September 17, 2014

Dega Half… AKA What Happened??

  Half marathon number 15 is in the books… and it probably has taught me the most about running. I feel like I’ve had this sub 2 monkey on my back forever and that I was psyching myself out about it. I did all of my runs and my speed work accordingly. So, I was […]

May 22, 2013


Remember that time that I went to DC and ran my 10th half marathon? Yeah.. life got a hold of me, and I forgot to blog about it. Friday morning found me traveling to Baltimore, by plane. I then, took the bus to the train station, where I took the train into Union Station. I […]

May 1, 2013

Nike Women’s DC

Before telling you about my trip to DC, I think I will post my race recap! FIrst off, the Expo, was sort of lame. You really couldn’t buy anything and it was just nuts. But, the packet pick up was separate and was a breeze, so kudos for that one. With all of the walking […]

March 21, 2012

Rock N Roll USA

This past weekend, I had a blast going up and visiting one of my favorite people in the world and the Internets, Molly. We ran the Rock N Roll USA half marathon in DC, along with her sister Casey and her friend Ashley. Molly and I braved the expo with the kiddos to pick up […]

December 30, 2011

My Year in Review… 2011.

As 2011 comes to a close, I wanted to look back on the year, and see if I had accomplished my goals that I set out to do. So, I went to my archives posts and realized that I never wrote a goals post for 2011. Cray cray. But, 2011 was a BIG year for […]

December 15, 2010

Baby, It’s COLD Outside!!

So.. I am starting to think that starting half training during the holidays was stupid. A) I am running around doing other stuff and forget to run. B) It’s freaking COLD outside. 20’s!!! Seriously?? I don’t own enough layers to be out running in that. As for that fleece lined running jacket I saw at […]

August 19, 2010

The Challenge is set…

Alright. I’ve gone and done it again. I have officially signed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon at the end of February. I am so stoked. I truly love this race. To think about it, totally takes me off guard and almost brings tears to my eyes and the actuality of the accomplishment. My […]