November 14, 2014

October 26th, 2014. An Unfair Reality.

I’ve thought a lot about how to start this post. But the truth of the matter, there isn’t an easy way. How do you start telling a story about losing one of the most important people in your life? I guess I will start at the beginning. Two and a half weeks ago, I went […]

April 23, 2014

Easter Happenings

I happened to be with my mom when I found my Easter dress this year and I was in love with it… she also bought one too, but that’s okay.. I don’t wear too much green, but I am starting to add it to my closet. I didn’t figure out until later that it had […]

December 27, 2012

Christmas Craziness

Was your Christmas as crazy as mine? I’m sure it was! We started off with Addy’s school Christmas party… Umm.. hello twinsies. We had Claire’s Christmas party on Friday… And Christmas with Dad and Karen.. I swear he’s not holding me hostage.. the picture was my idea! Dad and Karen did great.. a Princess crown […]

October 31, 2012

The Gymnast turns 6.

Sweet little Addy turned 6 a couple of weeks ago. We celebrated with dinner at Carlton’s.  Pin It Yep.. about right for pictures. PS Chances are photographers have terrible pictures of their own kids. No patience left.  Pin It What. A. Ham.  Pin It Birthday gal!  Pin It Getting her American Girl doll.. McKenna.  Pin […]

October 23, 2012

Working 9-5

I debated on whether or not to write this post for a while, and then I decided against it. Not because I didn’t want to share this story, but because I was trying to learn from my mistakes. I have since changed my tune. I feel like it’s something that needs to be brought to […]

October 12, 2012

Blogtober fail..

So. I had a fail on the Blogtober. I am sorry. Does this picture of Claire make up for it? No? What about this picture of nmh niece, Ryleigh? Sigh. Fine. Here’s my outfit today… Not very excited about it. It wasn’t what I planned to wear today, but I couldn’t find my shirt that […]

October 3, 2012

Blogtober Day 2

Today consisted of an early morning workout, clearing off my desk at work, and dinner with my Brother in Law for his belated birthday… and snuggles from this cutie Seriously?! She is so freaking cute. One last thing.. Here’s my outfit, post lunch with the Hubs and our friend Mark. White dress shirt: The Limited […]

September 18, 2012

Being Judged…

You never know when it will hit. Where you might be. But it’s always unexpected. JUDGEMENT.  (Scary, huh?) You see, as moms, we worry. Are we doing the best thing for our children? Are we teaching them the right way? Are we too hard on our kids? Should we discipline them more? It’s a constant […]

August 6, 2012

7 years…

it’s been since we tied the knot. This fall will be 10 years of us together. That seems like such a long time, but it passed in a blink of an eye. It seems like just yesterday you would call and wake me up at 11:00 am so I would get up and go eat […]

April 18, 2012

Easter 2012.

Wow. I totally meant to schedule this post for last week… but whatevs. We took some impromptu family pictures for Easter.. I mean, of course I wanted one of our family being all color coordinated, but we had some time to kill before lunch, so I took everyone outside. Look how cute these girls are… […]

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