just unnecessary. I hope to one day be fast enough to catch one of those cars and yell at them. Or at least catch up to them at a stoplight so I can give them the evil eye.

Have a great weekend!

Products I am lovin’

Ever get some new products and you just fall in love? 
My Chi flat iron died last week and I had to replace it. I wasn’t sure what to get so I looked online and then went to Sephora and ended up with the T3. I already had a T3 hair dryer and I loved it. And if I am letting all my crazy out, I like for things to match and this matched my hair dryer. It’s a single pass flat iron and has a temperature control. Also, there is no way for the on/off button to break off. 
One thing I love, is that it doesn’t leave creases in my hair like my Chi did. And I don’t have to clamp down super hard either.
All in all, I think it’s money well spent.. you just have to decide for yourself if you are willing to pay the price, because this thing is NOT cheap. It’s $160. But, my Chi lasted me 4 years. So I think it’s a good investment. 
After staying with mom for a week and getting to use her expensive face wash and moisturizer, I decided my Wal-mart brand wasn’t cutting it anymore. I went into Ulta and looked around, talked to sales person and decided to try this Philosophy brand. I’ve heard great things, and it wasn’t TOO pricey. I loved my Nars cleaner and moisturizer, but I couldn’t handle to price tag that went with it. 
It was $30 for this kit and I got the face wash, moisturizer, and a Retinol night cream. At first, I wasn’t sure what to think about the face wash- it does an awesome job removing make up, but it’s not as thick or foamy as I like a face wash. But the more I use it, the more I love it. It makes me want to wash my face at night. I am using Help Me at night, and although, I haven’t seen a MAJOR difference in wrinkles, my face feels better than it has in a while. 
The Hope in a Jar is the moisturizer.. and MAN OH MAN. You’ve got to get some of this stuff! It’s fantastic! It’s so creamy and buttery without feeling heavy on your skin at all. If that’s not enough for you, Oprah swears by it. I have been getting this super dry patches of skin around my nose, and since using this, I haven’t been. My face never feels dry and I think my makeup has been going on smoother. 
I definitely want to try the around the eye treatment that Philosophy has because I am pretty much in love with this brand now. 

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