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My Style Monday–Arkansas Edition

My Style Monday

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I had nothing to wear this weekend.. so I did what any normal person would do and stalked my favorite gameday boutique’s Instagram for outfits and had them put them on hold. (what? That’s not what normal people do?) Anyway, it rained and therefore all the time I spent on my hair was for nothing, because it became an immediate frizz ball when I stepped outside.

 photo 53F92C94-B1C6-4BF9-9C18-80759F8A5265-4861-000001945B0C2406_zps83950ff5.jpg

I loved the scalloped edges on the collar and the bottom of the dress. I’m also very glad I purchased the tights, because I was cold.

I’m in love with my new necklace too!!
 photo 3072003E-F572-4250-A0DC-A00CBD732C7A-4861-0000019474A42BAB_zps05f88e13.jpg

My sister-in-law’s sister (did you follow that?) came down for the game and Tricia and I always have a good time. Doesn’t she look so cute?? I want her shirt. Hubs hates my denim jacket. He can be heard saying, “Yeah.. that’s my wife… over there… in the denim jacket.” Oh well. It helped keep me warm!
 photo C9AD0C7F-D99D-4F70-9D69-9D770E225B8F-4861-000001948B9E4ACE_zpsbd55d611.jpg

My Style Monday– Birthday Party Edition

My Style Monday

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A-A turns 7 this week )say it ain’t so!!) and we had her birthday party this weekend. We didn’t do anything major because her present is going to the American Girl Doll store in Atlanta this week and she is super excited.

I always like to take a family pic on the day of a birthday party for whatever reason, so I like to wear something cute for that and I’ve had this outfit in my closet for several weeks waiting on the perfect opportunity.

Black and white and quilted leather is HUGE for fall and I couldn’t wait to try it out.

 photo October_0037_zps15e80628.jpg


I love my Molly Suzanne stack.. seriously, it’s my Go To.

I was worried about how my butt would look in these tight pants (flash back to 8th grade when I tight pants as the new girl… not an experience I want to relive anytime soon.) But the hi-lo shirt covers that area nicely!

 photo October_0038_zps7bc68287.jpg



Patent leather pumps are a must!

 photo October_0042_zps28b7fdf6.jpg


I love the detail down the side!!

 photo October_0043_zpscdae98b7.jpg


I think that loading the pictures to photobucket makes them turn me a tad kermit-y, but oh well.

 photo October_0048_zpsfbc18dbc.jpg


All jewelry came from Molly Suzanne  | Pants are from Target  | Top is from Target 


My Style Monday–The Girl Who Dresses Me

My Style Monday

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Is it just me or does everyone have that friend who dresses you? I have a couple and over the next couple of weeks, I will feature them on here.

In case you haven’t met one of my best friends, Rebecca, here she is. I love this girl. She knows my closet better than I do and she always has to approve outfits before I wear them somewhere important. Even race outfits…

Isn’t she beautiful??

 photo Ingram_0012web_zpsc9e1384b.jpg


She has a major shoe obsession…She has a very classic style, but also very trendy. She refuses to let me dress like a hooker, so that’s always nice and she isn’t afraid to tell me when something looks terrible.

 photo Becca_zps1f8d67a0.jpg

Seriously.. I love her.

I always know I can text with a “I don’t know what to wear to work” and I will get a reply complete with jewelry suggestions.

Do you have a friend like that??





My Style Monday– Ole Miss Edition

My Style Monday

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We ventured down to Tuscaloosa this weekend for our first tailgate of the season… I had a hard time deciding what to wear. Of course I wanted something new, but I got vetoed so I had to dig in my closet. It was going to be cooler at game time, and I didn’t want to be cold during the game, so I went with pants. Which was a big deal because the last time I wore pants to a game, we lost. But, ultimately, I went with it.

 photo photo3-1_zpse4e2edf1.jpg

I was going to wear boots, but it ended up being too hot for that.

Now… I know not everyone knows or gets our football obsession, but it’s the South, y’all and we don’t play around.

 photo photo1-3_zpsa4d7993c.jpg

This was probably the most fun tailgate we’ve had in a long time, even though we were missing some key peeps, we still rallied and partied on.

Cole and I bonded over… I’m not sure what, but it led to us swapping sunglasses and shoes. I think he should just give me his sunnies.
 photo photo2-3_zpsa9c27d61.jpg

J and I before the game… don’t hate on his pink frog tog, it keeps the man cool and I don’t have to listen to him complain.
 photo photo4-1_zpsdcf20538.jpg

Hubs and I at the game..
 photo photo4-1_zps431c498f.jpg

Loved the sunset from the stadium…
 photo photo1-2_zps59771fb6.jpg

It ended up being a good game.. for us, anyway. 25-0.
 photo photo2-2_zpse8e1433d.jpg

The after tailgate was fun… Mark and I kept photobombing people and they got us back..
 photo photo3-2_zpsdab7b9a8.jpg

I love my tailgating family!!


My Style Monday-Little Black Dress

My Style Monday

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Hi! I’m back from the Caribbean.. it was fabulous, but I will catch you up on that later.

On the cruise, we had some formal nights and I wanted to show my LBD… it was $30 and from Target. I love how the cut is flattering to every body type. I accessorized it with a colorful clutch and a hot pink bracelet.

 photo LBD_zps6f7193b6.jpg

Show me what you wore this week!

My Style Monday– GameDay Fashion

My Style Monday
It’s that time of year… Football season! Here’s the first round of “Gameday Fashion” around here…

I saw this dress several weeks ago and knew it had to come and live at my house. This is one of my very favorite clothing stores in Tuscaloosa, Ellie Crimson.

Doesn’t my brace look so fashionable? Don’t be jealous. I wore my Molly Suzanne stack and my Ellie Crimson necklace.

We started the day by meeting my parents to drop the girls off for a day at the zoo… had to snap a pic with my Dad!

 photo dad_zps9eb95896.jpg


We made it Atlanta by lunch and after a semi-uneventful MARTA ride, where I had a man give me to history of the MARTA, we set up shop at Taco Mac for a very long wait, but football was on, so, who cares?

When we stepped outside to head to the game, we were lambasted by a man asking if we would take a picture with his friend, who was a Hokie. He explained that they had done this for Michigan State and she had given a heel pop. He even showed me my competition. I informed him that, “Pssshh we were from the South and clearly we were better at everything than anyone from Michigan.” I may have also been a tad tipsy. I asked him if he was going to Tweet or Instagram it and he should tag me, he said, “Oh, I’m in my 40′s. I don’t do that stuff.” Umm.. okay.


 photo Hokie_zps8bf826bc.jpg


I love a game inside the Georgia Dome… except actually having to get to the Dome and leave the Dome area. The seats weren’t too shabby…

 photo game_zpsc6688bb2.jpg


I wanted to get a pic with Hubs and he kept holding up his number 1 finger. That is one of my pet peeves and I kept slapping it down and everyone around us started laughing about it. The action shot is a new fav.

 photo no1_zps8b12df10.jpg

We booked it out of there to get the girls from Birmingham and head to Tuscaloosa to spend the night. We got up early Sunday morning to head to New Orleans to leave on our family cruise… I’m really excited about it! Wish us luck being trapped in a small room with the Reds.

My Style Monday

My Style Monday

I’m seriously in love with this dress from Avery Lane Boutique…I mean it has a bow on it!! How can you not love it??

 photo August_0027_zpsb52fa22d.jpg

One day, I’m not going to scare small children with my casper-ness… nah, who am I kidding? I don’t tan and am over trying.

 photo August_0033_zpsa25faffb.jpg

I’ve got a bit of sad news, Lindsey isn’t going to be participating in My Style Monday as a host. If I’m being honest, she did all the work and I imagine she got tired of it. I’m hoping to continue on with it, but I’m going to need y’alls help! Spread the word and link up!! Please use the button in your posts too!

I hope you have a fabulous Monday!


My Style Monday

My Style Monday
Oh hey.. No. I didn’t die. Last week was just a little nuts and before I could turn around 3 times, the week was over.

I’m sharing a new favorite top… and I’m trying to squeeze every last wear out of my white jeans until September gets here.

 photo August_0018_zps52edcd0b.jpg

Top is from a local boutique | White jeans-Old Navy | Shoes-Trusty TOMS wedges

Would you guys mind doing me a solid and going to and searching Alabama and voting for me in this H&M contest?? Please and Thank You!!


My Style Monday- Chevron Maxi

My Style Monday

It’s no secret that I am LOVING mint and white this season.. and we just haven’t gotten enough chevron print yet. We celebrated Becca’s birthday this weekend with dinner out, and I couldn’t wait to sport this new dress. It’s from the AWESOME Avery Lane Boutique. Have you checked her out yet?? She has some FABULOUS clothes!

This is the Chevron Tube Maxi Dress.. it also comes in red, y’all.


 photo chevronmaxi_zpsff724d02.jpg


Seriously, it’s so comfy!

 photo chevronmaxi_2_zps90d449d7.jpg


This is the face you make when your husband is questioning how you have metered your camera.

 photo chevronmaxi_1_zpsb2d42994.jpg


And because Avery Lane Boutique rocks SO MUCH, she is going to give one of my readers a $40 credit to her shop!! Enter the giveaway through Rafflecopter and let me know what you’d use for credit for!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

My Style Monday

My Style Monday

It’s that time again! My Style Monday! Are you linking up? Don’t forget to use our button!!

 photo TargetDress_zpsb5a346ce.jpg

Dress is from Target.. couldn’t find the link online and the shoes are from Target as well!

Sorry it’s a crappy iPhone picture.. I promise better for next week. It was one of those days where hairstyles were beyond me, much less decent pictures. :)


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