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Easter 2010

I have been so consumed in the misery that has been the cleanse that I haven’t blogged about Easter. Thursday was Addison’s Easter Party at school, and the all those 2 and 3 year olds running for Easter eggs was probably the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while. Addison and her best friend Claire from school.. they are adorable together. 
The entire 2/3 year old class… this is actually 2 separate classes.
She was so excited about the eggs.
We were going to go the church Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, but it rained it out, so we didn’t go. Sunday morning, though, the Easter Bunny was in such a hurry, he left a trail of candy and paw prints to the baskets.
Claire enjoyed the trail too!
She also opened an egg full of M&M’s and ate as many as she could cram in her mouth before we could stop her.
We went to church and as we were walking up, Addison exclaimed, “Look at all these people here to see Jesus!” It made my heart super happy. 
Everyone eating Easter lunch at Mom’s.
Sarah playing with Carson
John and Addison hunting Easter Eggs
She was mad b/c I took away her “tazoo” a..k.a a kazoo to take this picture and she punished me.
She was ready to go hunt some eggs
Uncle Bill, Kala, and Carson. (My parents are adding onto their house, which is why there is a bunch of construction going on in the background.)
All the kids that hunted eggs… it was so awesome to have this many kids at Mom’s. It was Easter was supposed to be about… We had such a great time. It’s been a while since a family gathering didn’t feel like “forced family fun.”
I love this man with all my heart. Thanks for being so awesome!
After Mom’s, we went to MeMac and Poppy’s, but my CF card was full, so I don’t have any pictures. :(  

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