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February Goals…

So.. I’m a little behind on getting this up.. it’s been a busy month with all of that dominating going on around here!

I’ve completed 2/3 of my Spring Half Mary schedule, with them both beind PR’s.. not bad.

I crushed my sub 2:15 half marathon goal.

I have my 3 tri’s picked out.

Still sort of working on those splits.. not sure if it’s going to happen or not. This old body ain’t as flexible as it used to be.

Anyway… how are y’all holding up on your goals? Crushed any of them? Given up on any? Tell me the good and the bad!!

I’ve geared back up with my cross training… not so much with the weight training.

My eating is back to abysmal.

I can’t tell you the last time I cooked dinner.

I am way behind in my 1500 mile goal for the year. I am currently behind schedule by 91 miles. YO. That’s a LOT of miles.

Mercedes Half Marathon

I have officially completed 1/3 of my Spring half marathons and let me tell you, I am still floating on cloud 9 about this race.

I was sort of (okay a LOT) freaking out about it. The pressure I was putting on myself to sub 2:15 this race was INSANE. I got a surprise in the mail from Mary (which. when she told me she was sending me something, I was totally expecting a funny saying on a pair of thong underwear that we kept seeing in Key West.) on Thursday, and tears were in my eyes when I opened it. The bracelet says WWCD? What would Clowney Do? Getting that bracelet from Mary, helped me calm the eff down and realize that I could do this. It may not be this weekend, but it was coming.


I knew the weather was going to be cold and everyone kept telling me it was going to be 25 at the start. I knew I would need some throw away clothing for along the course. I decided on the piece of clothing I have owned the longest. I know Philly was glad to see it go, since it came from an ex-boyfriend 13 years ago, but at one time, it was the only sweatshirt I owned.


I packed my bag the night before, because, well, that 4 am wake up call was NOT my friend.


These numbers blow my mind. Too early and TOO cold.


We made it downtown to wait inside Boutwell to stay warm. Shannon was running her first full and my goal was to stay with her and Kelly and knock out as many 9:40 miles as we could.


The corrals were crazy busy and we ended up hanging on the sidewalk until the gun went off and people starting moving. I decided to shed the sweatshirt before crossing the start line since temperature wise, I was comfortable in it what I had on. Yes, I said goodbye to it. Sue me. I was sad to see the sweatshirt go!

Maleah snapped this pic of us-I love how caught off guard I am.


We started out conservative.. especially for us. 10:00 first mile. I’ll be honest.. I was a little mad. I know how I do in races, and I tend to fall apart around mile 10-11. I needed to have those good times in the beginning to make up for a crappy ending.

Now, since I can’t read an elevation chart, a friend so nicely told me, “Once you reach the Chevron in 5 points, it’s all downhill from there.” This course is generally flat, minus miles 4-6 with some steep climbs. I saw the Chevron, and just beyond said Chevron, was a hill. LIAR, I said in head. But then, I came through 5 points and there was another Chevron and it was literally starting a downhill.. so. Yeah. My bad. Right after the 10K split was a hill and I just kept pushing up it (yep. Me. I pushed myself UP A HILL.) and lost Kelly and Shannon around that point. I kept holding back with them because I was afraid I would need to push later from them.

I did walk through my first water station that was uphill and Kelly and Shannon caught back up with me. We ran through the Highlands for a little bit.. just long enough to spot Dad and Karen! I ran over and gave my dad a kiss, all while Karen was screaming “That’s our daughter, Rachel!! Right there! Run Rachel!” and people were turning around and cheering. Definitely a racing highlight for me. Dad and Karen always come out to support races, no matter how big or small and it means so much to have them there.

Karen snapped this pic..


I think mile 9 was a good bit of downhills and I took a GU at that point. I was still feeling good, still had some left in the tank and I was holding out for that final stretch. At one point, I looked around and realized, I was in the presence of mostly men and I just started weaving in and out of people, picking me feet up. It felt good. No matter how many races I run, mile 10-11 is ALWAYS the longest and the hardest. You wouldn’t think it’d be that way. You’ve hit double digits, and you have less than a 5K left. I believe this was the point that I did some bad math in my head and thought I was going to come in around 2 hours, but I realized, even if I feel off and had to run walk the last 2 miles, I was going to make that sub 2:15 goal. That got the adrenaline pumping again, and it helped me pick up my step– I started seeing 9:15′s and 9:14′s for those final miles. I kicked it up through the shoot, and crossed the finish line with a clock time of 2:09. By the time I made it through the finishers shoot, the texts and tweets were coming through. I had broken both goals I set for myself this year. A sub 2:15 and a sub 2:10.

I called Dad but they were still stuck over on Highland. I called John and he informed me that I was smart to come in around when the wheelchair racers finished, because I had a tv finish. :)

I found Donnie when he got done and we went over to Boutwell for the after party..


Jim N Nick’s provided the post race food.. and if you know me, you know I do NOT eat BBQ. But I happily ate this pulled pork sandwich.


I was on cloud 9 all day. I couldn’t believe what I had accomplished. I also couldn’t believe the outpour of support from twitter and Instagram. Seriously.. blog friends ROCK.

Me and my medal! And all of my Lululemon glory, I might add.


Donnie and I drank and chatted for a while until it was time for Shannon and Kelly to finish. I don’t ever get to spectate races, and it’s nothing short of amazing watching those relay teams and individuals cross a marathon finish line. Some are elated, some are struggling, but they are all badasses in my opinion.

Me, Shannon, and Kelly


Me and more beer… lesson learned. Beer is proper post race hydration. No matter how yummy.


I’m so glad I didn’t give up on this goal. My next goal is obviously a sub 2, or as close to it as I can get for Nike in April. I’ve got one more half in two weeks, and the goal there is to finish. As of today, I still have no desire to do a full marathon, but the desire to complete a 70.3 is growing, so I think that will be the next big goal.. probably for 2014. The year of my 30th birthday.

Mercedes was a great course and honestly, the best I have ever felt physically and mentally through an entire race. I guess all that hill training paid off. :)

My official time was 2:06:37.

Thank you for all of the support that y’all have given me.. it feels amazing to get that sub 2:15 monkey off my back.


2013 Goals.

I think setting my goals for 2012 seriously helped me stay focused, so I decided to do it again for 2013. I also want to do a monthly re-cap of how I am doing with these goals, just to keep me in check! Here are my goals for 2013:

  • Run/swim/bike a combined total of 1500 miles.
  • Run 3 half marathons this Spring.
  • Complete 3 tri’s this summer.
  • Don’t die during the Ragnar Relay.
  • Run a sub 2:15 half marathon.
  • Cook dinner every night for an entire week.
  • Grow an herb garden and use it!
  • Balance between my goals, John’s goals, and what’s good for the girls. Reaching goals take sacrifice for all parties, and it’s very easy to become selfish with what you want, and not what’s best for the family.
  • Take the girls on a weekend trip.. somewhere fun but within driving distance.
  • Be able to do the splits.
  • Continue with cross training and weight training.
  • Clean up my eating… being more mindful of what I am putting into my body.
  • Go to a Pro Football Game.


What are your goals for 2013? Should I add anything to my list?

Happy New Year, Y’all!!

Admitting Defeat.

So, I think I need to address something. My 2012 Goals defeated me. In a bad way. In my defense… a LOT changed in 2012. I went back to work full time.

Here were my goals for 2012:

  • Run a sub 2:15 half marathon. (Did not complete, but came close!) 
  • get ripped. Meaning.. workout with weights. (I did work out with weights.. still working on this one though!) 
  • be able to hold a handstand for 30 seconds.. possibly do a handstand push up. (CHECK!)
  • Run 1,000 for the year. Yep. I said it! Roughly about 21 miles a week. (Failed miserably. For real.)
  • make J tiramisu (DONE! And it was GOOD!)
  • grow an herb garden and possibly a small garden for veggies. (Nope.) 
  • become a superstar at time management! (I think I managed this one quite well, for the most part!)
  • I have several photography projects– a project 365 in Instagram, continuing on my Project 52, and a 10 on 10 project. (Nope. We’ll chalk that one up to going back to work, MmmKay?)
  • Pay off our remaining credit card bill– it’ll be tough, but it’s nice to have goals, right? (Nope. But we DID put a dent in it.)
  • I want us to live on a serious budget for two months.. that’ll be a hard one too! (Nope. But not my fault. Ahem.) 
  • I also want to either run a Sprint Tri or a Warrior Dash/Muddy Buddy type event. It’ll be gross, for sure! (DONE. AND DONE. I did both!)
  • To push myself.. I tend to be lazy and quit when the going gets tough. I need to learn to push through the pain… Right Jana?? (I would consider this one a success! Still a learning process though.) 
  • We need to learn to do things JUST for the girls. Not when it’s convenient for us. (Yes and No. We did much better, but I think this should be a never ending goal.) 
Now I just need to think of what to put on 2013 goal list. And I may try to do a re-cap every month, to keep myself accountable. 
Did you set goals? And how did you do? What are your goals for 2013?

Reaching goals…

I am a task oriented person. Let me write out a To Do List, and I will break my neck to make sure I am able to cross it off my list.

My 30 before 30 list is no different…

So, when 2012 rolled around, I took some of those goals and put them with more goals for the year. Let’s review how I am doing, shall we?

  • Run a sub 2:15 half marathon. This isn’t happening, since I’m done running halfs for the year, but maybe next year?
  • get ripped. Meaning.. workout with weights. I am regularly working out with weights, but am not ripped. 
  • be able to hold a handstand for 30 seconds.. possibly do a handstand push up. Done. And I have the video to prove it! 
  • Run 1,000 for the year. Yep. I said it! Roughly about 21 miles a week. Not happening. 
  • make J tiramisu. Done and it was delicious.
  • grow an herb garden and possibly a small garden for veggies. Haven’t done this.. 
  • become a superstar at time management! I feel like my time management skills are pretty rock star. 
  • I have several photography projects– a project 365 in Instagram, continuing on my Project 52, and a 10 on 10 project. I dropped all of my photography projects when I went back to work full time. Too much stress! 
  • Pay off our remaining credit card bill– it’ll be tough, but it’s nice to have goals, right? Probably not gonna happen… 
  • I want us to live on a serious budget for two months.. that’ll be a hard one too! I feel like we are more serious with our budget. 
  • I also want to either run a Sprint Tri or a Warrior Dash/Muddy Buddy type event. It’ll be gross, for sure! Completed the Sprint Tri on July 21st. 
  • To push myself.. I tend to be lazy and quit when the going gets tough. I need to learn to push through the pain… Right Jana?? This is still an ongoing process. 
  • We need to learn to do things JUST for the girls. Not when it’s convenient for us. This is an ongoing process too. 
Here is the proof of my handstand… I think J needs to work on his videoing skills, such as telling people when he hits record, and giving people time so they know if they can do it before their arms fall off.
(I added a video, but for some reason it won’t embed.. so here is the link for the YouTube video.)

I also feel like this photo should count for pushing myself… a solo 4 mile run in which I crossed the intersection I most hate in town.

The intersection on 278W where I had my wreck. I literally cringe every time I drive by, and I have to travel this way to go to my mom’s house.

7 years later, I still hate it.

P.S. I also crossed it on my bike a couple of weeks ago… maybe one day, when I get a real road bike and clips, I can attempt to cross it that way too.

Here I come, 2012!

Since 2011 was such a rockstar year, I’ve decided to go big or go home with 2012.

Here are my goals for 2012.

  • Run a sub 2:15 half marathon.
  • get ripped. Meaning.. workout with weights.
  • be able to hold a handstand for 30 seconds.. possibly do a handstand push up.
  • Run 1,000 for the year. Yep. I said it! Roughly about 21 miles a week.
  • make J tiramisu
  • grow an herb garden and possibly a small garden for veggies.
  • become a superstar at time management!
  • I have several photography projects– a project 365 in Instagram, continuing on my Project 52, and a 10 on 10 project.
  • Pay off our remaining credit card bill– it’ll be tough, but it’s nice to have goals, right?
  • I want us to live on a serious budget for two months.. that’ll be a hard one too!
  • I also want to either run a Sprint Tri or a Warrior Dash/Muddy Buddy type event. It’ll be gross, for sure!
  • To push myself.. I tend to be lazy and quit when the going gets tough. I need to learn to push through the pain… Right Jana??
  • We need to learn to do things JUST for the girls. Not when it’s convenient for us.
What are your goals for 2012? Anything I should add to mine??

Flash Mob?

This. This is what has started my utter and complete fascination with being a part of a flash mob. Don’t know what a flash mob is? Well, it’s a group of people who get together and choreograph dances and do them in public places.

I saw this one today, and it’s probably the best one I have seen. I immediately started youtubing these videos…

Stop. Hammer Time.

Backstreet’s Back. Alright?

Can’t have a Flash Mob without MJ…

Ohhh. Modern Family. I double heart you.

I totally want to be apart of one of these!! I don’t care how dorky you might think it is… This is totally awesome!!!!

I found a new event to add to my bucket list… Who’s with me???

The Challenge is set…

Alright. I’ve gone and done it again. I have officially signed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon at the end of February. I am so stoked. I truly love this race. To think about it, totally takes me off guard and almost brings tears to my eyes and the actuality of the accomplishment. My goal this year? To run the whole damn thing. Only stopping to pee, poop, or take a pictures with a princess. WALKING IS NOT ALLOWED.

That’s right. You heard it. Absolutely no walking. I am going to follow a training plan. It starts December 1st. By that time, I need to be able to comfortably run 3-6 miles on a regular basis.

 I want to sub 2:45… I have hefty goals for this race. I do not want to have to tell people, “Oh, I didn’t run the whole thing.” I want to say, “Yeah, I ran the whole damn thing.”

I got up this morning, at 5 am… (YES, I FINALLY DID IT!!)  I really didn’t want to, but I made myself. And I ran/walked 2 miles… I didn’t pick the best spot to run in the dark. I parked in the Warehouse District here and ran down around the high school and back. It was right at 2 miles. But, There aren’t a lot of sidewalks around there, and a lot of the ones that are, are all jacked up and with crazy overhanging trees that I had to duck under. Also? A good amount of people out! I saw numerous cars, several walkers, a couple of runners, and the CHS track team was getting ready for a run. Crazy.

I am trying my hardest to talk my best friend, Becca, into doing it with me. The feeling of accomplishment is like no other, when you do something that you thought you never could. I don’t want to do this by myself again. I really want a running buddy, but I’ll be okay without one.

Is anyone out there planning to do it??

Outfit Choices

So, I have been a REAL crappy blogger this week. I promise that I have been stalking y’all, but I couldn’t find the time or energy to write some of the posts( and go through the pictures) that I need to write. 
So, Boo Hiss on me. 
I do need help choosing my outfit for the race tomorrow, which will probably be my last of the season, since it’s getting so darn hot outside! 
I haven’t worn my running skirt in a race yet, and kind of want to, but just have a plain white running tee to go with. 
Outfit #2 is this super cute tank that I got for my birthday, but haven’t worn yet. It would go with the plain black tempo shorts, which means I would have to do a load of laundry, since they are dirty.
I also have this shirt that hasn’t made a race debut. Not sure what to wear it with, black tempos or could I be bold with the blue skirt? Does it go together? Does it really matter if it does?
I also have these cuties, which the top is a little tight, but super cute. I don’t know why I didn’t include it, other than I am lazy.

So, which do you choose? Make me look cute please. I promise to wear whatever you suggest. It’s a 5K here in Cullman- which I am really digging running, since I know where I am. What I don’t enjoy are the hills that I have never noticed before until I try to run up them. I have also realized the importance of Body Glide and went out and bought some yesterday. I used it for my run this am, which I really wasn’t feeling because of period cramps.( Glad I didn’t listen to Rebecca, b/c peeing on that stick would have been $20 down the crapper!) Also, I hate running while on my period. Tomorrow’s race goals are to actually RUN the whole damn thing and to break 32 min, which should be easy if I RUN the whole damn thing!

Disney World 2010 with a half-marathon twist!

Disney World was a blast this year!! Now get ready for a long story and a LOT of pictures!

We had a pretty good flight… Addison was a little iffy at times, but overall did really well. That may or may not be due to the fact that she fell asleep. We were supposed to take the Disney Magical Express to the hotel since we were staying the resort and lots of wondering around the Orlando Airport later found us in about a line with about a two hour wait to sign in to get on the Magical Express. We quickly decided that a taxi ride was in our best interest. We got the hotel( we stayed at the Port Orleans Riverside). Went to the room, got our bags and headed to the Wide World of Sports where the Expo was for me to pick up my packet and get my race info.

This was right before Addison shook up her drink and it spewed all over the place.
The entrance for the Expo… this is where I will tell you that the hotels had no idea what was going on with the Expo and they told us that there weren’t any buses going from the host resorts to the Expo.. you had to go to other places and get on other buses to get there… not cool. But, we happened to ask a bus driver and he informed us, that YES there were buses going from our resort to the Expo…

The entrance to the Expo
Mom walking into the Magic Kingdom for the first time
Of course we walked into the park when a parade was going on… Don’t BoomPa, GiGi, and Nana look excited to be here?
John, Dad, and I went and rode Space Mountain first and Dad lost his sun glasses.. he was a little bitter about it. We went and ate at Tony’s Italian Restaurant for a lupper, and then went to see Princesses.
Waiting in line for Ariel
Me and Mom
BoomPa and Gigi
I’m not gonna lie.. this Ariel was a little scary looking.

Then we went to see the PhilharMagic which was awesome!

And rode the carousel
And then watched Wishes… can I talk about how cold it was? It was COLD.
P.S. This picture is so freaky I had to share it with you… Look at the ghost man!

Beautiful sunrise on Saturday Morning!
We went to Hollywood Studios on Saturday

Me and Minnie Mouse… Addison and Minnie’s pictures disappeared from this post…

Me and Mickey
Mom and Minnie
Addison watching the High School Musical parade
We ate lunch at the 50′s diner which was awesome! P.S. Order the pot roast.

Dad trying his hand at photography

Delicious onion rings!

We ate dinner at the Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney.. somehow Karen worked her magic and got us seated right away, I think wait was somewhere around an hour or longer… she wouldn’t share her secret. This was how we felt about Addison during dinner… She ended up not eating and passing out on John.

Sunday was race day. I had to wake up at 3:30 am and get ready to get on a bus at 4 am. EARLY. It was probably in the 30′s when I was waiting outside. It was COLD. I ended up taking John’s windpants from the 90′s to wear to the race and I was SO glad to have them. I wore those pants, a long sleeve t-shirt and a sweat shirt over my race outfit. We got dropped off around 4:15 or so and I waited in line for a port-a- potty for 20 minutes or so. I had to drop off my bag of crap and said goodbye to my sweatshirt and John’s windpants and was super sad about it. I kept the long sleeve t-shirt with me. We then had to walk another 20 minutes or so to our corrals. There were 5 different corrals which had different start times. There were over 13,000 people registered for the race. I was in corral D which meant I started around 6:18. My legs were so cold they were numb. My joints were numb. I don’t think I mentioned that I had almost completely lost my voice and sounded like a 12 year old boy going through puberty. Our fairy godmother was there to start the race and they did a fireworks start for every corral. It was a sea of people. I couldn’t really start running until mile 2 or so because there were SO many people, but I couldn’t feel my legs moving anyway. There were port-a-pottys about every 1/2 mile or so, and there was always a line! We ran the four lane headed into the Magic Kingdom. Between miles 3 and 4 I stopped and took off the long sleeve t-shirt and tied it around my waist. I didn’t want to just toss it if it wasn’t going to bother me. The family was at the Magic Kingdom waiting for me and I gotta tell you, it was so awesome running through there! I must say that they had characters about every mile and you could stop and get your picture taken with them. I didn’t take a camera and was super sad about it. I saw everyone you could imagine!
The guy with the spiky hair ran in a blue tutu. He passed me about mile 2 and John said he came through the Magic Kingdom a good 45 minutes before I did.
Hey look!!! Here I am!!!

I wanted to stop and talk, but there were too many people in my way to get over to the side.
I wasn’t able to run as fast as normal, A- because of all the people and B- my legs were so numb I couldn’t feel them . I hit the wall around mile 8. It was so weird. Mentally, I was fine through the whole race. I knew I could do it, because, I am going to honest, there were some women in there that looked like they hadn’t ever ran a day in their life. But, my legs wanted to run away from my body. My hips ached, my knees ached, my ankles ached. My neck muscles were so tight. I stopped and got some Bio-Freeze for my knees a couple of times and that seemed to help. I stopped and got a couple of Clif Shots and those seemed to help. I also stopped and stretched and that felt amazing!!! Mile 8-10 were on a 4 lane headed out of the park and there were TONS of people coming through the other way since the parks were opening. They would honk and stuff. Don’t you know there were thinking, “What the crap are all those women doing running in tiaras and tutus?” Mile 12 was through Epcot and it was the hardest one. There wasn’t a big running area and the park was open, so people where trying to get places, but also there were a lot of people cheering us on! It weaved a lot too. Knowing how close I was was always an inspiration. I was hurting all over, but tried to give myself that physical push. As I saw the finish line, I was looking for my family. I wanted to be able to see them. My dad and Karen were the first I saw of the group and I’m going to be honest, I teared up. I didn’t run the whole way, was way past the time I wanted to finish in, but I did it and not a lot of people can say that. I ran 13.1 miles and have lived to tell the tale. I missed the medical tent with the ice and I could have definitely used some. My mom was the first person I spotted after the finish line, when they were coming to see me. I was proud that she got to see me do it. I was surprised she actually came because she hasn’t been that supportive of the running. Karen has probably been my biggest cheerleader about it. The first thing Addison said was that I didn’t wear the shorts that she picked out. I guess you can’t please everybody!

Minnie and Mickey at the finish line!
How cute are these girls? Who’s with me for next year?

What about this guy? He passed me at some point. The back of his shirt said “Running 13.1 miles for a kiss from a Princess.”
Oh look! There’s me!

All in all, it was an awesome first half marathon. I would totally do it again. I am already thinking of my next one… maybe Nashville at the end of April?
I gotta tell you this awesome story. Before the race, they showed a girl would had broken her ankle and couldn’t run. They let her husband, who was in the Army, run for her. He ran in his Army fatigues with a sign on his back that said he was running for his injured Princess.
Also, something else I must share. There were 3 men to cross the finish line before any women did. I think that is super tacky, as it was a Princess race and no men got a medal of any kind. Most men were running with their wives. Stay with your wife and let a woman cross first!!!

After the race, we went back to the room and I showered and told my muscles and joints how sorry I was. Then we headed back to the Magic Kingdom. We headed to see TinkerBell.
Addison and Tink.
Addison was scared of Terrence, but I wasn’t!
Me and Addison in Minnie Mouse’s house.
John and I rode Splash Mountain, and the Big Thunder Railroad and I gotta say, that may have been my last Splash Mountain. The water was COLD and I got soaking wet. Not a fan.

John and Addison getting some candy before we left.
Monday, I felt and looked like an old lady walking around, but it was totally worth it. I’m ready to do it again. So, I think I can officially call myself a runner and say I am quite addicted. A BIG Thank You to all of you who supported me, tracked my progress online, and all of your well wishes. It is an accomplishment, but I think with running there is always a longer race or a faster time. I wanted to finish sub 2:45, but my official time was 3:04:58. I was 8237 out of like 11,000 finishers. A full hour ahead of dead last. I finished!!!

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