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Me Monday

Slacker.. I’m a slacker.

This is my Me Monday picture.. on Thursday.

Me Monday

Where has this week gone? Claire started Pre School on Tuesday and I finally got back into my running shoes today. My goal was 5 miles. Around mile 2, I started getting these headaches I get when I run. I’m not sure if I am dehydrated or not getting enough oxygen, but they won’t go away until I stop and take some Motrin or Alieve. Also, a new ailment poked it’s ugly head out. A slight knee pain just below my right knee. It isn’t killer, but definitely bothersome. Any ideas what that could be and how I can fix it?? Anyway, I didn’t get 5 miles done.. it was 2.45 and I am beating myself up about it.

So, the Disney Princess Half is less than 2 months away. I feel like I am slightly better trained this go ’round, but nowhere where I need to be. Life keeps getting in the way. I realize that running should be a priority and it is, but my family and children come first, so, I guess guilt is what is getting in the way. Having to leave my girls to go run seems so selfish to me. But honestly, I feel like I could tear the walls down if I don’t get those running shoes on. I am mean and snappy and I honestly don’t sleep as good.

Claire turns 2 this weekend… I am not ready for that either. On a happier note, (because I feel like this is turning into a poor, pitiful me) I am really getting some stuff done around the house. New pillows, new ottoman, finishing up decorating the girls room. I still have the playroom to do, but I am trying to slow down and relax a little. These projects are consuming me.

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