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I jiggle but not as much as I used to

My Year in Review… 2011.

As 2011 comes to a close, I wanted to look back on the year, and see if I had accomplished my goals that I set out to do. So, I went to my archives posts and realized that I never wrote a goals post for 2011. Cray cray. But, 2011 was a BIG year for me. In every aspect of my life. Let’s reflect shall we? (This is gonna be fun.)

I started and completed a Project 12 (More on this later!).

We took the girls out of school to help pay off some debt– we paid off two credit cards this year, leaving us with only one left!

I met Greg McElroy… AKA my Baby Daddy. Kidding! But doesn’t he look like he could be the father of my children? 

I went to Blissdom- my first blogging conference! It was amazing! And I am returning in 2012 to Blissdom as a Community Leader!! HOLLA!

I ran my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Half Marathons this year.. (That’s a LOT when you say it like that!)

I reached my goal weight.

We had a tornado rip through our town.

We traveled.. hitting VEGAS!, Disney, Penn State, NYC, and numerous Alabama Football games.

I marked several things off my 30 in 30 list!

I became a FitFluential Ambassador.

And I found out this week that I have been accepted as a Nike Fit Tester. Whoo!

2011 rocked my socks off.

How was your 2011??


The Jiggle Challenge Winner!

Weight Loss Challenge
We would like to Congratulate Kelly at Life in the South for being the winner of the Jiggle Challenge!! She lost with 5.16% of her body weight! Let’s not forget to give her encouragement on the rest of her weight loss journey. 
Kelly, just e-mail me or Lindsey and we will get your info to get your iTunes gift card to you- P.S.- if you don’t use iTunes, let us know and we can get you something else. 
Happy Monday! 

I Jiggle Challenge-Week 8

Weight Loss Challenge
Hey everyone! Today is the last day of the Jiggle Challenge! Congrats to those who are still here with us because it’s not easy getting out there, week after week and putting your weight on the internets! Make sure you let us know your total body fat percentage lost, that way we can accurately determine the winner. 

Speaking of winners… the winner will receive a $25 iTunes gift card from us! 
I hope everyone has gotten the encouragement they needed out this. I know life has gotten SUPER busy for me, and at times it was really hard for me to be able to get around to comment on everyone’s blogs. But anyone who decides to change their eating and exercising habits is an inspiration to me. It’s not easy to do. My philosophy on it is, “You have to want to be a butterfly so bad, that you are willing to stop being a caterpillar.” 
So, my hat is off the everyone this week. You should give yourself a pat on the back, because you definitely deserve it. 

Please be sure to link up, no later than Friday evening, and we will announce the winner on Monday!

The Jiggle Challenge- Week 7

Weight Loss Challenge
Hello all! I am staying strong this week at 130, and I am honestly pretty happy with it. I haven’t upgraded to level 3 of Ripped in 30 Days, because, honestly? Potty training is really taking it out of me! Claire is catching on wonderfully, and only have 2 accidents all day yesterday, one of which was my fault. Anywho, the plan is to do level 3 until Vegas. 
I ordered basically an entirely new wardrobe yesterday, so fingers crossed it gets here before we leave. :)
If everyone will be linked up by Friday, we will announce the winner on Monday! Please post your total percentage lost so we can determine a winner. Good Luck! 

I jiggle Challenge-Week 6

Weight Loss Challenge

Happy Thursday, peeps!! Do we really only have TWO weeks left in the jiggle challenge?!? Wowza.. you peeps better get into high gear!

We started this challenge as a way to encourage and motivate other women to change their sedentary lifestyle. We want every woman to feel amazing in their own skin and be healthy. We REALLY want to stress the importance of healthy eating and exercising. Which means, NO. FAD. DIETS. I actually hate the word diet. I am not on a diet. I am on a lifestyle change. With that said, since this IS a competition, and we will be sending the winner a prize, if you are doing something that is a fad diet, you cannot “win” this competition. I apologize for stepping on peoples toes or if I make anyone mad, but I don’t this it’s fair to everyone else that is exercising and eating right, if someone wins who’s “diet” doesn’t encourage you to eat right or exercise.

I am officially in my second week of Jillian’s Ripped in 30, and I am going to say, if she doesn’t rip me, I am going to be mad. My bootay is in a constant state of soreness. I can tell that the under-boob-pooch is gone. I don’t have delusions of grandeur about my post children abs, but I do want them to be the best they can be. I feel stronger, but really can’t see a difference in my arms yet.

We leave for Vegas at the end of the month, and I really want to look toned. I feel like I will spend most of my time in a bathing suit, and looking back over last years Jamaica pictures, I don’t think I looked that good. Of course, I was also 15 lbs heavier.

How did YOU do this week?

I jiggle Challenge!

Weight Loss Challenge
Hey all! Sorry I missed last week, but as I was living like a pioneer, maybe you will forgive me. 
I am happy to report that most of the city has power again and they are working SUPER hard to remove all the trees from the roads- it actually felt weird to go through town yesterday and not have to stop at every red light like a 4-way stop. 
I knew I would probably gain some weight living with my mom and since we could only eat things that didn’t need to be cooked, it was a lot of chips and junk for a few days. 
Since we also had to completely start over in our fridge and freezer, there isn’t any junk in there either. I just bought salad stuff to help get the few lbs I gained from moms. 
Jillian’s Ripped in 30 Days also came while we were pioneering it, and I started it yesterday. My friend Jana sent me pics of her arms and abs, and she has only been doing it for 3 weeks- 2 of which have been at level 2- guys, she is looking ripped and with the Vegas trip coming up, it was just the motivator I needed. I started it yesterday and level 1 isn’t bad- it’s a combo of level 1 and level 2 from The Shred, but I have seen clips of week 2 and I am scared. But don’t worry, Jillian suggested that I take before pictures and I did.. I just hope I will get to show you some awesome results! 
I am happy/baffled to report that this morning I weighed 128.5 on the scales. Not sure how it happened, but I will take it!
I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s progress, as I missed completely from last week! 

I jiggle- Week 3

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! While I am not digging getting older, I still do love my birthday. 
I ended up with the cutest travel coffee mug from my friend Ashley- I love travel coffee mugs! The girls got me lots of dollars on iTunes to buy some books and music and I got two bottles of wine from the wine tasting the other night and a new running outfit- it’s Alabama style people. Can I just say how much I love my new WHITE running skirt! After seeing Racing with Babes Boston inspired outfit, I knew I had to have a Bama one. Philly heard my cries and somehow got a Running Skirt here after pronouncing on Monday that he couldn’t find it on the website. 

Weight Loss Challenge
So, onto week 3! I am loving everyone coming together and giving motivation to each other for this challenge. 
While, I didn’t get on the scales this morning after my birthday dinner, I can attest that I have been staying strong at 130.  I can’t tell you how awesome it makes me feel to have everyone tell me how skinny I look. I promise that never gets old! 
I have decided that I will most likely try to stay around 130 and just tone up my body. My friend Jana has started her second week of Jillian’s Ripped in 30 Days- she says it’s tough but she is already seeing results. So much that her husband has commented on it. I will be ordering that and doing it in conjunction with running/elliptical. I really want to concentrate on getting my pace under 10 minutes, so I will be working on my speed for a 5K. I am around 10:20 a mile for my 5K pace and I want to get that down to 9:00. 
I can’t wait to hear about how everyone is doing this week! 

Random and Weight Loss Challenge

Wednesday was my day people. It should go down in history. 
I was Super Woman.
I woke up at 4:45 to work out, showered, drank coffee, did 7 loads of laundry(towels,sheets,etc), edited, processed orders, did business taxes, blogged on the photography blog, cleaned bathrooms, ran errands, and OH YEAH. Took care of both girls. I was going to get my SuperWoman badge, but Philly’s fam wanted Carlton’s. So, I didn’t get to add “home cooked meal” to my day. Boo. 
Anyway, I felt awesome until about 4:00 and I got super duper tired. 
Moving on.. Random Hollywood drama I found out today…
These two might be dating?? YES, PLEASE. Angels would sing from the heavens if these two got married and had babies. I would become the ultimate stalker if it happened. 

 Catherine Zeta Jones is major Cray-Cray… Who would’ve thunk?

Tori Spelling is preggers with her 3rd child. Please don’t let this one have a mullet.

And these two are a couple? Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn? He could be your dad. And.. does Scarlett have a food baby? What is that thing?

Moving on to the Weight Loss Challenge!!

Weight Loss Challenge
SERIOUSLY?? 48 people linked up?? We were hoping for 5-7, we thought 10 at the max. 48 people?!?! Just incredible everyone!! I can’t wait to see everyone’s progress!
Let’s look at my picture from this mornings scales….
Do you SEE that?!!?! I hit my original weight goal of 130. I have officially lost 20 lbs. People. That is huge. I wasn’t sure I could actually do it and I did!! 

Weight Loss Challenge- Week 1

First things first- I have decided to run a 5K trail run this weekend.. so let’s all say a prayer that I don’t trip on a tree root and bust my face open. Because I am pretty sure that Robbie and Kelsie would laugh at me more than be helpful. 
Second, I am closing anonymous comments. So for all of you that like to comment but don’t know how (*cough Cousin Sarah *cough)- you just create an account with your e-mail address and make a password and, Voila! You can comment again, I think. Or you can just send me e-mails with what you want to say about things! :)  

Weight Loss Challenge
It’s week 1, ladies! Let’s get to know each other and tell about our goals and how we are achieving them. You can put the button code (found on the right column) in the top of your post and it links back to my blog.. the one on Lindsey’s blog, links to her blog. Make sense? No. 
Anyway, I am Rachel- decided to lose the weight from my second child by running a 5K- Claire is now 2 and I have 2 half marathons and a couple of handfuls of 5K’s under my belt. I got serious in the Fall of 2010 about losing the rest of the weight and joined Weight Watchers. I lost about 13 lbs until Christmas rolled around and I halted WW and my weight loss. 
Me in September or 2010- Penn State vs Alabama football game
November 2010- Iron Bowl 
After the first of the year I concentrated on losing the weight through running and more specifically, training my Disney Princess Half Marathon. You can read about that HERE. Between training, a bout of the Noro Virus, and My Fitness Pal for my phone and calorie counting, I am currently 1 lb away from my original goal weight of 130. That’s a 20 lb weight loss. I have since decided to attempt to get 5 more lbs off and get down to 125. 
Me at Disney in February 2011- about 17 lbs lost. 

*Side Note- I haven’t actually seen the weight loss since it’s me and it’s been so subtle, but going through these pictures.. WOW. I can’t really tell! 
This is where y’all come in! Let’s band together and encourage one another through our weight loss journey. 
If you aren’t comfortable posting your weight, we can go by your percentage of weight lost. 
Currently, I am running and doing Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred 4-5 times a week. 
Now, Tell us about YOU!! 

Blah, Blah, Blah

Happy Tuesday, Folks! 
This weekend was kind of blah- I honestly was really down on myself about my lack of weigh loss lately. I just can’t seem to break 131.5 and it’s pretty freaking maddening to me. So, I ended up eating my feelings and whatever else deemed necessary to shove in my belly- yogurt mountain, Mugshots burgers and fries, a diet coke… I ate it all. It was glorious. Well worth it. 
I got back into the swing of things on Monday. I have started back with interval training for my running and doing Jillian… I am starting level 2 tomorrow. It’s actually much easier this go ’round than last years go round. I can really tell a difference in my endurance of it, even if my lack up upper body strength is quite sad. 
Weight Loss Challenge
This leads me to the weight loss challenge between Mr and Mrs Smith  and myself to lose our last 6 pounds. We are challenging YOU to lose as much as you can in the next 8 weeks. We will be linking up on Thursdays, so just grab the button code for your blog, write up about your goals, how you plan on losing the weight, etc. We want to be able to cheer you on, so if you will just link up your blog here and make sure we have your e-mails and blog info so we can follow along and give encouragement! 

The last link up will be June 2nd and the person who has lost the largest % of body weight (You don’t have to post your weight if you don’t want to) will win a prize from Lindsey and myself! 

Still have questions? Just e-mail me at
Onto the next topic!

I ended up taking my Karhu’s back to the Trak Shak this weekend- the long of the short is, they told me to super glue the piece together, I thought I should not have to super glue a pair of shoes that are less than 3 weeks old- and now I own a new pair. :) They said that the band coming apart from me “shoving” my foot into my shoe without untying them loose enough. (Could’ve been helpful if you told me that happens when I bought the shoes.)

Anywho- at least I got to eat Mugshots for supper and get some Yogurt Mountain. Which is wear I saw Prom goers– in loud patterned dresses-with sparkly Toms shoes on. 

Now, let me say, I haven’t been a huge fan of the Toms. I am sure they are crazy comfy. I feel like they are like Birkenstocks or Wallabees- which I owned both of.. and numerous pairs of Birkenstocks, I might add. 

But you could put glitter on poo and I would display it in my house. So, now I want a pair of pink glittery Toms shoes.

And I am literally stalking our children’s shoe store in town for my girls to have a pair- they have been waiting on UPS to bring them for two days- don’t think I haven’t been in there twice in two days, ’cause I totally have. 

FYI- My friend is preggers and they don’t know what they are having yet, but they already have their boy name picked out and they need a girl one- they are having a hard time time coming up with one- Do y’all have any suggestions??

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