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Iron Bowl

Iron Bowl 2012

Hey, remember that time I forgot to blog about the Iron Bowl? Me neither.

Basically, it was super cold and setting up the tailgate required me to wear this…


We were better prepared for the cold this time… bringing numerous blankets and even an electric blanket!

Rebecca’s husband Robbie stopped by.. Yes, we allow Auburn fans!


Really.. the love between these two…


We always enjoy some good interaction at our tailgates…


Mark and I were rocking our crimson.


Hubs and I had a wonderful time, albeit, cold at the game. Not much to say about the game. We won 49-0.


My Iron Bowl outfit consisted of a cream sequin top, crimson velvet blazer, houndstooth sparkly scarf and my wedge boots.


Next up… the SEC Championship game!

2011 Iron Bowl…

¬†After 2005, I said I would never go back to Auburn. We had the worst experience as a fan. People yelling in our faces, spitting on us, just generally being douches. So, this year, when John said we were going to the Auburn game, I was reluctant. I went expecting the same reaction. Even though, I think both sides need to cool it. This rivalry is getting out of hand. I wanted a clean game- no cheap penalties, no calls that could go either way that could be game changers, and most importantly, two fan bases being cordial. Now, I am not delusional. I wasn’t expecting to be welcomed with open arms and invited to brunch but maybe just not to be hit with shakers when I walk past you.

I am glad to say, that our latest experience in Auburn was almost.. nice. I ended up running into Becca’s dad on the sidewalk and as he gave me a hug he made a comment about it not smelling like elephant dung, but I think that was all in good humor. And then we were boo’ed by a drunk college kid as we walked past him.. again. I can handle that. Sort of. So, I would like to thank Auburn for being nice. I think the rivalry needed it.

hanging in the upper deck…

Our win secured our spot in the BCS National Title game that is being played in New Orleans. Sugar cubes for the Sugar Bowl! :)

Now, I realize a lot of people feel we don’t deserve to be there. Yes, we lost. One game. In over time to LSU. The number 1 team in the nation. So, yes– we deserve to be there. I also feel that Saturday’s game secured Trent Richardson’s name on the Heisman trophy.

John and Kyle

Coach Saban

We stayed after the game to celebrate in the stadium and watched the post game interviews.. apparently we are on tv. We cheered for Saban as he headed back to the locker room.

We stopped at Wendy’s to eat and the trailer was outside… Ashley photobombed me. But it’s cool.

I am looking forward to New Orleans. We’ve had rooms booked there since January. Yep. INSANE. With the game being played on Claire’s actual birthday this year.. it’s very difficult for me with Mommy Guilt. John says we will celebrate before we leave, but we just can’t take the girls. That New Orleans is no place for them to be. He is right. But but but… it’s her birthday!! He said it’s the National Title game, that it’s a big deal. I mean, these things only happen every other year for Alabama. ;) (kidding.. sort of.)

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