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Trick or Treat

Hope y’all had a fabulous Halloween this year…

Rapunzel and Pink Super Girl racked up on the candy..

We kept it low key this year.. heading to the church for Trunk or Treat and then making a loop around the elementary school across the street.

So, my Blogtober Challenge is over… I only missed 2 days. Which, I consider an excellent feat. I thoroughly enjoyed my daily posts and am trying to keep it up… Hopefully you enjoyed reading it. I can’t be so sure. Let me know if you did or did not… Perhaps you don’t enjoy my ramblings.

Also! I’m on the book of faces now.. so you should obviously check out my page.

Anyway.. I’m off to avoid the trap of my children’s candy… it’s calling my name.

Halloween Festivities…

¬†Monday night’s Halloween festivities were tons of fun. Probably one of the best Halloween’s I’ve had in a long time. We went to my sisters and trick or treated around her neighborhood and then headed over to Becca’s moms house. Addy was in full diva form. Telling my sister who called her Tinkerbell- “Who do I LOOK like?? (Pointing to her dress) I am not Tinkerbell!! (turning her back to Sarah) SEE!! No wings!!” Oh dear lord.

Sunday night, the girls went to Mom’s church and were Hello Kitty and Ariel. Apparently they couldn’t be seen in the same costume twice… who do they think they are?!? Lady Gaga?

Promise me that I made the right choice switching the WordPress?? I have no idea what I am doing over here.. I thought it would be so easy. I think I just need to get over the initial weirdness. P.S. Do you like the picture size? Or not? Do they need to be bigger?

Halloween 2010

We had a low key Halloween this year… I was one busy lady that weekend. I took some pictures yesterday in their Halloween costumes, before it got too cold. 
I couldn’t find Addison’s Little Mermaid costume.. but she had two she wore, so I found the little red riding hood one. 

Classic for them. Seriously. 

Oy. I love my girls. 

Halloween… A Week Later…

Hey Internets! I’m back! My house isn’t up to par, but the girls clothes are sorted and organized and their closets look awesome! Another dose of good news… Addison is almost potty trained. Hallelujah!

Anyway, here are the pictures of Halloween. Friday, Addison had “trunk or treat” at school and she wanted to be Snow White, instead of Tinkerbell. Luckily, we had a Snow White costume, so it was no problem. She was a adorable!

This is Addison and her best friend Claire. Claire was Belle and Addison was Snow White. They are so cute together. They watch out for each other and are so sweet!

Here is John, Addison, and Claire trick or treating at the first house… MeMac and Poppys!

MeMac and Tink

Uncle Jay and Claire… how adorable is she?!!?

All-in-all, it was a fantastic Halloween(unless your Sarah, of course!).

Don’t worry, I have still been stalking your blogs. I appreciate all of the support about the messiest that is my house. It is a work in progress!
Feels good to be back!

All Hallows Eve

Happy Halloween, Ya’ll!! Here is a super cute vid of the girls from yesterday… Addison is shaking a shaker in Claire’s face and she is lovin’ it!!!

Hope you enjoy! I am starting to transform Addison into Tinkerbell and she is stoked! Happy Haunting and be safe tonight!

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